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  1. datschlatscher

    [SOLVED] Where do I set below threshold?

    The suggested setting does not really resolve this warning, because (as far as I know) it will always be printed when the sum of the size of all the disks you created in the thin-pool, exceeds the size of the thin-pool. However, as long as you monitor your thin-pool to not run out of space, you...
  2. datschlatscher

    Чистка "Host IPMI System Event Log" на оборудовании DELL

    As far as I am aware there is no such tool for Proxmox that ships this functionality out-of-the-box. However, what are you looking for is just a tool that is Linux-compatible and has what you need. According to this thread it should be possible (and quite simple) with ipmitool which is...
  3. datschlatscher

    CEPH extrem usage of RAM

    As far as I am aware, processes do not have such fine control as to choose where their memory should be allocated. Swap usage is determined by something called swappiness, through which the Kernel decides how much of the SWAP it should be using. Sometimes though, the kernel might make...
  4. datschlatscher

    How to download Backup files to local machine

    What exactly do you mean with "local storage system"? You can generally download files from the PBS Webinterface via the file explorer (under your datastore > Content) by clicking the small folder icon when you expand the backup group. This only works for file-based backups done with the...
  5. datschlatscher

    Proxmox vm gui performance

    What exactly do you mean with "VM GUI"? The desktop environment in the GUI? I am sure you realize that none of these are very objective ways to quantify how a VM (desktop) performs, but I think I get your sentiment. While the default experience in any VM will most likely be rather "unsnappy"...
  6. datschlatscher

    Swap usage by LXC and VM

    This older forum post would suggest that this is simply a behavior present in cgroup1. As far as I am aware, cgroup v1 only has legacy support in the latest Proxmox version. Are you not running cgroup2? How exactly do you tell how much swap the VM uses of the hosts swap? In any case, if e.g...
  7. datschlatscher

    [SOLVED] Where are stored the datastore metrics in PBS ?

    The data for these statistics is stored in /var/lib/proxmox-backup/rrdb/datastore. In the corresponding datastore folders every metric has it's own file, however, they are not really human readable and I don't think there exists a tool to merge these files. You best bet is to simply overwrite...
  8. datschlatscher

    [solved] resizing pve node partitions

    As far as I am aware, gparted is not really the right tool for this. As mentioned in the thread linked, you might want to look at the tools for manipulating LVMs here, like lvresize. The problem is that the pve-data thin pool can not be shrinked. Therefore, if you want to assign some more space...
  9. datschlatscher

    youre thoughts about AMD Ryzen Pro 4750G !?

    I can't give you first hand experiences for this CPU, however, it seems there are some forum posts where you might find relevant information about it via the Forum search, which seem to go as far back as August 2020: Please also...
  10. datschlatscher

    File Restore List not finished in Time

    I was taking a look at the code before sending my first message, but there was a recent change which I didn't see on my local version yet. The timeout value for the GUI in the backend is hardcoded at 25 seconds, but there is a built-in retry mechanism. If the listing still takes too long...
  11. datschlatscher

    File Restore List not finished in Time

    The (500) makes it seem to me as if you are encountering this problem in the GUI somewhere, however, I have not been able to find where exactly did would show up when using the restore. If you are actually using the command line for this, you can simply define a timeout via the --timeout...
  12. datschlatscher

    node went down and I had to restart it to get it back online

    Usually, sporadic resets or crashes without any logs hint at hardware failure of some kind, but are usually hard to diagnose. The most simple things to rule out would be whether the disks are in good condition with smartctl and running a memtest. You could also try whether this problem appears...
  13. datschlatscher

    Proxmox VE 7.3: CPU affinity | Needed shutdown/start???

    Yes, the CPU affinity is not hot pluggable. If you change the value you need to restart the VM for it to have an effect. Unlike the other options, it does not show the pending changes, though. But it should only be a matter of time until someone gets around to revising this.
  14. datschlatscher

    Delaying VM boot quite confusing.

    There is no shutdown delay as far as I am aware. The shutdown timeout is just a setting to configure how long PVE should wait for a VM to go through the shutdown process before it gets stopped forcefully. VMs that have a startup order configured will be shut down in the reverse order. From the...
  15. datschlatscher

    Command cp with Progress Bar. Installation error

    It looks like you are missing a tool for compiling the code. The guide mentions as the very first step sudo apt install gcc g++ make build-essential Please make sure these are installed first.
  16. datschlatscher

    cpu affinity in 7.3

    You can also look at the cpu affinity mask as displayed by taskset: taskset -p <pid of your VM> If I am not mistaken, the mask for your configuration should be displayed as F000.
  17. datschlatscher

    HA starts VM after proper shutdown

    Not really. It's hard to tell whether a VM crashed or was shut down on purpose from the outside perspective of the HA manager. That's why the HA manager restarts the VM, because as far as it knows, the VM stopped working for an unknown reasen and should therefore be restarted. This, however...
  18. datschlatscher

    cpu affinity in 7.3

    @nominal Please see Dunuin's answer. Running 7.3+, you should see it under Hardware > Processors > textfield CPU affinity. Please make sure the Advanced checkbox is selected. I would also agree with @mete here. As far as I am aware, the numbering for taskset in relation to the CPU cores should...
  19. datschlatscher

    cpu affinity in 7.3

    The setting "0-7" means you are pinning your VM to 8 CPU cores, while your VM only has 4 available. Are you aware of that? What are you using to tell what CPUs your VM is running on? Additionally, posting your VM config might be helpful. What mask does taskset -p <pid of the VM> yield? As far...
  20. datschlatscher

    Task history doesn't show backups anymore

    I am not aware of anything that changed in this regard, so that it would no longer create a task log. Are other task logs still created normally? (E.g. VM start/stop, ...) Please check the system logs after such a backup job has run (You can do so with journalctl) for anything that might...


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