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  1. Impressed with Proxmox

    He wants to see the virtual machines' consoles using a mouse/keyboard/monitor plugged into the physical machine that's hosting the VMs. You can actually use "vzctl enter" to do that already with OpenVZ containers.
  2. Conferencing on Asterisk running on OpenVZ - working

    Nice article and script, thanks for doing it.
  3. Dont have network access on virtual hosts

    Hello, I didn't understand what you said very well, but it just sounds like you need to configure your network correctly. Perhaps you need to setup bridging and a static IP address instead of NAT. Or if you're using OpenVZ like you should be (not KVM) for a Debian Linux VM, you should use venet...
  4. Dont have network access on virtual hosts

    Any reason you are using KVM instead of an OpenVZ container? Try changing the network driver to e1000 instead of the default realtek8139. I've had better luck with the stability of the e1000 virtual driver with Windows and FreeBSD guests. You might also try some googling around for general...
  5. Asterisk performance under Proxmox

    Build a working tested template running the software you want setup the way you want and then install as many copies of that template as you want.
  6. Dont have network access on virtual hosts

    This indicates your operating system has hung inside your VM. When you connect to the VNC console via the web interface, this is actually a VNC interface to the virtual machine's virtual VGA/keyboard/mouse hardware. If the OS has hung it was probably in some kind of screensaver mode (blank...
  7. Hardware compatibility I don't know of a place that puts the processor and RAM and hard disks in for you, the point of the barebones system is you choose those components and do that yourself. If you aren't even comfortable with plugging CPUs and memory...
  8. Hardware compatibility

    It's a Tyan barebones 1U server, you'll have to get whatever model they've got out now since my model I'm sure has been superceded by something else. I plugged the aforementioned processors and RAM into it, two 500GB SATA hard disks in the front and attached them to a 3ware 8006-2LP. The Tyan...
  9. pveperf results with Samsung SSD (MMCRE64G5MXP-0VB)

    Very nice. I know it's not a big name brand like Samsung or Intel, but I just obtained one of these recently: It is absolutely amazing for the price, I am seeing 105 - 160MB/s writes and 190-230MB/s reads. I don't have it available...
  10. Dell PowerEdge repurposed

    The /var/lib/vz mount is where the OpenVZ and KVM data all goes. You'd want to replace that mount with your own.
  11. Vague named issues in vps

    Not something I've seen before. Perhaps there's some default iptables rule to block that traffic causing the error message you're seeing?
  12. Dell PowerEdge repurposed

    Leaving aside performance discussion, you can install Proxmox VE on your RAID10 and then put all of your VM data on the large RAID5 if you want so you have your OS and VM data on different arrays like you're used to. You just have to do some command line stuff to make that happen, prepare the...
  13. Proxmox VE + DRBD HA Storage

    I just did some tests, with KVM on my 8-core Xeon 2.33GHz, the KVM process tops out at 100% CPU (seen on host system with top) doing a little over 5MByte/sec using FreeBSD 6.3 inside KVM using the Intel/e1000/em virtual NIC. It's not exactly high-performance but it's more than adequate for my...
  14. Wow

    Win2k3 and Win2k8 should run even better under KVM than Win2k Server does, but my old Win2k Server has been happily running in production under KVM starting with Proxmox VE 0.9 with actual Cold Fusion/MSSQL traffic on it for 6 months now. Don't know about Ubuntu server, I prefer to run Linux...
  15. Debian template

    Login via ssh, run "pveam update"
  16. single fast QC vs slower QC

    If this involved CPUs that weren't so disparate in performance (older generation 1.8GHz opteron vs. newer 3GHz core2) it would be a tougher question. But, I expect four core2 cores @ 3GHz is actually about on par with eight older generation opteron cores @ 1.8GHz except with less electricity and...
  17. OpenVZ and new apps

    An OpenVZ VM should be considered a VM just like a KVM-based one. ssh to your ubuntu OpenVZ VM just as if it were a physical bare-metal install of Ubuntu and install BIND or whatever you wanted to do. The underlying host OS (Debian Etch) has nothing to do with specifically what you install and...
  18. Preparing to install

    Yes, the default format for KVM is a virtual disk stored inside a ".qcow2" file which starts small and grows as you actually put real data on it.
  19. Preparing to install

    You actually gain a very good amount of performance by using RAID10 versus RAID5. Not necessarily for unrealistic single-task sequential reads, but for the absolute most common every day random I/O it's the difference between the random iops speed of a single disk with RAID5 versus the random...
  20. Suitable Hardware

    Proxmox VE will take over your entire disk, you can control the size of root and swap, though: Previous Proxmox VE upgrades have been quite painless (mostly apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade, reboot!) and I expect the etch to lenny update...


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