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  1. Proxmox 5 iso installation and network

    proxmox-ve_5.1-3.iso Ok, If DHCP is done on all interfaces, I am not astonished that it disable my console. What can I do ? How can I tell the installer to only use eth0 (actually eno3 with new kernel :D)
  2. Proxmox 5 iso installation and network

    Hi, On my server (dedibox ENT 2016 SSD), I would like to install proxmox via the virtual console provided by the Dell iDrac KVM on IP. A the beginning of the installer, it seems to call a DHCP request. At the same moment, I lost the access to the console. When I return, virtual...
  3. No summary stats

    Is there any command line quickfixs ?
  4. No summary stats

    (and ... I confirm :D same here)
  5. No summary stats

    Interessing story because I forget to tell something : all my containers were restored from some backups.
  6. No summary stats

    root@alien /var/lib/rrdcached/db$ pct status 100 --verbose cpu: 0 cpus: 5 disk: 8950251520 diskread: 0 diskwrite: 0 lock: maxdisk: 85899345920 maxmem: 75161927680 maxswap: 4294967296 mem: 0 name: netin: 43340003299 netout: 1450873518810 pid: 63740 status: running swap: 0...
  7. No summary stats

    root@alien /root$ pct config 100 arch: amd64 cores: 5 hostname: memory: 71680 nameserver: net0: name=eth0,bridge=vmbr0,firewall=1,gw=,hwaddr=00:50:56:00:0e:b8,ip=,type=veth net1...
  8. No summary stats

    Hi, My node have three LXC container : - One show no CPUs Usage stats, no memory usage (always at 0) - The others shows correct stats, except diskwrite and diskread, always at 0. I tried rebooting, restarting container, suppressing /var/lib/rrdcached/db/pve2-vm/* The api also gives 0 My...
  9. [SOLVED] Failed To Import Pool 'rpool'

    I put this here to be found by a guy that might have the problem I faced (server have 3 disks - dedibox PRO 2016. I faced the same issue with one server : busybox / rpool cannot be imported, zpool import shows nothing, zpool detect nothing even with a live CD etc. Solution : My server was...
  10. High Wait IO after and Load Average upgrade to Proxmox 4

    Same here. I have hight iowait stats on my container hosting a mysql server (ext4 on a lvm-thin group hosted on software raid1). What is the definitive answer ? remove journal on ext4 ? user nobarrier ? do not use lvm (so no snapshot ?)
  11. Discouraging mounting lvm-thin

    Thanks for your answer. That what I understood playing with the latest version ! Seeing how it works, it makes much more sens to me and I really appreciate the benefits. I just wrote a small script that allow me mounting VMs disk when I need and a wrapper around lxc-attach that feel like...
  12. Proxmox 4 on Jessie - LVM Problem

    Could Somebody add this thread and this tips on this page :
  13. Discouraging mounting lvm-thin

    Hello, I am currently transitioning from 3.4 to 4.4 on Of course, their image use a full ext4 partition so I work from a debian install. As I like lxc and snapshot, I go with thin-lvm I read here ( that mounting the...


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