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    Cannot Change Outbound External Port from 25 to 587

    Hello, I am running into some issues sending mail and was hoping someone may be able to assist. From what I can tell PMG is sending mail externally exclusively on port 25. I am trying to change it to 587 as my ISP blocks port 25. I have attached an image for your reference. Any assistance would...
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    Upgrade to PVE6 and Ceph Natuilus Failed

    My apologies, Please find the crushmap below. # begin crush map tunable choose_local_tries 0 tunable choose_local_fallback_tries 0 tunable choose_total_tries 50 tunable chooseleaf_descend_once 1 tunable chooseleaf_vary_r 1 tunable chooseleaf_stable 1 tunable straw_calc_version 1 tunable...
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    Upgrade to PVE6 and Ceph Natuilus Failed

    Here's my pool info. I'm running 3/2. Here's my crush map ceph osd crush tree --show-shadow ID CLASS WEIGHT TYPE NAME -1 10.82014 root default -7 0.81639 host pgdr7101 5 hdd 0.81639 osd.5 -9 2.72659 host pgdr7102 0 hdd 2.72659...
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    Upgrade to PVE6 and Ceph Natuilus Failed

    is there a way i can repair my 77 incomplete pgs? Currently, Proxmox won't let me restore from my backups on my NAS. TASK ERROR: command 'set -o pipefail && zcat /mnt/pve/PGNAS2-VMBackups-Vol2/dump/vzdump-qemu-105-2019_09_21-01_15_31.vma.gz | vma extract -v -r /var/tmp/vzdumptmp1057830.fifo -...
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    Upgrade to PVE6 and Ceph Natuilus Failed

    Correct, those are all the OSDs. As far as I am aware, I don't see any heartbeat failures. I scrolled back pretty far and all I see is a repeat of the lines below. My hardware consists of 2 UniFi Application Server XG's and 2 Dell R710's. This environment supports my home VoIP System...
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    Upgrade to PVE6 and Ceph Natuilus Failed

    Also, please find my specs below ceph -s cluster: id: a1a20d8b-c8e0-4fd9-8892-75d978ba49fa health: HEALTH_ERR Reduced data availability: 77 pgs inactive, 77 pgs incomplete 63 pgs not deep-scrubbed in time 63 pgs not scrubbed in time...
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    Upgrade to PVE6 and Ceph Natuilus Failed

    Hi All, I'm hoping I can get some assistance here. I have been reading forums and guides to try and resolve this issue to no avail. Last night I upgraded my Proxmox VE to v6 and my Ceph to Nautilus (I followed the upgrade guide on Proxmox's website.) I assume at some point I did something wrong...


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