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  1. CEPH - Disk 0 Bytes after hard resize

    I got to a big scare when that happened I never used containers on a ceph pool again, I instead used a NFS share for my containers and Ceph for my VM’s. I havent run into an issue again. I also stopped using containers as well because they can bring a Node down totally, I have to reboot a Node...
  2. Ceph OSD not being created

    I have added a new node and created additional OSD's. Migrated all the VM's and rebooted the problematic node, the reboot fixed my issue. Thank you.
  3. Ceph OSD not being created

    I am not in a position to reboot the node yet because it is in production and no space on the other nodes. I am planning to add another node in the following week. I was just wondering if there is not a service I can reboot that might resolve this as my current pool utilization is at 90%. I...
  4. Ceph OSD not being created

    Hi I am trying to add additional OSD's to my cluster, but it is not being created. I do not get any errors, after the createosd command it runs through everything and stops/freeze at "The operation has completed successfully" See below. After that "Ceph OSD sdc - Create" just runs under...
  5. CEPH - OSD List virtual drives

    Hi all. Is there a way where I can get a list of disk drives of VM's on a specific OSD? Currently I am running the following. ceph osd map SSD vm-100-disk-0 But that is when I already know the disk name. I want to find out which VM is hogging DIsk IO on the OSD that is currently slugish.
  6. Ceph CRUSH & device classes

    Hi I am configuring Ceph on a 3 Node PVE Cluster with mixed SSD and HDD. I am currently creating a ruleset with specific class - following I need to specify a failure-domain but I am not sure what to set it to. Will someone be able to...
  7. CEPH - Disk 0 Bytes after hard resize

    Hi Yes, it happened to two VM's whos hard disk I resized. Sorry I mixed the screenshots up. Here is 2043. I am certain that all my nodes can access the ceph cluster as I have a running VM that is using the same RBD pool on Node4.
  8. CEPH - Disk 0 Bytes after hard resize

    Noted, thank you. Here is 'qm config 2043' - I removed the description and name. bootdisk: sata0 cores: 2 cpu: qemu64 description: memory: 4096 name: net0: e1000=96:5A:D3:97:23:85,bridge=vmbr0 ostype: l26 smbios1: uuid=7ee88c89-97a5-44de-a826-3a0cbb684eda sockets: 1 unused0...
  9. CEPH - Disk 0 Bytes after hard resize

    I changed the storage to KRBD in the morning and later that afternoon I made the resize. This is what syslog says Dec 5 15:55:28 node6 pvedaemon[3924629]: <root@pam> update VM 2043: resize --disk sata0 --size +100G Dec 5 15:55:28 node6 kernel: [8669263.134425] rbd1: detected capacity change...
  10. CEPH - Disk 0 Bytes after hard resize

    Hi I have a 7 Node Cluster with CEPH - RBD. I have a lot of existing VM's running on the cluster and decided to try out containers. I noticed that KRBD needs to be enabled to do that. I went and tick the KRBD box and added "Container" to content together with "Disk Image" in RBD. I then...
  11. Battling to get 10Gb pci card working.

    Hi I purchased 10GB TN9510 cards to use for my Ceph network, but cannot seem to get them working. dmesg shows the following. root@proxmox1:~# dmesg | grep tn40xx [ 6.444671] tn40xx: Tehuti Network Driver, [ 6.444740] tn40xx: Supported phys : QT2025 TLK10232 AQR105 MUSTANG...


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