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    New to Proxmox, want Storage help please

    yes maybe search the internet difficult to import your old config i think u can use it because both omv and proxmox is based on debian. u have to use the DIR-Storage-Backend to link your host config to pve.
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    [SOLVED] Kernel upgrade gets No space left on device

    because its full u have to delete something. u can use the command "du" to find "big" directories. simple steps are to autoremove old packages or clean /tmp. of course u can increase the root partition/volume
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    Sync PVE local backup to PBS

    u need a local PBS for syncing to remote PBS. integrated Backup of PVE doesnt support remote PBS.
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    Strange network behavior after router change

    if u use vlans with your bridge u must use a separate ip config for your host. search the forum and u will find examples. also look into the docu for part "3.3.8. VLAN 802.1Q". I think proxmox should change the gui background function to serve this configuration because its a typical one.
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    Container filesystem corrupting after every shutdown (with SMB shared datasets, but not NFS)

    think different! with zfs u can create multi datasets. so use one with nfs for vms and create a second one for smb! Its such simple. But better is: i would advice not to use truenas. use the zfs function of proxmox. with local zfs u have additionally snapshots with containers and no additional...
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    ZFS Replikation und (nicht funktionierende) differentielle SQL Server Backups

    du solltest mal die suche verwenden.
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    RAID 1

    why not?
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    Proxmox Ve Compatibility

    no one can confirm if exactly your setup will work stable. pve is based on debian stable. that means its always best not to have the newest hardware.
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    Best way to use storage from TrueNAS for performance?

    i think nfs is best its not that stable as nfs. much slower than nfs for writing. yes, u can migrate the disk from a to b. u should use mirrors with slog and l2arc with nvme or fast ssd.
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    2 NICs 1 ip
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    Strengthen the PMG with the integration of another antispam

    only av: u can set another aspam solution after pmg
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    PVE 8.02 Installationsversuch auf neuem NUC13 i3-1315U

    Setz mal dein Bios auf die Default Werte. Wenn sich nichts ändert, tausche mal den RAM!
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    Qnap - samba share Operation not supported (os error 95)
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    thin-LVM: Disk-Image auf neue VM klonen (nicht verschieben)

    wir? ich habe hier kein problem gepostet....
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    thin-LVM: Disk-Image auf neue VM klonen (nicht verschieben)

    also verschieben geht nich, kopieren hilft dir auch nicht, klonen geht ja nun auch nicht. ich denke, wir nennen die Funktion, die du suchst "lucken". Am besten ist, du wartest bis Proxmox die Funktion lucken in die GUI implementiert hat. Ja, das ist das Beste. du kannst noch ein ticket unter...
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    thin-LVM: Disk-Image auf neue VM klonen (nicht verschieben)

    qcow2 Dateien kannst du natürlich mit cp kopieren oder qemu-img tool. Blockdevice wie lvm, zvol oder ceph rbd kannst du am besten mit dd kopieren. aber was stört dich daran, die ganze vm zu klonen und dann die disks, die du nicht brauchst zu entfernen bzw. nur die disk zu behalten, die dich...
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    cant access other subnets from pve node
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    pfSense behind Proxmox - getting two IP's

    yes u must set vmbr0 to manual connect to proxmox via connect pfsense to vmbr0=WAN, vmbr1=LAN configure pfsense to connect to internet in bridge mode set firewall rules on pfsense set gateways for all vms, pve and pcs to pfsense LAN IP your nameserver is missing, u can set it up...


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