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    sharenfs stopped working with latest non subscription repo

    After some debugging the file /etc/exports.d/zfs.exports is empty and being modified constantly every minute or so. Also found some changes in zfs 2.2 related to the nfs export:
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    sharenfs stopped working with latest non subscription repo

    I have a few zfs datasets shared with VM and between proxmox instances exported by proxmox with sharenfs. After the latest upgrade the shares are not exported anymore. In the journal I don't see any particular error besides the host trying to mount missing export. Also one strange thing during...
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    pve kernel: SUNRPC: reached max allowed number (1) did not add transport to server:

    Hi, did you manage to solve the issue? I also changed some of the network settings (added dedicated network for cluster communication) and I am in the same situation as you have described.
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    Selecting bootloader for new installation

    My point to add in the code snipe above - NOT to make this default functionality. Maybe I wasn't clear.
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    Selecting bootloader for new installation

    Thanks, worked like a charm. Just a minor suggestion - put the " remove the `/boot/efi` entry in /etc/fstab" in the code part as some hasty people my might miss it and need to fire up recovery iso :oops:
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    [TUTORIAL] Cockpit ZFS Manager

    Generally kind of works. Nothing changed in 7 --> 8 inplace upgrade. There are a few peculiarities: - it never log ins from the first attempt. I have enter credentials --> go to black page --> refresh --> login again - The network management doesn't work. Cockpit is using Network Manager and...
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    Selecting bootloader for new installation

    Hello, I am trying a new test installation of proxmox and I would like use systemd-boot with ext4 or xfs partition. According to the documentation the bootloader is selected automatically based on the selected file system. Is there a config/flag/hack with which I can force the installation to...
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    Proxmox Backup Server 3.0 available

    Great, on the roadmap are left only the most interesting features: - Support (tape-like) syncing to S3/Object storage types - Proxmox VE host backup 3.1/2 will be even better releases ;)
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    Proxmox VE 8.0 released!

    Hi, If I have the Proxmox Backup Server installed and upgrade to PVE 8 - will it break or simply not recommended/tested enough?
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    Proxmox Backup Server 2.4 available

    At least for me the biggest benefit of S3 will be achieve the 1 in 3/2/1 backup strategy. If I can plug an S3 bucket to an PBS i can have automatic remote replication without bothering of hosting remote PBS.
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    Proxmox Backup Server 2.4 available

    Any hints when is the S3 support coming?
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    Tuxis launches free Proxmox Backup Server BETA service

    Why is the 1TB version only available for companies? I have requested the 150GB version but I will most likely need more storage and it will be bad if I can't grow it. I mean my money are the same as company money :) P.S. This looks like much more elegant solution than what I was planning -...
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    Migrate between two nodes with zfs (node1) and lvm (node2)

    The migration from zfs --> lvm (thin) works but the other way around failed. Is this supposed work?
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    [SOLVED] How to disable nested virtualization for VM

    I need to disable the nested virtualization for virtualized pfSense as there is some bug in freeBSD and the VM hangs. If I assign kvm64 CPU the VM boots but I am loosing the AES-NI and other acceleration instructions. Any idea how to disable the nested virtualization per VM?
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    [SOLVED] Handling of physical disk attached to VM

    Yah it was really the disk failing. I swapped the disks and the backup works OK.
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    [SOLVED] Handling of physical disk attached to VM

    Thanks for the suggestion. Here is the output: dd if=/dev/sdh of=/dev/null bs=1M dd: error reading '/dev/sdh': Input/output error 89+1 records in 89+1 records out 93442048 bytes (93 MB, 89 MiB) copied, 1.8383 s, 50.8 MB/s Yeah it shows I/O error. The disk is 95% used but it is really strange...
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    [SOLVED] Handling of physical disk attached to VM

    This is how long it takes for the job to fail. You can see the start and end messages: Jun 27 10:13:05 hyper-convergence pvedaemon[2818450]: INFO: Starting Backup of VM 783 (qemu) Jun 27 10:13:15 hyper-convergence pvedaemon[2818450]: ERROR: Backup of VM 783 failed - job failed with err -5 -...
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    [SOLVED] Handling of physical disk attached to VM

    Hi, I am not sure if this is a bug or missing feature but basically no disk operations are possible with attached disk to a VM. The main issue are: - backup fails INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 783 --notes-template '{{guestname}}' --node hyper-convergence --remove 0 --storage...
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    ZFS issues with disk images after reboot

    Hi, I have the same issue on the latest 7.2. Is this a regression or new issue?


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