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  1. Hosts rebooting at the same time

    I had a strange thing happen to my cluster last night. While watching a movie off a Plex VM it all of a sudden it stopped. I look at the cluster and ALL 8 of my VM's are stopped. The hosts all look fine and didn't report anything bad as far as I could tell from the GUI. This morning I was...
  2. Cannot build VM on NFS share.

    So are you saying to change the expected votes to 1, create a VM and then change it back to 3?
  3. Cannot build VM on NFS share.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to explain that. What you described above is exactly why I added an a 3rd node. I was having issue with gluster coming up in split-head. Since I've had the 3rd node I haven't had any issues. All is working fine except I want to added other types of...
  4. Cannot build VM on NFS share.

    What if we have a 3 node cluster? Do I need to shut 2 down and then 'pvecm expected 1' one one node? I just added an extra node so my gluster has and arbitrator.
  5. ZFS- Add a new disk as hot spare

    Just used this old thread to add a spare to my already running zfs file system... thanks much!
  6. Email Notifications for events

    I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to send email notifications for hosts or VM during actions such as migrations, reboots etc. I have email working but I seem to only get emails when a scheduled backup runs. Most of the information I'm finding is just how to setup postfix but not the...
  7. Cannot build VM on NFS share.

    I'll give this a try but I've had this same issue with a 1 node cluster and a 2 node cluster. I never had this issue one my gluster or local storage. I'll report back as soon as I get back to that system and run your command. Thanks!
  8. Cannot build VM on NFS share.

    I have a 2 host setup and I want the ability to do live migration. I first tried with gluster. Seemed to work fine for a few weeks until I migrated my VM's to one host rebooted the other. All my VM's locked up and then it came back up in split-brain. That was a pain so I've decided to give...
  9. Proxmox 2.3, Windows Storage Server 2012, Samba Shares, and File Lock Troubles

    This is an old thread, but I've noticed that I have the same problem on my NAS. I can manually mount it and create/delete anything it from a host, but if I try to clone or created a new VM it fails. I'm using 4.4. My NAS is a Buffalo TeraStation 5500. Task viewer: VM 100 - Clone...
  10. Gluster storage

    Dumb question, but making the 3rd quorum system as a VM wouldn't work or is a bad idea?
  11. Gluster storage

    I'm always learning something news... thanks Fabian. :) I also agree with mmenaz. I'm playing with some home servers (although I do have several Linux clusters at work and I'm evaluating Proxmox for that), I just like having the ability to move VM's around and work on the hosts without...
  12. Gluster storage

    vkhera, What version of Gluster were you using? I don't think gluster has a 'primary' node. I've test my systems with either one of my hosts going down and all my VM's and shares stayed with nothing more than a few second delay. It just depends on how configure your redundancy.
  13. Gluster storage

    Thanks JTY... I upgraded to the latest stable version of gluster and all seems well even before I set the ' server.allow-insecure on' option.
  14. Gluster storage

    Thanks, I'll try that. I wish I'd tried it this weekend and saved myself a lot of time. :) Do you happen to know if Proxmox is using libgfapi or is that something we need to add manually? I guess since Proxmox doesn't really setup Gluster, only supports it, that's something we have to do...
  15. Gluster storage

    Ok, I have this resolved. I'm still getting the errors when creating a VM on gluster, but I changed my browser from Chrome to Opera and it all seems be working fine. I was able to mount ISO files, build a VM and migrate it around. Thanks for test it out dcsapak... Hopefully this helps someone.
  16. Gluster storage

    Thanks for the reply dcsapak. I played with this all weekend and still had no luck. I can get an image on the file system and it appears to be the right size, but the VM never shows up in the list of objects. I can see it via the CLI but it doesn't show up in the GUI at all. The storage is...
  17. Gluster storage

    Sorry for all thee posts. I just put up what I'm trying in case others have the same issue later. I just tried changing the format of the underlying FS that gluster is using. I was using XFS but I changed to ext4. I also updated gluster to 3.8.8. Still not able to create a VM. [2017-01-21...
  18. Gluster storage

    I did find that that I had a bad IP in the hosts of one of my nodes. I fixed that but still no love... () Task viewer: VM 100 - Create OutputStatus Stop [2017-01-21 18:06:36.015340] E [afr-common.c:4168:afr_notify] 0-vmhost-replicate-0: All subvolumes are down. Going offline until atleast...
  19. Gluster storage

    I just blew my gluster share away and rebuild it. Still says it's down even though it's not... [2017-01-21 08:22:19.292270] E [socket.c:2178:socket_connect_finish] 0-vmhost-client-1: connection to failed (No route to host) [2017-01-21 08:22:19.410851] E...
  20. Gluster storage

    I'm new to ProxMox and so far it's been fairly strait forward...up to the point of building my first VM. I'm trying to get my storage setup but I'm having issues getting NAS or Gluster working. I have two HP DL380 servers with 5TB in each that I have in a gluster replica. I also have an 8TB...


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