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    Raid mirroir

    Linux mdadm raid isn't possible within proxmox installer. Only zfs or btrfs. if you use zfs, status is at Datacenter \ Storage \ ZFS
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    Proxmox 8.0.9 Sudden IO spikes

    yes, if trim isn't used, ssd will slowdown. guests do defrag instead trim/discard operations. "sed" command can replace in all .conf at once.
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    Proxmox 8.0.9 Sudden IO spikes

    enable options "discard" and "ssd" emulation in each vdisk
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    Problem backing up via PBS

    I should try disabling ext4 journaling to confirm impact, while it's not recommended.
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    Problem backing up via PBS

    cifs datastore for PBS require mount option uid=34,noforceuid,gid=34,noforcegid (= user and group "backup") and before PBS datastore creation. You should delete then recreate PBS datastore with correct mount option. edited: corrected mount options.
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    Proxmox 8.0.9 Sudden IO spikes

    it seems the jbd2 fault, isn't it ? it seems about ext4 journal commit update. if it's a fsync io operation, consumer ssd drives can't sustain many of them.
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    Virtualizing a two NIC server

    it's not a bug. ip need only set in VMs.
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    Installation of Proxmox on HPE ml350

    you can install pve on hw raid of hp as the default install ext4/lvm make sur create logical volume before start the pve install
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    Installation of Proxmox on HPE ml350

    hpe installer assistant only support selected os but you can install what you want, just boot from usb containing Proxmox installer.
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    Proxmox with GRAID - data replication

    Backups to PBS always copy only new/changed data, same data is never stored twice. Dedup can't be disabled. Hourly backups is ok even if many data, thanks to dirty bitmap (like cbt in vmware). if VM is shutdown, all VM data need to be read, but only new data will be transfered. Restore is needed...
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    Proxmox Networking

    yes, @cheiss post the URL in his post.
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    XP Test VM - strange networking problem

    iirc, xp can't browse https websites, only http works, because of outdated ssl support.
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    Proxmox Networking

    sorry but it's bad start if you ask the question about the dhcp. for information, to start : Masquerading is like your host become a second router, so it can get its ip from dhcp, then your VMs will need to be another vmbrX bridge + a on an another subnet, they will be not seen by your dhcp server.
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    [SOLVED] High IO Delay and Server load on NVMe compared to SD card

    lsblk show nvme is used with both cases. it's only the boot partition was swapped. Perhaps, io delay is from 0B sda drive.
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    Problem with windows vm creation

    OOBELOCAL/ OOBEREGION/ OOBEKEYBOARD error seems your iso fault, like customized, or like wrong unattend XML.
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    After the backup, the VM freezes

    but backup is done one after the other. it's just the backup is done in "background", and imo, Boot need more iops than "snapshot" (if VM is idle...) my case is backup disk is partitionned, one partition to store vm disk (second backup done inside the VM) and the other partition for pbs...
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    After the backup, the VM freezes

    I guess you use "stop" backup mode, which "shutdown/stop" the VM then start the backup but the VM is started directly not after the end of the backup, datastorage can be "stressed" if you backup of same drive. (I'd the case). try with "snapshot" mode or even better, try backup once the VM is...


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