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    Komisches Verhalten bei LXC vs. VMs

    Hat dein ioBroker vielleicht eine IP vom PiHole bekommen oder diesen als DNS gesetzt und kann diesen nicht mehr erreichen? Bitte auch keine Erzählungen oder Vermutungen von deinem Problem verfassen, kopier hier einfach die Fehlermeldung (im Code Tag!) rein oder ein Screenshot, dann können wir...
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    Nach Neuinstallation, keine Netzwerkverbindung mehr

    Schau mal hier im Forum, es gibt schon einige Threads die von Treiberproblemen berichten. Da müsstest du einfach mal dein NIC Modell hier suchen, da wirst du dann ggf. eine Lösung finden. Ich denke zumindest nicht, dass dein Problem jetzt ein neues ist.
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    [SOLVED] PBS: Email only on error

    Go to Datastore -> "YOUR DATASTORE" -> Options and there the “Notify” option.
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    Tape VM Restore direkt auf Host

    TL;DR Ich kann mich persönlich und aus meiner Erfahrung heraus daher nur anschließen, dass Tapes nicht das erste Backupmedium sind und der Punkt daher auch aus meiner Sicht nicht so relevant ist. Viel wichtiger empfinde ich, dass das Live-Restore verbessert wird, so dass ggf. auch kein...
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    Windows VM nach Konvertierung von vmware nach pve langsamer als neu gebaute vm

    @aschiefer kannst du mal die Ausgabe der folgenden Befehle posten? List die Infos der RBD Images auf dem CEPH für die konvertierte und nicht konvertierte aus: rbd info vmstore/vm-114-disk-0 rbd info vmstore/vm-130-disk-1 Auf beiden VMs dann noch in der PowerShell den folgenden Befehl, dass man...
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    rbd error: rbd: listing images failed: (2) No such file or directory (500)

    @alexskysilk can you explain to me why such an error message can occur with an rbd ls? That just seems completely illogical to me, since rbd ls only outputs what actually exists. There is no rbd configuration file that says which images should exist or which should not.
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    Confirming my understanding of PVE HA

    An even number in the HA cluster is not recommended. You should always make sure that you have an odd number to ensure quorum at all times. Now that depends somewhat on your definition. Proxmox can currently only do HA and no FT, which means that the VM will be migrated, but the last state will...
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    Proxmox deleted unreferenced disks

    So for me your discs are referenced but unused. For me, unreferenced disks are those that exist on the storage but do not have an entry in the VM Config itself and therefore do not appear as unused in the GUI. To my understanding, you have misinterpreted this term.
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    rbd error: rbd: listing images failed: (2) No such file or directory (500)

    So VMs 110, 120, 121 and 123 no longer exist, or do they? If so, please post the configs of the VMs with qm config VMID here.
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    Ceph Monitor address already in use (500) error

    But I didn't say that the /16 network was a problem for Proxmox. But it is a fundamental architectural flaw in the network design, which will lead you into serious problems sooner or later. In the /16 everyone wants information about someone else, and over time your background noise will take up...
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    Ceph Monitor address already in use (500) error

    I would strongly advise against this, especially for CEPH. You should limit the broadcast domain to a minimum and a /24 for CEPH is usually more than enough. Otherwise, you have a lot of unnecessary traffic in the network which take up resources for storage. In addition, disruptions, loss of...
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    Ceph Monitor address already in use (500) error

    A .0 address is rather unusual, are you sure that's correct? Or do you actually use networks larger than /24?
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    Ceph Monitor address already in use (500) error

    What exactly are you trying to do that you may have done before?
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    Setting up ceph, getting an error in the gui

    For CEPH you should definitely use enterprise SSDs, they have a significantly lower latency than consumer ones. When it comes to storage, latency is always the most critical thing. It doesn't seem to me that these switches are stackable, so you can't use 802.3ad (LACP) across multiple devices...
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    What does your retention policy look like? Do you actually keep backups for longer than 30 days?
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    HELP! - Almost quiting to VMware...

    How is the VMware cluster configured? Does it have a vSan or a HW Raid? Which plates are used? What hardware is this used?
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    VMs hung after backup

    Our VM survived one backup and then failed a few hours before the next one. I then removed iothread and am monitoring the situation. Suspend and Resume had no effect on me.
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    Windows VM nach Konvertierung von vmware nach pve langsamer als neu gebaute vm

    Ich vermute mal, dass die CPU und RAM Einstellungen dabei auch egal sind. Das Flag NUMA könnte das interne Handling von Windows beeinflussen, wobei auch das schon eine entferntere Theorie wäre. Ich habe noch eine andere Theorie, nämlich dass mit dem Disk Layout irgendwo was in die Hose gegangen...
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    Ceph OSD Unable to find storage

    I don't really understand what your point is. The operating system disks have nothing to do with CEPH. It therefore doesn't matter whether the XFS, EXT4, ZFS runs on a hardware RAID, mdadm or something else. For CEPH you use dedicated disks, these are freed from residual data and then included...


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