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    OpenID 401 with Azure AD

    I know your pain, same happend to me and not just ones.
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    OpenID 401 with Azure AD

    We are on 7.4-3 here, no issues with Azure AD or Keycloak (two different installations). If it never worked, check your client id and key again.
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    API data for Let's Encrypt dns-01 challenge using Azure

    Normaly acme likes environment variables like: AZUREDNS_SUBSCRIPTIONID="..." AZUREDNS_TENANTID="..." AZUREDNS_APPID="..." AZUREDNS_CLIENTSECRET="..." But i never used the acme Azure Plugin in Proxmox so give it a try, maybe line by line or delimited with ; or ,
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    XFS in VM erweitern

    Auf deinem System ist bestimmt cfdisk installiert und ich glaube auf CentOS 7 unterstützt cfdisk es auch schon extend/erweitern, das ist deutlich einfacher als sich mit fdisk rumzuschlagen.
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    XFS in VM erweitern

    Es sind drei Schritte erforderlich: * Virtuelle Platte vergrößern * Partition oder LVM vergrößern * Dateisystem vergrößern Ich glaube bei dir fehlt der zweite Punkt.
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    PostgresSQL im Container weckt HDD auf. Wie finde ich die Ursache

    Installier dir mal die inotify tools mit "apt install inotify-tools" und dann schau mir "inotifywait -mr /zPool/postgres" was da so passiert. Inotify zeigt dir alle Dateisystem actions an.
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    OpenID 401 with Azure AD

    And today this issue is back, i took a quick look into pveproxy/access.log. I can see there is a callback which starts with ?code=... and a long string which is about 1066 bytes long, followed by some more stuff like state=, session_state= and so on. Maybe the issue is that code= is over 1024...
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    OpenID 401 with Azure AD

    Hi, i get that "code: value may only be 1024 characters long." sometimes, it appears and disappears from time to time.
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    OpenID 401 with Azure AD

    ah yes, and i fixed it. Error on my side. i reconfigured it and used key id and not secret for the secret. It works now. Thank you. Ps. Works on both, PVE and PBS.
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    OpenID 401 with Azure AD

    Hi Mira, i just installed this version on one of my non-subscription hosts, i restarted pvepoxy (dont know if required) but AzureAD still fails with 401. Autocreate is on so this should work. --2022-04-20 11:24:24--...
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    OpenID 401 with Azure AD

    Patch suffix looks like rust, i think without a full pve development environment we cant to anything with that diff by ourself because rust stuff has to be compiled.
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    mount Proxmox Backup Server on old proxmox VE 5.x ?

    I am sure that the Debian version under PVE 5.x is no longer supported. If your environment is not 100% air gapped, then this is a very bad security practice.
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    One 10Gb nic better then 3x dual port 1Gb nic?

    I would recommend using a single 10g, less power usage and a single connection can use as much bandwith this physical connection provide. In my home setup i have two Proxmox hosts and one OPNsense Firewall connected via 10g, i do a cross backup between these two hosts where 10g helps a lot. As...
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    proxmox 7.0 sdn beta test

    I setup my new network today and i wanted to use vxlan at home to learn more about vxlan and Proxmox using SDN. So i got a new switch and rebuild my network today, my configuration looks like this: Aruba 2930F, default VLAN is jumbo with and mtu of 1550 and max-frame-size of 1568 Proxmox 7.0...
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    PVE Server Reboot

    I had two freezes after updating to 7.0 2 Week Ago, no error visible on KVM. I never had any issues with 6.x. I keep an eye on this issue.
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    Best Practices for File System Alignment in Virtual Environments

    My old Proxmox installation had HDDs for Data and two 850 Pro in a mirror for two Windows 10 VMs, these SSD wearout quiete quickly, on died after just 10 month due to wearout and had no more spare blocks to compensate. My new Proxmox hosts is based on 4x Intel D3-S4510 3.84TB in a ZFS Strip...
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    Best Practices for File System Alignment in Virtual Environments

    Keep an eye on your SSDs, consumer SSDs wearout relativ quickly with Virtualization workload.
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    Any plans for aarch/arm64 support in Proxmox Backup Client?

    Hi, good idea, but i tried a different approach, i installed a debian bullseye container and tried to use the approach from the proxmox developer docs, i failed because there are a lots of dependencies that are not native debian packages and only exist for amd64...
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    Any plans for aarch/arm64 support in Proxmox Backup Client?

    Hello, today i got one of the Oracles always free Ampere A1 ARM instance and thought it would be a good idea to backup content to my proxmox backup server, sadly it looks like there is no arm64 build of the Proxmox backup client. Skipping acquire of configured file 'main/binary-arm64/Packages'...
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    vTPM support - do we have guide to add the vTPM support?

    Windows Server 2022 requires Secure Boot with TPM 2.0. VMware has TPM for quite some time. oVirt added TPM 2.0 with Version 4.4.6 and so does RHEV. I hope we see TPM support soon. Customers Buying Windows Server 2022 without Assurance has no way to run it on Proxmox because they have no...


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