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    Migration of a VM from Proxmox to VMware vSphere

    Probably the easiest (assuming this is VM and not container) is V2V conversion using clonezilla. So basically create a similar configured VM with slightly larger HD size on your target VM (in this case vsphere), boot both machines with virtual cd of clonezilla, and do disk to disk clone over...
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    clean old kernels

    @UHL-Services. You can also try dpkg -P (packagename) to purge old kernels: #dpkg -P pve-kernel-4.13.13-1-pve As for updating, I now recommend doing apt-clean first (to clear out old temp files under /var/cache/apt/archives) #apt clean && apt update && apt dist-upgrade
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    Mirroring Backups to multiple storages

    Would storage replication be an alternative option? "Replication uses snapshots to minimize traffic sent over the network. Therefore, new data is sent only incrementally after an initial full sync. In the case of a node failure, your guest data...
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    Problem to install promox

    For some x86 configurations, USB install doesn't work. I would burn to disc and use PowerEdge 860 CD/DVD reader. If none is available, you can use external USB CD/DVD reader (about $20 U.S. on eBay or Amazon). The other option is to install Debian stretch, and Proxmox on top of that...
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    [SOLVED] QEMU/KVM clocks

    Hello upnort, IIRC ProxMox is preconfigured OOB to timesync to time server. Any VM/CT created will use the same time as the ProxMox server. So make sure you set the correct timezone for your Proxmox server under Proxmox gui > datacenter > yourproxmoxservername> time...
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    Slow Disk Performance inside VM

    @Patrick. Is this is a test server? Would you have 4 extra same size drives to swap out your existing ProxMox install with a test install ProxMox ZFS raid10 (using the official 5.2 setup ISO)?
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    Unable to activate storage ... directory does not exist (500)

    That's great news! Glad it worked out. BTW now is a great time to review your backup strategy. Backup data within the VM and also backup the VM. have great day! :)
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    Unable to activate storage ... directory does not exist (500)

    This page should help: Config info stored here (make sure to backup this file before changing anything) /etc/pve/storage.cfg You can also try shutting down everything, boot NAS/NFS server first and wait 15 minutes to settle down, verify you can access the...
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    PVE volume not found, zfs does not mount after reboot

    Out of curiosity are you using ZFS on root/system disk? If not, I was thinking you can try exporting and then importing the pool. Make sure to do full backup of your VM's/VM data just in case.
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    Corrupt Filesystem after snapshot

    Those of you with qcow2/NFS/Virtio combo and getting corruption, could you also test if the corruption happens with a CIFS/SMB share on the NAS? I was just curious if the type of share has any effect. thnx
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    Proxmox: Server reboots randomly

    I also think it may be a hardware issue, or possibly your UPS battery may need replacing. Several years back I had an old PowerEdge T300 server rebooting with ProxMox. First thing I did was replace the power supply (and CPU/Case fans for good measure) and it's been stable since. Another time a...
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    4.15 based test kernel for PVE 5.x available

    It's currently in pvetest repo only. If you wait awhile it should be in no-subscription repo soon. Otherwise use 4.13.16-2 for now
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    PVE volume not found, zfs does not mount after reboot

    Have you tried this? I noticed in the video he used "update-grub" as the last step. I would also try running dmesg -T to check log for drive errors within last 2 days, and smartctl -H on all your drives
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    Why does no guide exist for this basic "getting started" task?

    If you have a lot of memory (at least 16gb), another way is to create a ZFS pool. However expect 50% of your memory to be dedicated to ZFS, with the rest allocated for VM's
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    Why does no guide exist for this basic "getting started" task? or you can follow my notes below: Proxmox : Add a 2nd hard drive to ProxMox node for iso/images/templates/backups Backup your existing VM’s/VM Data outside of the ProxMox node just in case Install the 2nd Hard Drive...
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    Error 3 adding a ssd

    This might help you. Make sure to backup your critical VM and/or data within the VM before doing this: (recommended) (older tutorial...
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    Cluster nodes "offline" but working

    For node "cp2" that shows offline, could you post that server's output of #cat /etc/corosync/corosync.conf
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    apt dist-upgrade (minor) has broken PVE. Corosync won't start

    Hi Mark, I'm also watching this thread, I'm not an expert by any means, but thru my detective work I checked 2 different man pages and found this: "version This specifies the version of...
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    Cannot Clone VM - Operation not supported

    "Storage Config, one internal M2 SATA and one external USB SATA both 64 GB, and now hold your breath: RAID 0 Stripe" That's a very non-standard setup for raid-0. I mean it's already dangerous with raid-0, compounded with half the stripe on external USB. Honestly I think you're better off with a...
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    clean old kernels

    Hello Apollo, Very good question! First before doing anything on your server, especially if it's production server, always do full backups of your VMs, and also the data within the VMs. Notes & Tips: For me personally, I don't recommend "autoremoving" a bunch of old kernels all at once...


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