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    Proxmox v6 vs v7 Networking Bridge with 2 IP on Hetzner Dedicated Server

    I have the exact same problem. I guess it is about the correct MAC address. You have the new IP set to another MAC? And then which MAC to the hwaddress?
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    Using Pfsense VM to port forward

    Hey, Not sure if port forwarding as such is used in pfSense. Do you mean that you have opened the firewall for a specific port to a specific LAN address? I would expect that pfSense would be acting as the firewall and block most traffic, and as a router to assign Ips to your VMs in proxmox. Did...
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    Configure Pfsense with a Public IP Single

    @Juancho It is unclear why you use iptables in this setup. Did you also check the firewall in proxmox? A setup that work well (for me) is having pfSense as a VM in proxmox. Block all unwanted access to the Proxmox GUI using the firewall in Proxmox, and then use pfSense as a firewall/router for...
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    Networking Issue Hetzner

    Although not the best documentation, it is important to follow the wiki exactly: Make a decision how to do the networking (one out of three choices), and then follow that. My questions: -why use eno1 as a device? - Do you have a kvm/routed...
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    Anyone successfully running pfsense??

    As a follow up: I double checked the config against the pfSense documentation here: Note there are differences with . The latter has no date on it, but...
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    [SOLVED] How can i save PVE Web Loginpassword on Firefox/Chrome

    The XC version is the one I am talking about. Nice if you sync the database over all your computers.
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    [SOLVED] NFS mount- wont "online"

    @Peter321 What firewall rules did you configure?
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    Setup Question with Pfsense

    So the only VM on proxmox is pfSense on your dedicated machine? Is that your setup? In that case, why use proxmox? Why not simply install pfSense directly on the machine?
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    Multicast working or not?

    So is this a bug in the shipped omping?
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    Setup Question with Pfsense

    I am not sure I'm following completely, but for an install it is best to work with the suggested vmbr's and hookup a desktop VM to the LAN interface and continue working on that. So create a VM for pfsense, following their documentation here...
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    [SOLVED] How can i save PVE Web Loginpassword on Firefox/Chrome

    You could really move to a real password safe, I am very happy with KeepassXC. Open Source, evaluated as safe, password generator and custom login fields. Works fine with proxmox.
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    What do I need to do to disable IPv6?

    6to4, two firewalls... oh my. Well, even the topguys think that 4 will exist for a long time next to 6, so nobody will win this battle soon ;) Some inspiration:
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    Proxmox VE on Debian Jessie with zfs - Hetzner

    @udotirol Hey, thanks fort his write up. For this code part: the first part in linux / should probably also be ROOT. For people trying: the line is already in the config, just delete the other. And note that this will erase your ssh key, so do remember the password you set and reapply your...
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    What do I need to do to disable IPv6?

    But... looking at this website forum. wiki and the www website... only in IPv4. Is Proxmox also still advocating old technology ;)?
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    What do I need to do to disable IPv6?

    @jimmyjoe Shouldn't you rather go the other way and turn IPv4 off? Really don't get the arguments against IPv6...
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    Multicast working or not?

    Hey, I have two servers with a vswitch setup, and a working vlan for ping (unicast). I want to create a cluster so I can move some VMs around. But no luck after two days of trials. 1. Multicast Testing with omping results in failure: # omping -c 10000 -i 0.001 -F -q
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    Adding 2nd node fails

    @lifeboy Any luck with this now?
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    [SOLVED] Create cluster on running proxmox node

    Hey, I am planning to add another server as a node to a new cluster. Currently I have a single proxmox server, with running VMs. Can I simply create a cluster on this running proxmox server, and then add the newly installed node, or is there more to it? I do read that I should prevent ID...
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    Letsencrypt test with staging, but how to switch to live?

    Hey, Ok, it is possible from command line: pvenode acme account deactivate default That will deactivate the default account, so you can register again. Can this be added to the GUI, or at least to the wiki?


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