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    [SOLVED] Adding HBA card kills my ethernet?

    I'd try to use a different PCIe-Slot. Also try to disable VT-d or similar virtualization technologies and all unneccessary IO-ports (e.g. serial connectors).
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    Cpu cores and threads.

    What exactly is slow and how much time does each individual step take? To boot the vm? I think this is absolutely reasonable. I do boot my VMs partially sequential, partiall parallel. In the end it takes some time to get them all up. I have never tried to do everything in parallel. it also...
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    Ubuntu stops services suddenly, SSH, Caddy Serve

    Do you have enough memory? Does the filesystem have free space? Is the filesystem still mounted read/write? A few things to start with ;)
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    Migration from VMWare ESXi to Proxmox

    I'd refer to my post here. Maybe the discussion in the thread is helpful as well:
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    PFSENSE - Firewall - home using

    I guess AMT is this:
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    ram 24gb 1333mhz dual rank vs 32gb 800mhz quad rank?

    IMHO forget timing and clockspeeds. This is old gear but I am taking almost any bet you won't notice the difference. 8GB more memory will boost your system more than faster memory. I switched from PC3-10666 to PC3-8500 on my opteron - never felt a difference.
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    PFSENSE - Firewall - home using

    According to this post a BIOS update might be helpful. Disabling offloading does not seem to help. What BIOS version are you running? Is there a newer available?
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    PFSENSE - Firewall - home using

    This seems to be a Problem related to the chipset i225lm. You are not alone. Check this:
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    PFSENSE - Firewall - home using

    Sorry for the late reply. I hope you have already solved your issue. Sometimes a NIC somewhat cripples UDP packets. I have seen this in the past on other Hypervisors. What exact hardware are you using?
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    PFSENSE - Firewall - home using

    Yeah. This is likely a "link up" Problem. Grab a switch, put it in between and check if this solves the issue.
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    PFSENSE - Firewall - home using

    What directly do you mean by "directly connected"? Are you using a switch? If not - maybe the interfaces are not early enough in "link up" state - that also means no dhcp request is received...
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    Cpu cores and threads.

    *eek* - no no no. Don't forget the hypervisor host. At least spare 4 GB for PVE itself and you shouldn't assign 100% anyways. This is not how virtualization works. This whole thread discusses the mechanisms of it. But with the numbers mentionend you should be fine. I'd take another approach...
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    [SOLVED] raw disk use whole disk

    It depends on your USB connection... Attaching the USB to the VM works different to than on the host. Imho. You should ignore the raw file and pass the disk through as described in the article.
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    /dev/mapper/pve-root has old data on it, how to delete?

    You need to find were these 32 GB live. This can be done via du -h --max-depth=1 In the root folder. This will spit out the usage of each folder. CD into the folder and repeat the process. You also can try using the cleanup script I have created. You can find it here...
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    Slow Dual ZFS Mirror Write Performance

    Did you use zpool in sync io? Guess not if arc fills up... Give it a try:
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    Slow Dual ZFS Mirror Write Performance

    On all layers? There are settings in the guest as well as on the host and also on your client. Just to make sure... Also some people suggest to turn off ncq on the disk when using ZFS (on the host) as well as disabling queueing - all that makes things slower but more predictable typically. I'm...
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    Slow Dual ZFS Mirror Write Performance

    This kind auf saw-teeth graph typically indicates some caching taking place. Once the cache is saturated the performance drops, once the cache is emptied or reaches its low-watermark it starts buffering again. I have seen this literally a dozen of times. Caching can happen on the filesystem...
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    Slow Dual ZFS Mirror Write Performance

    I guess you see write amplification issues and the fact that ultimately you will cause Random-IO, which a HDD is not particular good at. A single vdev in the pool means everything goes onto it. Including the logging of ZFS... Does the achieved speed give you trouble? Or are you just concerned...
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    Migrate server to VM

    Start reading this article: What you want to do is a p2v migration. There are various options. Likely you will need two or even more tries but you will get there ;)
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    [SOLVED] Sockets vs Cores vs Threads vs vCPU vs CPU Units

    It is Important to be precise, especially in these kind of discussions. I wasn't so sure about that, hence I wrote it again. I am Spending time trying to help and now you are complaining about me trying to do so? Bummer...


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