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    Verify always verifies all backups

    The idea is to detect if backups suffered Data degradation ( For example: If the verify operation of a backup finished successfully last week doesn't necessarily means it is still OK today. It's good to have backups, it's even better if you know...
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    Proxmox Backup Server (beta)

    I must say that Proxmox Backup Server/Client is an astonishing surprise for me (even after being a loyal customer for 7 years now). It solves so many of our backup problems. Keep up the amazing work guys. Proxmox is going stronger and more popular day after day, even in big enterprises and I'm...
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    > 3000 mSec Ping and packet drops with VirtIO under load

    Just to mention here 5.1 didn't solved the issue to me. I have changed the storage and switched from FC to iSCSI. The problems are gone. I don't know what resolved it - was it something with OS support for direct attached FC or the storage itself.
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    4.15 based test kernel for PVE 5.x available

    I was unable to boot one of my nodes after upgrading it yesterday to PVE 5.2 and rebooting with the new 4.15 (kernel pve-kernel-4.15.17-2-pve / 4.15.17-10). The booting process was stuck with slowly spitting out some messages: and then Call trace..... which I can attach if you are interested...
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    [SOLVED] pfSense in VM extremly slow

    In pfsense. I've seen this option "Disable Firewall Scrub" enabled OR disabled to mess with the network speed (100KB/s). After enabling or disabling it you have to reboot.
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    [SOLVED] pfSense in VM extremly slow

    Try to play with the following options: "Disable Firewall Scrub" and probably "IP Do-Not-Fragment compatibility"
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    PVE 5.2: netlink: 'ovs-vswitchd': attribute type 5 has an invalid length.

    Hi, I'm afraid I may sound weird, but I don't feel comfortable sharing my prod config here (even sanitized). Moreover I consider it way too complicated with many interfaces, extra OVS options and mirror ports to be able to point you guys in the right direction. I also believe it is not because...
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    PVE 5.2: netlink: 'ovs-vswitchd': attribute type 5 has an invalid length.

    After dist-upgrading one of my cluster nodes to PVE 5.2 the following messages started to show up in the syslog/dmesg: I think this message has something to do with the new kernel version 4.15
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    Proxmox VE is 10 years old!

    Happy Birthday!!! You are a teenager now (wink, wink) :)
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    Proxmox VE 5.1-41 Cluster Totally Crashed

    Maybe you can add those to the snapshots too: /var/lib/dpkg /var/log/dpkg.log /var/log/apt/history.log You can also go one step further and install and configure the "tripwire" package to report to you:
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    Proxmox VE 5.1-41 Cluster Totally Crashed

    Interesting. I agree it looks like some software is installed and it removes PVE packages. Maybe you could try one more time but this time make a "snapshot/backup" of the /etc/ directory and the full list of installed packages and versions with "dpkg -l". If it happens again make another...
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    Best practice for Proxmox self-backup

    Thanks for the script. I wonder if the restore has been tested to work, especially if the Proxmox node is part of a cluster ? In this case /etc/pve/ is on a shared filesystem (pmxcfs) and maybe restoring is not possible or may lead to undesired cluster-wide effects ?
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    > 3000 mSec Ping and packet drops with VirtIO under load

    The hardware, the storage and dd speed aren't relevant here. The only difference is IDE vs VirtIO (and this was discussed multiple times in this thread).
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    > 3000 mSec Ping and packet drops with VirtIO under load

    Unfortunately for me even after the upgrade to PVE5.1 I'm experiencing high IO wait and huge jump in Load during writing operations to VirtIO storage. I did a quick test - adding a new virtio disk to existing linux vm machine and simple dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=1M count=500 bumped the Load of...
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    [CLIENT][APP]Aprox - A Proxmox VE Client for Android

    Thank you for opening this issue-tracker. I was first - just reported my Aprox "grave bug" there ;)
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    IP Management and security

    Well the IP assignment is not done by proxmox admin but by guest (LXC,KVM) admin. Proxmox doesn't know and can't control what IP is used by the guest admins. In my opinion the only possible way to limit what IP the guest admin can use is to set up firewall rules (by using Proxmox Firewall or...
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    Advice on keeping a VM up at all times

    If you use High Availability ( the PM node will autostart the VM in case it is turned off.
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    vzdump to continue on I/O error

    You can try with ddrescue But, of course you shouldn't do this while the filesystem is mounted (VM is running). If you want to save everything possible while the VM is running try to evacuate all the files from the VM by tar or rsync.
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    Proxmox enviroment stped working

    You better mask your IPs/URLs/Hostnames in your screenshot! ;)
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    Proxmox5: Bad disc IO on host and KVM but not LXC

    yes, but see this thread: we are strugling with weird virtio disk performance: io wait, bad performance, high kvm host and guest load etc... and the only workaround found so far is to switch from...


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