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    backup is not taking in proxmox

    Perhaps do you have an old version of PVE? Have you tried to apt update apt full-upgrade ?
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    Help converting vmdk to proxmox

    From man qm qm importdisk <vmid> <source> <storage> [OPTIONS] Import an external disk image as an unused disk in a VM. The image format has to be supported by qemu-img(1). <vmid>: <integer> (1 - N) The (unique) ID of the VM. <source>: <string>...
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    Help converting vmdk to proxmox

    Instead of using qemu-img convert, it's easier to use qm importdisk
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    Proxmox VM backup vs. wbadmin vs. [...]

    1. Yes 2. I never got a corrupted vzdump backup 3. I usually make both vzdump backups and Veeam Agent backup, I use Veeam to restore individual files and vzdump to restore full VM
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    High SWAP usage

    Have you tried to move swap to RAM with ZRAM?
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    Recent thoughts on swap via ZVOL?

    I removed swap to zvol in every proxmox server I manage and used some RAM with ZRAM for swap, following this guide
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    Oops, no VM backups because pve-root is full!?

    Why not backup to NAS via NFS/CIFS ?
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    Ceph - Monitor clock skew

    Every time I find problems with time sync, I use chrony
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    ZFS not booting

    Can you switch to legacy boot in BIOS?
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    Differential backups

    Vmware offer NO integrated backup solution, you have to buy veeam...
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    /sbin/zed process keeps using 100% cpu

    What is in your /etc/apt/sources.list and content in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ ?
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    /sbin/zed process keeps using 100% cpu

    The ZFS Event Daemon (zed) is in the systemd unit zfs-zed, so to restart it you have to use: systemctl restart zfs-zed The path to the zed executable is strange, in fact I have $ systemctl status zfs-zed ● zfs-zed.service - ZFS Event Daemon (zed) Loaded: loaded...
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    Problem with installation Windows Server 2016

    In Options tab of a VM you can change SMBIOS settings as you like
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    Adding cluster-wide storage which is not available on all nodes. Possible problems?

    In the storage GUI, you can choose on which nodes that storage is enabled
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    Best disk setup for Proxmox

    Without RAID 1, in case of a SSD failure, your server will have a downtime, because you have to reinstall Proxmox and recover the VMs and configuration. I won't do that. Don't do that, use the whole SSD for your fast pool, if you want more ARC cache, add RAM, always better than ARC L2 What is...
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    Best disk setup for Proxmox

    Buy another 500 gb ssd, then install proxmox on zfs raid 1 of both ssd, use the rpool (ssd raid1) for VM disks that need speed (operating systems, databases, and so on) Create a zfs RAID10 on the 4 spinning disks and use this pool for VM disks that store less used datas or datas that need less...
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    Backup on external USB device (IBM RDX)

    Have you tried job-start and job-end instead of backup-start and backup-end ?
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    Benchmark: ZFS vs mdraid + ext4 + qcow2

    It's changed in the last versions of the installer, now you can reserve some free space on the disk/disks when you install Proxmox and then you can configure swap on that free space I never needed to do that, it can be dependent on your hardware, your workload, and so on Official Proxmox...
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    Benchmark: ZFS vs mdraid + ext4 + qcow2

    Your statement is false. Just keep watching the ARC size with arcstat 1 and you'll see by yourself that ARC allocation is dynamic, it grows up when there are request and free memory and it shrinks when there memory is needed (example: you start another VM and there is not enough free RAM). But...


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