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    [SOLVED] 'LoaderSystemToken' EFI variable: Invalid argument - HP t730 thin client, ZFS & UEFI...

    Hey all, I know this thread is a few weeks old and marked as solved. But since @virtManager wasn't able to go back and confirm I just wanted to comment that I just used the method linked to install Proxmox 7.1 on an HP T730. It was getting this same error and failing in the GUI installer trying...
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    Why Does Proxmox Show So Much Memory In Use?

    Anyone know if Proxmox GUI will ever be updated to properly show that the ARC memory is buffer and is not the same as "in use"? HTOP shows it that way, with ARC usage colored the same as other buffers. You can even add ARC specific counters to the display in HTOP. I feel like with how heavily...
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    Replicate Backups to Offsite on media instead of online ?

    How did you build your backing storage for the PBS datastore? If it’s a ZFS dataset, you could use ZFS replication to replicate the dataset and it’s changes to a couple sets of drives that can be swapped offsite on a rotation.
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    Recursive Mount

    Running into this issue myself. Had it happening in an unimportant container and didn't realize what was happening. Rebuilt a folder structure into multiple nested datasets and now the container that had the parent dataset mounted in and WAS working fine in is now garbage. Going to have to put...
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    Hyper-v Gen 2 Windows Guest conversion

    @sammek looks like you registered just to post that. thanks and I'm glad it helped!
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    Proxmox VE 6.0 beta released!

    Awesome, super psyched to get this newer version of ZFS upgrade. But before I try on my lone single server, anyone have success upgrading a machine with ZFS on root?
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    Windows 2016 CPU Hot plug support.

    Pourya, did you notice this comment in the redhat bugzilla thread? I hadn't noticed this one before but noticed it just now since I was skimming the thread to see if anything new had been posted. It indicates that CPU hotplug also requires greater than 2GB of RAM in the VM Guest. MY VMs all have...
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    Windows 2016 CPU Hot plug support.

    Pourya, I'm not sure what to tell you. This fix works for me on multiple Proxmox hosts and any Server 2016 VM. Either the steps aren't being followed properly or something else is different in your environment that's not being explained here.
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    Windows 2016 CPU Hot plug support.

    I don't think the other commenter was following the directions correctly or had a different problem. This fix has worked for me on multiple proxmox hosts on any Server 2016 VM. I believe Server 2019 does not have this issue, but I haven't tested it myself yet.
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    Windows 2016 CPU Hot plug support.

    That's literally what was explained in my post near the beginning of the thread. I even provided a script to fix it.
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    Hyper-v Gen 2 Windows Guest conversion

    Hey LA-Diego, I just saw your questions, only about 6 months late. But, I can answer those. Windows internal unique IDs don't change in this migration process. They stay the same. As for activation, it will very much depend on how your install was previously activated. If you were using Hyper-V...
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    Windows 2016 CPU Hot plug support.

    It's really not a Proxmox problem. Even happened in VMWare - You seem to be configured correctly and know how to actually add vCPUs now, you weren't previously configured right or weren't doing it...
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    Windows 2016 CPU Hot plug support.

    Also, how do you have the CPUs configured for the VM? I ask because, there is correct way and wrong way to configure them to use hotplugging. Here's an example of how to do it. 'Cores' needs to be set to the max number of CPU cores the VM will ever be able to use. This number does not...
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    Windows 2016 CPU Hot plug support.

    Are you able to see CPU devices in Device Manager, one for each core the VM booted with? If yes, if you delete them and scan for hardware changes, do they come back?
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    Windows 2016 CPU Hot plug support.

    Also, did you have the error'd "HID Button over Interrupt Driver" device in the device manager and now it's gone?
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    Windows 2016 CPU Hot plug support.

    And the Qemu agent is installed and running?
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    Windows 2016 CPU Hot plug support.

    Did you also go into the options on the VM and add CPU to the hotplug list?
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    AppArmor Error when upgrading packages

    I just saw this error as well. Installing mysql in an ubuntu 18.04 container
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    Losing network seemingly randomly

    I've never done the NAT'ing for a guest, but since there isn't a GUI way of configuring it, I looked back at your host config and looked at the wiki entry on how to configure it. There is one thing that may be off and possibly contributing...
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    Losing network seemingly randomly

    Not MAC address, IP address. From the symptoms, it sounds like you have 2 devices on the network configured with the same IP address, ie 192.168.1.x


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