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    how to batch delete snapshot in command ?

    thanks for the update! also if you want todo this with LXC containers use pct instead of qm: pct listsnapshot 101 | awk {'print $2'} | head -n -3 | xargs -n1 pct delsnapshot 101
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    VM crashes during Backup with fsfreeze

    I have a Debian 11 VM under Proxmox 7.1.-10 that crashes when the HOST issues the file system freeze command. I noticed the VM crashes during the nightly backup. I have checked the guest agent is installed on the VM. On a hunch I disabled "guest agent" on the Host VM config and backup appears...
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    GPU Passthrough not working (Bar 3)

    one week. ONE WEEK! to figure that out thanks guys
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    Change from UEFI to Legacy Bios?

    Im just clicking buttons and pasting script in the shell.. so... reinstall & restore it is ;) but on a related note.... Can the boot mode have an affect on PCI passthrough or do you think its more likely that something else is going on? Thanks and take care
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    Passthrough question

    how are you passing through your disks? via gui? via qemu add disk or via pci controller? ideally you want a hba controller in IT mode and just pass the entire thing to the VM so Proxmox doesnt do anything funky in between. This way you also get smart etc. cheers
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    Change from UEFI to Legacy Bios?

    hi fellow Proxmoxers, It seems my old DELL server will not work with a GPU passthrough in UEFI mode. I have successfully configured the passthrough in Legacy Bios (on the host) but on a new Proxmox install on the same machine with UEFI I cant get it to work. In fact the host sometimes freezes...
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    [SOLVED] Update auf 6.4

    ...ja und bei mir wars der PBS statt PVE. So viel wald. danke.
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    Possible to restore from Backup as linked clone?

    I am running about XX linked clones (LXC) on ZFS that obviously save me a lot of hdd space. I back those up to an external storage. If things turn for the worst and Id have to restore to a new Proxmox Installation is there a way to restore the containers with the same space benefits as before...
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    ZFS Pool Detail - Result Verification Failed (400)

    yapp thank you. hmm "enable all features using "zpool upgrade" .. is this safe to run? what am I enabling ?
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    ZFS Pool Detail - Result Verification Failed (400)

    This is on a brand new dedicated root server with new nvmes and a fresh pool. I have changed the zarc max size but other than that not done any changes afaik. This screen loads forever. Any ideas? thx root@srv3:~# pveversion -v proxmox-ve: 6.3-1 (running kernel: 5.4.103-1-pve) pve-manager...
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    Hostname In Backup Table

    Given that I dont remember all my VM IDs after a restore I have too look in "SHOW CONFIG" to find all the hostnames that I want to restore. Any way PROXMOX could add a column in the overview? Seems like there is enough room :) Thanks!
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    [SOLVED] Maximum number of bind mounts in a container

    did this work on an unprivileg container? what promox version are you running? using these cmds my container isnt starting :/
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    [SOLVED] Enabling IOMMU on PVE6 (zfs) compared to PVE5.4 (ext4)?

    this post solved it for me. took a while to get here. please add this to the "gpu passthrough docs" thanks!
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    Fresh ZFS Mirror Install - No Snapshot function?

    just installed a vanilla Proxmox VE to two brand new SSDs. Used ZFS Mirror. I have restored a VM from backup but snapshot features are not available. "the guest configration does not support taking snapshots" ...where or how can i configure this? Thank you for any help.
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    vzdump "ok" but not true

    4 years later... thanks for that!
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    Migrate Single Disk to Mirror

    I currently have a single SSD where PROXMOX and some VMs reside. All Data and VMS are backuped up. To decrease chance of downtime i would like to migrate from a single SSD disk to a mirror. Is this possible or is a new install and restore required? I might as well take my chances if i have to...
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    Move porxmox configuration to a new h/w

    funny how i was just having the same issue. my plan is to clonezilla the drive and just put into the the new hardware case something goes wrong i can still stick the copy into the old box and things will work out. once its running you can simply move on.
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    VMs output to attached Monitor?

    Is it generally possible to have a Guest VM use a physically attached monitor like its "normal" display? Is it perhaps even possible that when X Monitors are a connected that X VMs use these external monitors? i.e.: show each VM on a attached display? Is a dedicated GPU required? Does each VM...


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