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    Clarification on Webauthn Two-factor authentication and HTTPs certificate

    That's a great news ! I was wondering why yubico-OTP was not implemented in PBS, but webauthn is by far a better alternative
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    Clarification on Webauthn Two-factor authentication and HTTPs certificate

    hi, Both official documentation and PBS webui state that webauthn TFA requires a trusted HTTPS certificate I was however able to configure my Yubikey Neo as webauthn device in my PBS using default self-signed HTTPS certificate, and it seems to be working flawlessly with both firefox and...
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    AGAIN, proxmox backup server doesn't accept connection after install & reboot

    Found it. The network hang during installation of PBS on top of debian only happens if you are using Debian Buster ifupdown instead of pve one (ifupdown_0.8.35+pve1) Running apt upgrade before trying to install PBS should prevent this If network is not coming back after a hard reset, check...
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    AGAIN, proxmox backup server doesn't accept connection after install & reboot

    Still here on a fresh buster install Last lines before network hang after "apt install proxmox-backup-server" : For now I'd recommend To ensure ifupdown is not removed in favor of ifupdown2
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    AGAIN, proxmox backup server doesn't accept connection after install & reboot

    Have you checked if networking is still enabled after ifupdown remove / ifupdown2 install ? If I remember correctly, at least at some point, ifupdown remove script was both stopping network AND disabling it A quick "systemctl start networking and "systemctl enable networking" and everything was...
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    [SOLVED] Permission check failed for Verify Jobs when using PBS realm

    Is the patch supposed to be out with 0.9-6 ? Sync job tab is working, but verify job tab is not (Forbidden (403)) with an admin@pbs account
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    [SOLVED] Permission check failed for Verify Jobs when using PBS realm

    Hi It seems that since 0.9-4, the new "verify jobs" tab is not accessible using an admin account in PBS realm with admin role on / : Forbidden (403) permission check failed Same issue with sync jobs tab Working fine when logging in as root user
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    Backup Size Reporting

    I think I saw, during a PVE-VM-to-PBS backup, something like how many MB/GB were transfered and how much data were reused (deduped). I'm quite note sure that those data were 100% accurate, and they will necessarly become less and less accurate when GC kicks in, but could it be usefull to store...
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    [SOLVED] PVE 5.4-11 + Corosync 3.x: major issues

    My 2 cents on this Background : since previous proxmox version required multicast, and my network (OVH without vrack) did not support it, I built a cluster under a TINC meshed network. This was working flawlessly since proxmox 2.x. The cluster is mainly here to have centralized administration...
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    Any update on this ? Yubico is already rejecting 50% of the requests, and they are gonna reject all of them in 3 weeks. I forced a custom endpoint, but new/unaware proxmox admins might get locked-out in 3 weeks if they setup TFA
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    High CPU load for Windows 10 Guests when idle

    On a HP DL120G7 E3-1220 running proxmox 5.2-9, my idling 2 core windows 10 Pro 1803 VM gets : - ~15% cpu usage with OS type Windows 10/2016 - ~3% cpu usage with OS type Other - ~1-1.5% cpu usage with OS type Windows 10/2016 and no-hpet commented out (post #9) - ~0.8-1% cpu usage with OS type...
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    4.15 based test kernel for PVE 5.x available

    Seems like I can't boot with pve-kernel-4.15.15-1-pve on a HP DL120 G7 / P410 Raid array: Giving up waiting for root file system pve-kernel-4.15.3-1-pve and pve-kernel-4.15.10-1-pve are working fine.
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    Bandwidth limit not working for outgoing traffic

    It seems like bandwidth limit are not working for outgoing traffic using latest proxmox 4 from repository and latest kernel Relevant VM config : Bridge is openvswitch type iperf3 trafic to limited VM is capped : iperf3 trafic from limited VM is NOT capped : tc rules : According to...
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    Security announcements

    +1 openvswitch CVE-2016-2074 is a perfect example for this need. Fixed in debian, but what about pve repos ?
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    [SOLVED] proxmox 4 cluster setup issue

    Ok, found it corosync/cluster interface must have as netmask, and this way, bindnetaddr become valid and corosync start.
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    [SOLVED] proxmox 4 cluster setup issue

    pveversion on both nodes : [/FONT]
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    [SOLVED] proxmox 4 cluster setup issue

    Hi, I'm having an issue setuping a cluster using latest proxmox4 (clean install, no upgrade from proxmox 3) I'm currently trying to establish cluster between 2 nodes : node1 and node2. multicast is working, confirmed by omping. This is /etc/hosts from node1 : This is /etc/hosts from node2 ...
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    Details about the new pve-no-subscripton repository

    It's quite easy to remove (but It will be re-added at each update), but I don't like the principle behind it. So, you are using proxmox without subscribtion, it is your right to do so, but you are constantly (ok, at each login, but for all users) reminded that you do not own a valid licence and...
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    ProxmoxVE will change LICENCE?

    I asked this to proxmox staff earlier in this thread, and had no response. I'm therefore considering that the free pve repo is the new pvetest. Testing is testing. I'll be glad if proxmox staff would clarify this point.
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    ProxmoxVE will change LICENCE?

    free for unstable/testing packages (as far as it is announced). For now, with this new paying model, when someone (who is paying licences for their stable/production environement) has to build a test node in order to try something, they have to pay for new licences in order to make sure that...


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