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    Linux bridge + VLAN routing

    Yes, my bridge is VLAN aware and also connected to a VLAN capable switch.
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    Basics : best practice to directly connect Proxmox to ISP - 1 interface - DHCP

    Depends on your personal requirements/knowledge. Anything from a regular OS like Debian with iptables up to a virtual firewall like Pf-/OPNsense can do the job.
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    Basics : best practice to directly connect Proxmox to ISP - 1 interface - DHCP

    You could run a virtual router which gets the ISP IP address and then have a private LAN after that virtual router with its own DHCP server.
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    Linux bridge + VLAN routing

    Hello there, just a short question regarding VLAN routing. I host several VMs with several VLAN subnets including a virtual router for intervlan routing on one Proxmox server. If a VM from VLAN10 would send data over to a VM on VLAN20 would those connection leave Proxmox to get to a switch or...
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    Proxmox Network Help

    You could use different VLANs. VLAN 100 for public IPs and VLAN 200 for private IPs.
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    Empfehlung gesucht für 10 GBit Netzwerkkarte für Proxmox 8.1

    Falls es Kupfer sein darf: Intel X550-T2. Mit dem habe ich recht gute Erfahrungen gemacht und läuft soweit stabil.
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    Welcher PC für Beginn mit Proxmox

    Alternativ könntest du auch einen alten Gaming PC heranziehen und den eventuell nach Bedarf nachrüsten.
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    Issues with 1050 ti passthrough

    Have you enable PCIe passthrough on PVE?
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    PVE automatically reboots at 3 a.m. every day

    Just joining an existing cluster already enables background services which rely on high speed & reliable network connections
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    PVE automatically reboots at 3 a.m. every day

    As @sb-jw mentioned it would be good to know which hardware you use in your cluster and network.
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    VM Host locks up after PCIe passthrough NIC...

    You might want to use SR-IOV and pass the VF to your VM? According to Intels ARK database it should be possible.
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    persistant drive mount problem

    My fstab mounts work just with spaces but without tabs. If it's a hardware RAID controller with no other usage then VM disks you might want to think about PVE built-in LVM-thin pools. They do the mounting "magic" automatically.
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    persistant drive mount problem

    What is /dev/sdd for a drive? ZFS? What is your usecase for mounting it via fstab? In general I would use a line with simple space -> /dev/sdd /mnt/ssd03 ext4 default 0 0
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    HELP! - Almost quiting to VMware...

    Have you also checked the real iops on the server itself when your VM hangs? In my opionion you are writing stuff to the RAM which needs to flushed to the storage after a period of time. Until the writing has been finished the IOs will be drastically reduced. You may try to use the whole sysctl...
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    HELP! - Almost quiting to VMware...

    Have you tried to disable "iothread" at the drives and also cache=default (No cache). This would be my standard where I do get throughput.
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    [SOLVED] Verification/skip-verified

    I guess that's my issue: Verification is done each month but as counts every second a verification might be already "yellow" if the verification was done 30 days +1 second ago.
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    HELP! - Almost quiting to VMware...

    You may but you also need to think what is useful for your usecase and what note - simply copy/pasting stuff may not be the best option. Additional can you also share the VM specifications with us?
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    HELP! - Almost quiting to VMware...

    It's quite simple - just sysctl + the parameter you want to know. sysctl vm.dirty_background_ratio should then post vm.dirty_background_ratio = 5
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    HELP! - Almost quiting to VMware...

    Have you verified that those sysctl parameters are also being loaded/used by Proxmox?


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