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    vzdump appears to be slowing down VM IO

    My storage is regular raw files on a EXT4 partition. I'm primarily curious if disk writes are hijacked to write to both the backup and the actual disk, as limited bandwidth seems to aggravate this.
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    vzdump appears to be slowing down VM IO

    When trying to backup a large VM to a remote server using vzdump (snapshot mode), the writes on the VM appear to be slowed down greatly. Are disk writes affected (maybe writes are slowed down during a backup) when a backup is in progress, to maintain consistency?
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    CPU unit max limit changed in PVE 7

    I upgraded one of my test nodes to try out PVE 7, and I noticed that one VM was not starting. The error was TASK ERROR: start failed: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.InvalidArgs: Value specified in CPUWeight is out of range It seems that this is due to cgroups v2, where the max limit of this is...
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    API Internal Server Error [500], but requests complete?

    Heya, we just encountered this too. It has been a fair bit of time, any idea when we can expect to get a patch?
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    Empty groups when running prune job

    When all backups of an existing VM(s) are deleted, the empty backup group seems to be left behind. The log of the prune job looks something like this: 2021-04-20T19:03:08-04:00: verify datastore ds0 2021-04-20T19:03:08-04:00: found 4 groups 2021-04-20T19:03:08-04:00: verify group ds0:vm/1000 (0...
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    Missing tasks in the task log

    I see only 1 restore task. If I go the node -> task history however, I can see all the restores.
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    Missing tasks in the task log

    I just restored a handful of VMs (to a fresh PVE install) from backups, however only 2 restores are showing up in the webgui tasks. I noticed the tasks are still there in /var/log/pve/index and their associated task log files are present too. Is this a known bug?
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    Live migration between local storage without a cluster

    Just stumbled upon this thread when I was looking for something similar to virsh migrate for Proxmox. Is there any update on this by any chance?
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    Restore to another VM from a snapshot

    Or some functionality like this would be great too.
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    Restore to another VM from a snapshot

    Is it possible to take snapshots, independent of VMs, and restore them to other VMs? It would functionally be similar to backups, except that it would just be a disk image.
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    VM PNG RRD API Statistics

    I used this https://fqdn.domain.tld:8006/api2/json/nodes/nodename/qemu/800/rrd?ds=cpu&timeframe=day
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    VM PNG RRD API Statistics

    Hello, I'm using the Proxmox API to get png RRD statistics, but I'm receiving something like this: { "data": { "filename": "/var/lib/rrdcached/db/pve2-vm/800_cpu.png", "image":"<encoded string>" } } What is it encoded in, and how should I decode it? Also, it doesn't seem...
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    [SOLVED] LetsEncrypt SSL Error

    I tried generating an SSL certificate on this new Proxmox VE host, I just installed today. Normally, it works just fine, but I'm getting this error now. I've redacted the actual hostname. Loading ACME account details Placing ACME order Order URL...
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    Can't add a new node to a cluster

    Thank you for your replies. It worked on the third try. I'll keep in mind if it happens again. Appreciate it!
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    Can't add a new node to a cluster

    Hi, I have a cluster with 7 nodes, running for quite some time, smoothly. But on trying to add another node, it seems to fail, and I can no login to the 8th node using SSH (my SSH key was added, it asks me to provide a password, and the root password doesn't work either). Same for the Proxmox...
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    [SOLVED] ZFS Installed automatically on updating the OS

    I originally installed Proxmox on top of Debian Buster like this: Today, while running apt update && apt dist-upgrade, I saw that it installed multiple zfs utilities automatically, although I don't use it at all. Also, the...
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    Retention time of metrics that Proxmox collects

    Proxmox collects metrics about the host node and the VMs (CPU Usage, Network usage, etc.). How long are they stored for?
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    RAM in KVM guest is significantly less than what was assigned

    Whom to believe here? Web GUI: Inside VM:


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