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    Trying to mount an NFS share with username/password

    For folks that have OVH this is proving to be difficult. I have been searching for a how-to now for some time. In short- We DO NOT HAVE THE OPTION when using their NFS/CIFS systems for shared storage NOT to use a user/pass Thoughts? Workarounds?
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    Speed Question for Jumbo Frames

    While doing a backup to an NFS mount I am shown INFO: starting kvm to execute backup task INFO: started backup task '7325d51d-bb44-4522-a72f-078cf08de2ce' .... INFO: status: 6% (6646923264/107374182400), sparse 5% (5877727232), duration 57, 1238/0 MB/s Is it safe to assume that the share is...
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    Solusvm to Proxmox 2.0

    That worked Very well. I would however strongly suggest adding --remove-area no" to that command when running. In short - this is important because IF THE NEW NODE DOES NOT HAVE A PROPER TEMPLATE - than it fails and you can be in all kinds of trouble. The good news also is - you can...
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    ProxmoxVE Hosting Provider for the US

    So you are crap canning ProxMox ? or am I missing something? I already own a datacenter - so don't see the need on adding to it :-) With Hostbill most of the answers are already there when it comes to building out proxmox as a provider. What makes this different than say the Rackspace...
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    MTU for Dummies ?

    Great - except it is not working . Upon further inspection it appears the Dell 1950's eth1 card onboard has gone bad. Dell should be here tomorrow to fix at least. I was kind of going nuts trying to figure it out - I stepped to the next box in the cluster and it works like a charm - go...
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    MTU for Dummies ?

    Is there by chance a "how to set mtu for dummies" guide? I did some searching - found some perl code - in the forums - some referenced back to 1.x etc... Sadly searching the forums since 2.x is out has been a bit more difficult that being said here is what I need to figure out. We have a...
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    Feature Request: Task log by vm

    +1 really love this idea. I wonder if it would be easy as adding a hook to a log at the end of the reboot and other functions
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    Questions about setting up HA.

    I have a client in our DC asking about fencing - they are using HP switches. Any thoughts on the best way to arrange fencing a port for them?
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    Record option no longer available

    I generally use an external VNC application - seems to work much nicer. I don't think the vnc within 2.x has this functionality This link should help
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    ProxmoxVE Hosting Provider for the US

    You have my email from the board as well - reach out. BTW - OVH is not in the US. While they market to the US - they also proudly state they are in Canada due to the US and the way the US controls data under the Patriot Act. They see America as NORTH America - but label it as US - which it...
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    ProxmoxVE Hosting Provider for the US

    I would love to see TechColumbus take the platformlab and use ProxMox vs vmware :-)
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    ProxmoxVE Hosting Provider for the US

    E100 - sadly this board will not allow Private messages - but reach out to me glenn at hop off a cloud dot com We should chat for sure.
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    Give me an email we are to close not to touch base and see how we can...

    Give me an email we are to close not to touch base and see how we can assist each other -
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    ProxmoxVE Hosting Provider for the US

    E100 I am ready to help and start if you are... ( just drive south on 71 about 35 miles... jump on 35 and make it on over to Washington Court House - (Or I can come up North) I am going to send you a PM - let's do lunch. I honestly do not think it takes millions. I have been building...
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    ProxmoxVE Hosting Provider for the US

    I thought it would be good to take OVH for a drive - considering it would be nice to have another server outside of our datacenter to add to a CDN pool. I placed an order (29313) and was promised 1 hour delivery. Fast forward 40+ hours and I am given every excuse in the book - BUT NO SERVER...
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    abrupt power outage.... proxmox will not boot

    I am going to assume this is on /dev/sda1 (if not mark the appropriate location and run this command ) dumpe2fs /dev/sda1 | grep superblock Once you find an alternate superblock from that list - run a fsck against it. fsck -b 32768 /dev/sda1 My suggestion however would be to use RescueCD...
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    RRD Graphs for Migrated PVE not working

    some odd reason apt-get update / apt-get upgrade does not show anything new nor did aptitude update && aptitude full-upgrade (go figure) something else to work on for tonight I guess...
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    RRD Graphs for Migrated PVE not working

    We migrated some VM's in a cluster around the other day - and now we cannot pull up the RRD stats. any thoughts? we ran /etc/init.d/pvestatd restart but the next day nothing. # pveversion --verbose pve-manager: 2.1-1 (pve-manager/2.1/f9b0f63a) running kernel: 2.6.32-11-pve...
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    2nd Backup Path

    We just use a script - rsync checks for the new backup file and if it is the same size OR larger from the previous it copies it over. If it is smaller it copies it but adds to the file name so we know its smaller. We used to use multiple storage devices - but found no reason to hammer on the...
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    Trying to remove stale snapshot when Doing Backup fails :-(

    AWESOME ! I was concerned about running data - so figured best to ask. Thank you


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