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    recipient list

    Hello, I do not see any need for a allowed recipients list (IMHO), but I will support you. There is no easy way to add 600 e-mail adresses. I recommend a backup before starting. 1) Login to web interface 2) Click on Mail Filter->Who 3) Place your mouse about the red arrow left to...
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    recipient list

    Hello, Exclude your backup mx from greylisting (Mail Proxy->Greylist excl.) To make a list of allowed recipients you have to add 2 rules. The first one will look like this (compare to whitelist): From: Anybody To: Allowed Recipients (= new WHO Object) When: Always What: Anything...
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    recipient list

    Hello ischnuel! First and short: YES! Nearly every mail with a wrong address was sent by a spammer. The Proxmox mail gateway has got greylisting. This feature eliminates nearly every such e-email. So there is no need to maintain a list of allowed recipients. (But it is possible!)...
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    install proxmox on SATA

    Hello, The Proxmox mail gateway should work fine with SATA. Using SATA Raids we do not have enought experience to say that this will work. We have tested it only on a few machines (with no problems). regards, Christian
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    Proxmox Auto-Whitelist Feature

    Hello, The auto-whitelist is an averaging system. It keeps track of the historical average of a sender, and pushes any subsequent mail towards that average. Let me explain it with an example: Sender A sended some e-mails before with following spam scores: mail1 - score=2 mail2 -...
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    blocked Mailaddressformats

    Hello pluckduck! After a successful delivery an adress is whitelisted for 32 days. A little bit longer than a month, because monthly e-mails like some newsletter, reminders or reports shouldn't be greylisted always. Yes, the proxmox mail gateway use a timespan between 3 minutes and few...
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    Update over Proxy

    Hello ramsed! If you are using a transparent proxy this should be no problem. Otherwise you can add a proxy manually: 1) Connect to your proxmox mail agteway via ssh 2) First open /var/lib/proxmox/templates/ 3) Add HTTPProxyServer your.proxy.tld 4) Then type...
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    blocked Mailaddressformats

    Hello pluckyduck! First, thanx for your commendation. And here are some answers: - Mail addresses with beginning '-' (dash) are not RFC conform. If you need it for some reason you can do this: 1) Login on the console (via ssh) 2) Open this file /var/lib/proxmox/templates/ 3)...
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    Logfile maintenance

    Hello, No there is no need for any maintanance to keep log-files in size. The Proxmox mail gateway uses logrotate, so no log-file will explode in size. Greylisting uses a database, where old entries will be deleted automatically. Under production, the mail gateway will need a litte bit...
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    Recipient address rejected: Service is unavailable

    Hello Michael! First no panic, that is a normal behavior! The proxmox mail gateway uses greylisting as an anti-spam technique. On the web configuration interface you can turn greylisting on and off. You can read the white paper about greylisting on...
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    Problems with outgoing Mails

    Hello, On a exchange 2003 it's no problem to change the incoming and/or outgoing mail port. The smarthost configuration on exchange 2003 also allows to change the outgoing port. If you use exchange 2003 there is no need to implement a port forward and it's easy to confgure your mail...
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    Problems with outgoing Mails

    Hello Thomas! A solution suggestion for your problem: The default configuration of the proxmox mail gateway uses port 25 for incoming and port 26 for outgoing e-mails. With Exchange 5.5 you can't use port 26 for outgonig (see posting from martin) so you have to change these two values...
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    Recipient address rejected: Service is unavailable

    Hello Michael! Do you have this problem with outgoing or with incoming e-mails? Remember outgonig e-mails have to use port 26 (standard configuration at the proxmox mail gateway. see your mail server for correct configuration) and incoming should use port 25. Please let me now if this...
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    Relay access denied

    Hello Thomas! You have to configure your Proxmox mail gateway like it's described in our admin guide. (See This guide in version 1.6 doesn't describe how to configurate a MS Exchange. We are currently...
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    Proxmox using in what situation ?

    Hello Linus! The proxmox mail gateway can be used only with an own mail server (e.g. Microsoft Exchange, Loutus Domino, different Linux mail systems, and so on...) Sorry, but if you use an providers mail server, proxmox is not the product you need. regards christian
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    add a disclaimer for just 2 internal users?

    Hello! Here is a step-by-step introduction: Go to Mail Filter->Actions and add a new disclaimer object Insert your diclaimer text to the new object Go to Mail Filter->Who and add a new object Insert as many e-mail adress to the object as you like for your outgoing disclaimer Go...
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    installation help

    Hello! Yes, there is a documentation available on our homepage at support. Or click here. regards, Christian
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    Need Help with Firewall Configuration...

    Hello Chu! The firewall setup information is available at our Adminguide Documentation: Adminguide - PDF File Addional a list of required ports: Service Port Protocol From To -------------------------------------------------- SMTP 25 TCP Proxmox...
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    How to write a question or a bug report...

    If you have a problem, we or another user can only help you, if you write... WHAT do you want? WHICH Mail Gateway Version do you use? WHAT system or network configuration do you have? WHICH Hardware do you run? WHAT result do you get? (error message, system behavior, ...) in your...
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    This topic is a summary of all FAQs in this forum. To read the general FAQ please visit: regards, Christian


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