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  1. AKA

    Reboot problem - HP Microserver Gen 10

    Nope, geht leider nicht. pve-manager und Kernel haben die neuesten Updates. Immernoch das gleiche Verhalten.
  2. AKA

    System Setup Help

    1. Yes 2. ZFS would still be my choice, but with the limited RAM you have, you would definitely need to MAX your ARC size, because it could take up to 50% of your RAM. Otherwise MD-RAID is one way to go. 3. Both is possible. I'm a fan of having my block devices only in the Proxmox host itself...
  3. AKA

    Cluster with active and passive WAN connection security issue?

    I do not think that this is a security issue as long as access on the proxmox nodes is restricted. Anyway, i don't know which provider you have, but the switch at the WAN side should only send packages through onr port anyway. Anyone else: If i'm missing something here, feel free to correct me.
  4. AKA

    Disable virtualization on cluster node

    May i just ask what licencing issues you're reffering to? Just an idea: disableing the kvm module in boot cmd in grub config?
  5. AKA

    How to keep the VM boot state is not shut down?

    I'm sorry, but probably no one here understands whatever you wanted to know. Maybe try a more detailed rephrasing?
  6. AKA

    Reboot problem - HP Microserver Gen 10

    Ich hab das selbe Problem. Mit beiden meiner Microserver Gen10 Kisten.Sowohl mit Proxmox Backup Server als auch mit Proxmox VE. Ich gehe daher mal von einem Kernel Problem aus und habe dazu einen englischen Thread eröffnet...
  7. AKA

    reboot issue - HPe Microserver Gen10 does not reboot/shutdown since update to PVE7.1 / PBS 2.1

    Hello everyone, i'm kind of lost here. I'm having the same issue as described here in the german thread: Just as a side information: I've had PBS running for a while on an HPe Microserver now. Last Week Friday i...
  8. AKA

    Bandwidth throttling for PVE backup job

    Can't u just setup a VM on your proxmox host with proxmox backup server and use the cifs share as a datastore? That'd solve the issue. I'm doing that with a synology HA setup at a clients place too. works fine.
  9. AKA

    Bandwidth throttling for PVE backup job

    Actually @Rassillon is onto something. But instead of paying for veeam i'd install a proxmox backup server and do incremential backups.
  10. AKA

    Replacing a failed drive in ZFS root pool.

    I don't think it should cause any issues. But i would offline the disk first. Just don't do something to the healthy drive. And i hope we're talking about Raid1 here.
  11. AKA

    Bandwidth throttling for PVE backup job

    Yes, that is correct. It limits I/O bandwidth. Do you use a seperated Network (VLAN?) for backups, or have the possibility to do so? If so you could create a VLAN or another network, add the VLAN interface, or network interface to proxmox and limit the bandwidth with tc or wondershaper for...
  12. AKA

    [SOLVED] Detach Disk from RaidZ1

    Thanks @H4R0 for pointing out, i didn't catch that. Seems like they're Seagate SAS Exos drives with 2.4TB. I'm taking a guess here by saying, that those drives are usually pretty reliable, but even if a double disk failure is likely to occur which would destroy the pool. A triple disk-failure...
  13. AKA

    [SOLVED] Detach Disk from RaidZ1

    Your Pool ist resilvering which in RAID is often called rebuilding. After it's done it'll remove the old device. You can see the progress on top.
  14. AKA

    [SOLVED] Detach Disk from RaidZ1

    Then just execute zpool replace rpool sdd /dev/disk/by-id/scsi-35000c500d34f804f
  15. AKA

    [SOLVED] Detach Disk from RaidZ1

    Can you give me the output of "zpool status"?
  16. AKA

    [SOLVED] Detach Disk from RaidZ1

    Whoops sorry, i meant ls -l /dev/disk/by-id/ | grep sdd My mistake.
  17. AKA

    [SOLVED] Detach Disk from RaidZ1

    Just do: ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/ | grep sdd and you will see the UUID of the disk. then run zpool replace OLDDISK /dev/disk/by-uuid/NEWDISKUUID POOLNAME like i said.
  18. AKA

    [SOLVED] Detach Disk from RaidZ1

    Maybe it is not /dev/sdd. Like i said, please check dmesg.
  19. AKA

    [SOLVED] Detach Disk from RaidZ1

    Hi, no, you should see it right away. zpool will warn you if theres another filesystem on the disk.
  20. AKA

    Ceph Network public and cluster some questions

    yes I'm using SSD's. 3 OSD's per Server. Exactly. I don't see a lot of traffic on my public network This is probably that:


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