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    webinterface only working properly via ipv4

    ah yes thanks I can confirm it works fine in another browser, but not in a private window of same browser. Must be one of my browser hardening settings thats breaking it though I could not find out which (no addon seems responsible), so I guess I will have to live with that
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    webinterface only working properly via ipv4

    Hi, its been a while! Just recently had time to back to modernising my infrastructure. Proxmox 3 server was really getting a bit dated ;) So, got a brand new proxmox6 node, however there seem to be some UI issues. Namely: the node list in the UI seems to not be working when...
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    tunneling novnc in proxmox4?

    hm may have been unclear then: doesnt work for me. I just the normal procedure: do a normal ssh -D <localport> <jumphost> and then use localport as a SOCKS proxy in my browser. How are you doing it that it works for you?
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    tunneling novnc in proxmox4?

    Hello, with the new experimental(*) proxmox4 cluster I noticed that the new websocket-using implementation of the consoles seemingly cant be (ssh-)tunneled anymore. The only bit of information about that which I found suggests to use plaintext ws:// instead of wss:// while tunneling (since the...
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    IPMI watchdog not working

    things just got weirder still. This error spam from the IPMI watchdog *stops* if you ENable HP ASR (their own watchdog thingie) and then reboot: hpasmcli -s "enable asr";reboot The wiki says to DISable all other watchdogs that may be active but here you have to ENable the HP watchdog so that...
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    IPMI watchdog not working

    >These are all HP blades, this one being a slightly different version (can only get details about that tomorrow). So... turns out theyre all HP BL460C Gen8s. CPUs are different tho. Problematic prox5 has: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2670 0 @ 2.60GHz Other 2 have: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU...
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    IPMI watchdog not working

    Hey guys, long time no see, but I'm back with a fresh problem. There's a new HA cluster I'm setting up and I am having issues with the IPMI watchdog on one of the three servers. The kern.log once every second says: Apr 4 17:42:14 prox5 kernel: [ 5105.588943] IPMI Watchdog: response: Error...
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    Proxmox and jumboframes

    Hi, Ive read old posts from 2012 and older indicating that there were limitations to the mtu since pve-bridge seemed to limit those. Has this changed, can we use mtu 9000 for the cluster communication network now (proxmox 3.4)? This would be handy since the traffic of talking to Ceph is using...
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    Understanding Proxmox 3.4 EOL and 4.0

    While RHEL has this no-upgrade-thing going on, SLES certainly allows upgrades. You can upgrade SLES 9 to 10 to 11.4 just fine (SLES 12 isnt recommendable) and you still get quite a bit of support for those. The problem is that IT architecture tends to be rather slow moving or static...
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    When will 3.x become EOL?

    well wheezy will be transferred to the LTS team afterwards (even though they haven't made ANY announcements on when the regular support will end yet). So security updates will be released til 2018 as mentioned above. And while I assume there will be no more development on Proxmox 3.4, there will...
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    New Forum Software

    Can I kindly put some some emphasis on this? If theres an easy way to install additional themes, that would be great! At the moment on a 2560x1440 display you can only fit 4 posts on the screen which seems like such a waste of space. Hiding avatars and signatures might help already, but a more...
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    LXC Live Migration???

    this was recently discussed here:
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    bash completion for pct & qm

    Hi, I came across something odd while trying to migrate VMs & CTs to 4.0 with backup & restore. I noticed how both "pct restore" and qmrestore dont seem to auto complete paths if you tab. Like "pct restore 12345 /var/li<TAB>" does nothing but hang the shell for a second or so. However if you...
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    Jessie and 3.10.0 OpenVZ kernel and the future

    well of course not ;) Its really more of a thing of Proxmox vs. those commercial products. Gaining the ability to use containers on Proxmox is basically just a bonus then. But this bonus might be diminished now that you cant easily access files of not running containers (rootfs only mounts the...
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    Jessie and 3.10.0 OpenVZ kernel and the future

    Hi, thanks for the quick response. I used to have my eye on CRIU... its still not in a stable state yet? How unfortunate. The "problem" with this is not a technical one, but I don't think I can recommend the upgrade to 4.0 just yet for container users then because other parties at the...
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    Jessie and 3.10.0 OpenVZ kernel and the future

    is there any rough ETA (are we talking "around february" or "end of 2016" here?)? Because: lxc live migration is currently not implemented Seems to me like the usability of LXC containers is somewhat limited right now
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    ksm-control-daemon is being helt back

    That's why I wrote "at first glance", thanks for the correction. The amount of work that went into this was not transparent to me, no offense intended! Also thanks for the answers to you both, even though I find this situation to be extremely unfortunate. As it turns out Ceph did the same thing...
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    ksm-control-daemon is being helt back

    is this up for constructive debate on pve-devel or something? I understand systemd discussions tend to get heated very quickly but I dont think this would be about systemd exactly, more about freedom of choice (minor aspect) and supporting stable, established architectures (bigger aspect)...


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