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    Cloning a Domain Controller via New-ADDCCloneConfig

    Hey, since Win 2012 Servers, Microsoft supports creating clones from a Domain Controller. (New-ADDCCloneConfig) However I could only find information about this on Hyper-V and ESXi. Does Proxmox/KVM support this feature aswell? I only found this old thread which doesn't have an answer...
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    URGENT - High IO delay 90+% on newly configured system

    If anyone else has a similar problem: 1. Check if the MTU to your storage is correct. In my case, Proxmox used 1500 and the storage used 1300. I changed everything to Jumboframed (9000 mtu) 2. Cachemode of Virtual Disks. I had writeback active on most of my VMs and that caused high IO-Delay when...
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    URGENT - High IO delay 90+% on newly configured system

    On the host, that's why it's affecting all VMs. I just set up my second server and it has the same Problem. The difference here: no multipathing, only one regular iSCSI connection.
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    URGENT - High IO delay 90+% on newly configured system

    Hey, over the weekend I brought our 2nd server online to redo the first one. I moved all VMs/CTs to the 2nd server and deleted the first since everything seemed fine. However when even the slightest IO operation occurs (e.g. opening a browser on a server) the IO delay skyrockets up to 90+%...
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    Restoring a backup with disks from different storages?

    Hey, I have a VM with 3 disks. The disks are distributed over 3 different storages. When I select "Restore" in the Backup tab, I can only restore to one storage. Is it possible to select where each disk is supposed to be restored? (Same with moving to another node) Sincerely Ray_
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    Replacing a node in a cluster - LVM to ZFS

    Hey, I have a cluster of 3 nodes. One is booting via iSCSI which is kind of unstable. That's why I want to move the whole boot partition to local disks formatted with ZFS. No VMs are directly on this partition, only isos. My current plan is to migrate all VMs/CTs to the other 2 nodes and...
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    PBS crashes without error message

    The data center technician scanned the whole system including hard drives and found no faulty parts.
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    PBS crashes without error message

    Since I host this instance in a datacenter, I contacted their support. Let's see what comes from this. I am currently running the 5.13 kernel. Do you think an update to 5.15 would help? Had to do this for my PVEs since 5.13 plays badly with iSCSI boot.
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    PBS crashes without error message

    After 9 days of nothing happening, today it crashed again. Weirdly enough 30 minutes after the backup and all tasks have finished. Syslog and dmesg -w shows nothing, besides the finished tasks.
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    [SOLVED] January Sender, Receiver, and Contact statistics empty

    Well, 7 days... I increased it now, but do I also have to increase the rotate count for syslog?
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    [SOLVED] January Sender, Receiver, and Contact statistics empty

    Hey, I just tried to check some email statistics from January, but the Sender, Receiver, and Contact statistics are empty. However, I can list all the emails from January in the tracking center, and in the domain statistic, it's showing the correct amount of emails. In the spam score...
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    PBS crashes without error message

    Weirdly enough for the last 2 days, it's now working without a hiccup. Very strange. I'll keep dmesg running for a few more days just in case it happens again.
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    PBS crashes without error message

    I don't think that this will help, since the kern.log from the last crash has nothing in it in the timeframe of the crash. Afaik dmesg and kern.log have the same information.
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    PBS crashes without error message

    Hey, since Friday my PBS crashes when backing up. Here are the last lines of syslog before I have to hard reset the server, because it becomes completely unresponsive. No Web interface, no pings. Feb 14 00:33:48 backup proxmox-backup-proxy[1842]: vm/107/2022-02-04T23:00:42Z remove Feb 14...
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    [SOLVED] Hyper-Threading vs No Hyper-Threading; Fixed vs Variable Memory

    I have the ballooning driver active on all 15 Windows VMs and I didn't notice any performance issues. This wiki entry is from the 4th of August 2015‎ (6,5 years).
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    Negating Who object

    Hey, is it possible to negate a Who object? For example, I want to trigger a rule on all but a few email addresses. Sincerely Raylands
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    [TUTORIAL] Install PVE directly on iSCSI target

    I finally managed to boot pve. Debootstrap + points 16 and 17 from your guide did the trick. After that, I decided to try again my method with KVM and your points 16 and 17, and that worked as well. So now I finally have a regular PVE over iSCSI. The only problem I am facing now is...
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    [TUTORIAL] Install PVE directly on iSCSI target

    Hey, the iSCSI connection is working fine since I had ESXi running on it 2 days ago. All disks are in a Fujitsu Eternus Dx100 s3 and there everything is shown as fine. Yes. That's why I find it extremely weird. I already used the same method to install the proxmox backup server on a hetzner...
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    [TUTORIAL] Install PVE directly on iSCSI target

    Thanks for this tutorial. I tried installing pve your way, however, when the installer reaches the "make system bootable" stage it fails since it can't mount the partition. If I try to mount it manually, it can't read the superblock of pve-root (same issue as I have in my other thread...
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    [SOLVED] Grub can't find volume group 'pve' on iSCSI boot

    Hey, when I try to boot a freshly installed Proxmox 7 or Debian 11 I always get the error message volume group 'pve' not found. When I boot it with Qemu in a Debian live image PVE works fine. I guess there is something wrong with my installing process: 1. connect via iscsiadm 2. Start a vm...


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