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    SDN between Nodes to provide an internal network

    I have a 3 node cluster in my home lab. Each Node has a single NIC and all can access the WAN and the physical LAN ok. I'm struggling to set up a VNET or virtual network so that some of the VMs/LXCs can exist on their own separate network but across the nodes. I've installed and configured SDN...
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    [SOLVED] PVE 2 node cluster with qDevice, adding a third node

    I have just set up a 2 node with qdevice cluster in my lab here and all seems to be wokring ok. I'd like to add a third node to the cluster. 1. Should I turn off the qDevice BEFORE adding the new mode and as long as theres 3 nodes I don't need it to run any more? 2. Should I configure the...
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    One IP, two web servers

    Im also interested in this for my home lab, but cannot find any reliable information on how to do this correctly within Proxmox.
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    Slow throughput on PBS running as a VM behind a FTTC connection

    Here's the test between pve.remote1 (the slow one) and backup.local and here's the test between pve.remote2 and backup.local
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    Slow throughput on PBS running as a VM behind a FTTC connection

    I've run ther benckmark as suggested and these all look ok, at least they seem faster than the throughput to my specific IP address anyway.
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    Seeking advice for 2 node cluster

    Hardware RAID provided by your PERC is not compatible with software RAID provided by ZFS. You're trying to build RAID on an already RAIDed system.
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    Slow throughput on PBS running as a VM behind a FTTC connection

    Using the following iperf3 commands below on both the server and client helped me to narrow down the issue to a specific datacentre server itself as the other datacentre server test exhibited a more appropriate speed. I'm in touch with the DC now to see if they can shed any more light and will...
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    Backups cloud

    glacier can be quite costly for recovery I believe... and slow
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    Backups cloud

    Interesting. Have you ever carried out a restore for testing purposes from AWS glacier?
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    How to build a new datastore storage, and push existing backups back and forth

    Sherminator, Is the reason PBS remote-sync is slow because it's handling a lot of comparison data on the HDDs before any real data is actually sent? I ask as I have a relatively slow lab based PBS test I'm currently running.
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    Backups cloud

    Hello Rodrigus, I too am interested in this approach and test this against using a Proxmox PBS hosted instance. I would check that mega allow very large files and also check what the egress speed might be when restoring as some cloud storage platforms can limit their outbound speeds.
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    Slow throughput on PBS running as a VM behind a FTTC connection

    I have a locally hosted lab setup consisting of PVE 7.4-15 which in turn is running a VM of PBS 3.0-1 called "backup.local". PVE is also running a few other VMs and LXCs. I have a relatively slow 60mbit/20mbit FTTC connection to my lab. I've tested this and verified that I'm getting close to...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox 7.4-3 - red border around backup modal

    On occasion, I get a red border around the list of VMs/LXCs in the backup modal screen which doesn't go away. It seems to suggest that I have not selected any VMs but clearly I have as shown by the attached screenshot showing that there were already VMs listed in the main pain before clicking...
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    Supporting Proxmox but perhaps not with an existing support subscription

    I could do that, and thank you. But if their accounts department are anything like any other I know, random $$$ going in with cryptic "thank you" messages will likely cause more issues and wasted time than the small donation itself. It would be great to get an official line on whether we could...
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    Official DarkMode

    Understood. I do have dark mode set on my OS and presumably my browser has also adopted that and I probably won't change that, but as a web developer I'm always clearing my cookies and so the "saved" state is generally lost on a regular basis. Dark Mode is a step in the right direction, but...
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    Supporting Proxmox but perhaps not with an existing support subscription

    I wonder how popular a lower priced subscription would be and whether Proxmox would consider such a thing? I've been using the non-enterprise version for years and I know that many will simply say "just buy a years support subscription". I'd really like to see the option to donate a nominal...
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    Official DarkMode

    Liking the dark mode, but it seems that the default is always dark. While I appreciate, that PVE won't know the users preferences at the login page, when I log in, change back to light mode, log out then log back in again, Im back in dark mode. Can the mode that's chosen be saved against the...
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    Node to node networking

    Presumably I could also use something like a pfSense or OPNSense VM to provide a GUI to do the same thing if using NAT?
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    Node to node networking

    I have two nodes with two NICS each. One NIC is connected directly to the internet, the other NIC is essentially a LAN only connection between the nodes with a linux bridge creating VMBR2. I'm manually configuring static IP address to the nodes themselves in the range. Can I use...


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