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    Mortar (Secureboot/LUKS Framework) broken with PVE kernel >= 5.19

    Same issue here I am waiting for a fix for upgrade to PVE 8
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    Default extend/display all "folders"/pools on the left side

    I'm olso intrested by a setting to set delault view and chose extand all folder
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    Securing Proxmox with Mortar. Issues with kernels >= 5.19

    I have done some test and and reported it on Mortar telegram channel last week. If you install a fresh debian bullseye and upgrade kernel from backports (6.xx), Mortar works if you install systemd-boot and system boots correctly. But for now we can't install systemd-boot on debian + proxmox...
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    copy paste in windows 11 vm

    A .txt file, not just text
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    copy paste in windows 11 vm

    I just tested, keyborad shortcut not working, but drag and drop yes
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    GPU Passthrough to VM - Everything seems working but it doesn't

    Hi, Have you blacklisted module ? echo "blacklist nouveau" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf echo "blacklist nvidia" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf echo "snd_hda_intel" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf # cat /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf blacklist amdgpu blacklist radeon blacklist nouveau...
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    Process proxmox-backup-api flooding syslog

    Hi, look at this
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    [SOLVED] PBS log issue

    Yes it's confusing. I don't know if I have good, but it works
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    [SOLVED] vTPM for Proxmox

    Remove existing EFI disk and create a new one, with pre-enroll keys. You will have to recreate the boot in vBIOS.
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    New Mobile App for Proxmox VE!

    It is a real question. Mainly to restore vm with GPU passtroughed.
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    Access to shell with other user than root

    PVE users, one for PVE and another one for PBS
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    Access to shell with other user than root

    Just created users and token for playing. I can access to all functions, but not to the shell There is a way to solve this ?
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    [SOLVED] PBS log issue

    Just for feedback, I have created one user for PVE and another one for PBS. I disabled root in PVE and PBS, and I can login with respected token in PVE and PBS authentication server. Now PBS is connected to PVE with a token. No more log Very interesting Thanks again
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    [SOLVED] PBS log issue

    I played a little with API token, but I want to "full reset" this to recreate neatly. I understood I can connect PBS to PVE with API token and secret, but after removed all token and user, and connect PBS with root@pam, I cant backup some VM anymore. I explored some files in PVE and PBS case...
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    vTPM support - do we have guide to add the vTPM support?

    Ok, After remove and create another EFI disk with pre enrolled keys, i was able to had secure boot activated, but i had to disable signature vérification for storage controller. I will try later to change this driver.
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    vTPM support - do we have guide to add the vTPM support?

    I upgraded from 6 to 7. Its works with the new package ! Thanks you ! After shutdown and restart:
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    vTPM support - do we have guide to add the vTPM support?

    I have broken all :/ I have added pvetest repo and upgrade the 3 paquets: pve-manager qemu-server pve-edk2-firmware I had another version of trousers because of mortar framework installed: root@pve:/mnt/temp/backup_ext# dpkg -l | grep trousers iF trousers...
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    [SOLVED] PBS log issue

    Ok. I just have one debian + PVE + PBS. I use root@pam for PVE and PBS. I will learn for API token. Thanks you for answer.


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