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    periods a VM was running

    Hello Friends, Missing the right terms for a lucky search. please dont be angry - now theres some urcency ... Is there a protocol to see at which times a specific VMID was running? I can see the last 11 hours of cpuload, traffic etc in the graphs of a VMID. There must be some more data...
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    zfs und seine Vorteile

    Danke, jetzt hab ich noch was zu kauen fürs Wochenende ... Meine Hosts sind im Moment aber vermutlich "zu klein" dafür dimensioniert. Ich fahre eben noch Generation 2015. Wie ich gerade bei nachgesehen habe, kennst auch Du die Zeit mit den Supermicro X10-Boards. Ich werde mal paar...
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    [SOLVED] Changing Video Card Broke Networking

    Err, I read spent much time about in the meantime. Because IT DID CHANGE at reboot FORMERLY. If I can reproduce that in a scienceful manner I would open a thread or bug report (and mention that it is merely a debian problem). But for now: YOU`RE RIGHT! IT DID NOT CHANGE! I prepared a...
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    [SOLVED] Changing Video Card Broke Networking

    hi Dietmar, It is amazing, that proxmox support-staff has an eye to this forum even at weekend-days. I`m soon be able to enter community subscription level. Can you tell me about your best practice to handle this "feature". I can`t imagine you at proxmox change network cards at your test...
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    zfs und seine Vorteile

    Hallo Fireon, Ich vermute, daß ich mich mit meiner Architektur-Vorstellung nicht weiterentwickle (aktuell 4-Node Proxmox4-Cluster, Reine Bootlaufwerke, Shared Storage von FreeNAS per NFS). Ich ringe wegen der ZFS-Snaps immer wieder mit mir, zu OmniOS zu wechseln, oder auf die...
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    [SOLVED] Changing Video Card Broke Networking

    hehehe - you're traped by predictable interface names ... ... sorry I'm laughing because of my own despair in that thing - but I 'm also near to crying. Since Debian 9 your NIC has a name with reference to the architekture (here: PCI-slot). Now you changed the slot and the system changed the...
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    [KNOWN ZFS PROBLEM] Freezing while high IO (only on host - not guest)

    Hi again, I think you have an effect with synchronous writes at the FreeNAS side. This is not a problem - because this is the system. Your ZIL is getting full after some GB and if FreeNAS didn't get your data "powerloss-safe" (to a nonvolative Memory) it answers: waaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiit! Have you...
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    [KNOWN ZFS PROBLEM] Freezing while high IO (only on host - not guest)

    hi jkalousek, What about your FreeNAS side. Do you have a "slog"-Device aside your dataset? greets, vmanz
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    Random BSOD Server 2008 after p2v

    hi check-ict, I'm a bit late. But have you checked your windows-licences. I am actually bit in my butt by a 2k8r2 server with a (formery thought) cheap hp-hardware locked foundation licence. These do some regularly checkups and I think these dependances have to be eliminated first. Keywords...
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    NFS Shares: storage is not online (500). Why?

    Hi Pedro, I can remember, when I got this message, it was always a problem with the nameserver-entry at the freenas side. This ist also mentioned in some other threads in this forum. E.g. the nameserver-entry pointed to a VM (domain controller) that was down at the moment. The problem was...
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    Probleme nach update

    Hi lowix, Bevor wir das Problem intensiver untersuchen, wollte ich darauf hinweisen, daß seitens des Proxmox-Teams empfohlen! (genau, mit Ausrufezeichen) wird Systeme mittels apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade zu aktualisieren. Du kannst das System ja scheinbar mit dem vorherigen Kernel...
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    [SOLVED] PVE5 fix those "Predictable Network Interface Names"

    Hi Oliver, Thank you for confirming my troubles and to share your solution. I'm glad, someone tells me, that I am not the only one. Even other member of our community stumble around this item ( My ressource to...
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    Wie kann ich Proxmox SELBER sichern?

    Gut, ich habe nicht den richtigen Ausdruck gewählt. Ich will ein EINFACHEN Rollback zu einem Snapshot machen. Du hast ja schon mal gezeigt, wie man diese Snapshots automatisiert erstellen kann. Ich denke auch, daß Tony dies als eine Art "Wiederherstellungspunkt" akzeptiert. Für den EMP-Fall...
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    [SOLVED] PVE5 fix those "Predictable Network Interface Names"

    Dear Community, Running in trouble with those new "predictable network interface names" I tried nearly everything (that I found) to get them "predictable" to my needs/understandings. My hardware zoo did what never should even happen to the device names like swapping the onboard NIC eno1 (if I...
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    keine Netzwerkverbindung mehr

    Hi Florian, Wie heißt den "gerade" Deine Netzwerkkarte. Vergleiche mal mit: "ip addr show", ob es enp5s0 überhaupt noch gibt? Siehe dann hierzu: Mir spielen die Predictable Network Interface Names so...
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    Wie kann ich Proxmox SELBER sichern?

    OK, und wie gehts dann weiter? Recherchiere seit ein Paar Wochen lose über den Restore von ZFS rpool-snaps. Aber es gibt keine Boot Environments (beadm fehlt), wie bei FreeNAS, OmniOS ... Hintergrund: Unter PVE4 hatte ich mit rear ( ein Bare-Metal-Restore Konzept...
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    Serial port on a VM, how to check setting?

    Hi Adam, As always on virtualisation there is a solution with network devices. Like USB-over-LAN there are Serial-over-LAN devices available (roundabout 25 years). I know so called serial device server from a DEC installation. A Server is connected to the network an those device servers are...
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    backup cluster boot-drives using relax-and-recover?

    Hi folks, I`m playing around with relax-and-recover ( I would like to make easy bare-metal-recoveries of my [cluster] boot drives. Now the Question: As backups always collide with open databases, how is proxmox affected with this? I read multiple times...
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    SSD HW Raid 10 or ZFS Raid 10 SSD

    Yes, I also think the aproach to achive storage has luckily changed and I am very happy in advance to get out of this controller/firmware/bbu pain. You can follow this also on the migrations the brands of controller-manufactors are migrating from new owner to newer owner. ... and we don't need...
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    High risk of dataloss through human oversight

    I was told by a friend to check "VM protection" on the option tab. I wondered where to find such and noticed this feature is on proxmox VE4.x. mine was a VE3.4 ... Now I`m upgrading everywhere and checking those "VM protection" checkbox. Greets&thanks


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