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  1. pvesubscription Invalid after reinstall

    I reinstall a node in cluster and imported the same key but how could i reactive it?
  2. lost network after 'kubeadm init'

    node12 lost today. like node11. i had add ceph network( into corosync.conf.
  3. lost network after 'kubeadm init'

    there are three node(node11, node12,node13) with the same config the cluster have run about one year. afert 'kubeadm init' on node11, all of ovs network lost it's my ovs config: now i have to use linux bridge/bond/vlan: there is still a distressed confused problem: node12 and node13 are...
  4. lost network after 'kubeadm init'

    I had run docker on PVE. So I wont try k8s. I have purged Kubernetes from PVE. but the network is still failed.
  5. lost network after 'kubeadm init'

    I want to try Kubernetes on a cluster including three pve 6.2. after run 'kubeadm init', the netwrok is lost. I reboot and purge all kube* ,but the network still not start. I use openvswitch, and then I configure with command, the network seen be started, but i can not ping other ip. how could I...
  6. how to get an unique machine ID for lxc

    I want to get an unique machine ID for all host but the command failed in lxc: root@vlan50-62:~# dmidecode --string system-uuid /sys/firmware/dmi/tables/smbios_entry_point: Permission denied /dev/mem: No such file or directory root@vlan50-62:~# dmidecode | grep -i uuid...
  7. [TUTORIAL] Dell Openmanage on Proxmox 6.x

    thanks IT work for me! PowerEdge R730 proxmox-ve: 6.1-2 (running kernel: 5.3.10-1-pve) gpg --keyserver --recv-key 1285491434D8786F && gpg -a --export 1285491434D8786F | sudo apt-key add - apt update apt install libcurl4 libgpm2 libtinfo5 apt install libncurses5
  8. pct list error

    # pveversion -v proxmox-ve: 6.1-2 (running kernel: 5.3.10-1-pve) pve-manager: 6.1-3 (running version: 6.1-3/37248ce6) pve-kernel-5.3: 6.0-12 pve-kernel-helper: 6.0-12 pve-kernel-5.3.10-1-pve: 5.3.10-1 ceph-fuse: 12.2.11+dfsg1-2.1+b1 corosync: 3.0.2-pve4 criu: 3.11-3 glusterfs-client: 5.5-3...
  9. pct list error

    I create some CTs , just one of them seen wrong: I del 102 an create 101 again,and got the same error root@ga001:~# pct list can't open '/sys/fs/cgroup/blkio/lxc/101/ns/blkio.throttle.io_service_bytes' - No such file or directory root@ga001:~# pct stop 101 root@ga001:~# pct list VMID...
  10. [SOLVED] could not add ceph osd

    I restart three node then it work ceph-volume lvm create --bluestore --data $DEV --block.wal /dev/nvme0n1p5 --block.db /dev/nvme0n1p11
  11. [SOLVED] could not add ceph osd

    I have a ceph cluster with 6 node. now I want to add osd but met problem. I had use the comand sucess on other ceph cluster,but wrong now: then I test at last, i use and It is OK. but I could not found the new OSD ID it 's still the service failed and /var/log/ceph/ceph-volume.log i...
  12. CEPH: HEALTH_WARN mon 1 is low on available space

    I got the same problem: mons 1,2 are low on available space mon.1 has 21% avail mon.2 has 25% avail but the place is enough: # df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on udev 63G 0 63G 0% /dev tmpfs 13G 1.3G 12G 11% /run...
  13. can I change the ip of ceph cluster?

    I have two PVE cluster with ceph, Now I want to Use the same 10G switch for the two ceph, but them have the same ip( can I change the ip of one of the ceph?
  14. hot to delete a Nonexistent OSD

    thanks, it's 'ceph osd rm 19' root@node006:~# ceph osd crush rm 19 device '19' does not appear in the crush map root@node006:~# ceph osd rm 19 removed osd.19 root@node006:~# ceph auth del osd.19 entity osd.19 does not exist
  15. hot to delete a Nonexistent OSD

    I added a ssd on host and wated convert the Journal filestore to bluestore but after cmd on node006 pveceph osd create /dev/sdd -bluestore -wal_dev /dev/nvme0n1p1 -journal_dev /dev/nvme0n1p7 i got a Nonexistent OSD(osd.19) on node008 finally, I rebuild new osd via gui but the Nonexistent OSD is...
  16. [SOLVED] Migration ok from PVE1 to PVE2 but fails from PVE2 to PVE1

    I met the same problem try ssh in shell: key is differs from two known_hosts? this is a way to rolve it:
  17. [SOLVED] python3 get informix error

    thank you I have solved it. get informix of vm or ct: def getInfo(self, urlExt, nodeName=None, vType=None, vId=None): url = self.urlBase + urlExt headers = {"Accept": "application/json", "Cookie": "PVEAuthCookie=%s" % self.TICKET} request =...
  18. [SOLVED] python3 get informix error

    I want get some informix from pve with python3.(i am new) url = self.urlBase + 'access/ticket' params = {'username': userName, 'password': passWord} data = bytes(urllib.parse.urlencode(params), encoding='utf8') response = urllib.request.urlopen(url, data=data) fields =...
  19. start ct error

    the ct can't start lxc-start 119 20180721131225.356 INFO lxc_start_ui - tools/lxc_start.c:main:280 - using rcfile /var/lib/lxc/119/config lxc-start 119 20180721131225.356 TRACE lxc_commands - commands.c:lxc_cmd:290 - command get_init_pid tries to connect command socket...
  20. pveceph unable to get device info

    thansk, where is the list , can i add dfX into it?


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