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    Bypass original asn IP

    If you think because I don't use filtering on PMG, that is because mailbox users on mailcow servers can control the own spam score settings. But there are more cons on PMG which I want to use, like relay mail through PMG. With several PMG servers, I can easily change domain to relay mail to some...
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    Bypass original asn IP

    Sorry, I don't understand question?
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    Bypass original asn IP

    Hi, I'm using PMG servers as relay for sending mails and as proxy for receiving. I have three PMG servers in front of two mail servers. Mail servers is mailcow servers. On both mail servers I have several domains. Sending mail works well. On PMG servers I have disabled all spam and AV...
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    Proxmox remove headers from mail

    Hi, I have mailcow as mail server with several domains. I set PMG in front and I set Relaying through PMG. Send and receive work as expected. Because I don't want to use PMG Spam filter/AV and disabled all Filters in PMG. Mailcow using Rspamd and have bunch of headers with SPAM scores for...
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    [SOLVED] Set MTU via Cloud-init?

    +1 for this For Hetzner VSwitch also we need to set different MTU than default because VLAN's.
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    PSA: Fingerprints will change after switching to ACME Certificates

    Thank you very much @Stoiko Ivanov I just removed fingerprint, storage works, I hope will work also when SSL change.
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    PSA: Fingerprints will change after switching to ACME Certificates

    @Stoiko Ivanov thank you for this information, can you please share details how to do this ? I have cluster of three PMX servers which is connected with one PBS server with LE certificate but when SSL renew I loose connectivity. How can I sort that ? Thank you.
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    Removing "main" node from cluster

    Hi, I checked the whole documentation about removing node from cluster and in general as I can see that is straightforward process. But, I have one question becasue I can't find that in documentation. I have 4 nodes in cluster, and I want to remove two, because that two which I want to remove is...
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    Hetzner vswitch and Proxmox

    Hi @DerDanilo thank you on your answer. Yes I setup that. Indeed, I found problem. Problem was in mtu. Because vlan interface enp2s0.4000 have mtu 1400 I need to setup same mtu on VM interfaces. Because I handle IP assign with isc-dhcp-server I also send mtu over DHCP and evertyhing works.
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    Connection not working [Hetzner]

    I forget to ask you, did you add this addition IP to interface ? You have manual on Hetzner site, You need to add first additional address to primary interface. On PM I will send you link.
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    Connection not working [Hetzner]

    Hi, you need to define your additional IP address to vmbr0 interface. You need to try this: iface vmbr0 inet static address netmask here_input_subnet_mask bridge_ports none bridge_stp off bridge_fd 0
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    Hetzner vswitch and Proxmox

    Hi folks, I'm using several dedicated server with Proxmox, all server was at Hetzner. On all that server I have added additional IP subnet and DHCP (isc-dhcp) and everything works. Now I want to use Hetzner vswitch because there I can add several IP subnet in same VLAN. In anyway I have...


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