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    Are there expected integrity problems with incremental backups for clients without ECC-RAM?

    Hi there, see title. For example you have a baremetal Debian client and you secure it with the Proxmox Backup Server: Could a client destroy a whole backup-chain which has been going on for a few months/years because some backup contains corrupted data though bit-flips in RAM? Thanks in advance!
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    External Corosync QDevice via WAN/VPN

    Hello Proxmox-community, I want to develop a 2-node cluster-concept. Is it possible to have a QDevice via VPN, for example in a datacenter? Multiple ISP-uplinks (DSL, Cable, Fiber, LTE) with failover are mandatory of course. I'm not talking about datacenter to datacenter interconnect fiber...
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    Ceph: Recommended size for caching SSD in a hybrid cluster

    Thank you for your detailed response. So if I get this right: If caching is not recommended practice anymore, so then you should go all flash? Or a mixed construct of ssd and hdd pools?
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    Add additional bridge to VM in web gui

    Which version are you on? Did you create the bridge via GUI or CLI?
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    [SOLVED] systemctl status networking.service down / network works

    Also new to proxmox and I might be wrong, but maybe you can't have multiple gateways on different interfaces or multiple gateways in general without policy based routing? Delete all the gateways except from vmbr0.
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    Ceph: Recommended size for caching SSD in a hybrid cluster

    Hello, I've been researching through different places to size our upcoming proxmox cluster which will also be running ceph. Unfortunately I didn't find any obvious overlapping information. I was looking in the official ceph documentation, red hat KBs, different Proxmox posts and so on. Is...
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    Proxmox VE 6.0-6 ZFS Replication issues/bug with 3 nodes

    Hey there Richard, I've read the wiki and this specific warning, this is why I've set the following HA-Profile: as you can see, it's set to "nofailback" - so if pve01 comes back online again, it shouldn't be the more preffered node or not? Thank you for your reply.
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    Proxmox VE 6.0-6 ZFS Replication issues/bug with 3 nodes

    Hello, I've been tinkering with Proxmox since a few days and I'm trying to have a 3-node failover cluster. I am running 3x Fujitsu RX300 S7 with the following specs: - 2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 - 192GB RAM ECC RDIMM 1333MHz - 8x SAS 300GB 2,5" with RAIDZ2 - 1x Dual 10GBit Card -...


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