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  1. Add USB device to VM by serial number?

    Hello, I have multiple USB devices on my Proxmox host, two of them have the same Vendor and Product/Device number, so this is not working good when adding them via "USB Vendor/Device ID". Adding by "Use USB Port" does not same to work either, because sometimes the ports are recognized by 1-1...
  2. Backups Failing on all containers/VMs: "HTTP/2.0 connection failed"

    See also, I had a similar problem with an Intel NIC and disabled TSO (TCP Segmentation Offload).
  3. PBS Sync job fails with SSL error after 8min up to 30mins

    see also
  4. Sync-Job - TASK ERROR: sync failed with some error

    see also
  5. Backup always failing on one specific CT

    see also
  6. Failed backup

    see also
  7. PBS sync failed each time

    This issue is solved, the problem was related to the network interface of the first (local) Proxmox Backup Server. This hardware has a Intel NIC with "Intel NUC “e1000e reset adapter unexpectedly” netwerk issues (see other forums on the internet). So, I disabled TSO (TCP Segmentation Offload) in...
  8. PBS sync failed each time

    Just made a backup on the source PBS, that is still working fine; 2022-08-24T09:43:08+02:00: starting new backup on datastore 'Backup': "vm/202/2022-08-24T07:42:56Z" 2022-08-24T09:43:08+02:00: download 'index.json.blob' from previous backup. 2022-08-24T09:43:08+02:00: register chunks in...
  9. PBS sync failed each time

    Same result: 2022-08-24T09:30:44+02:00: Starting datastore sync job 'PBS01:Backup:Backup::s-4d88402a-2f0d' 2022-08-24T09:30:44+02:00: sync datastore 'Backup' from 'PBS01/Backup' 2022-08-24T09:30:44+02:00: ---- 2022-08-24T09:30:44+02:00: Syncing datastore Backup, root namespace into datastore...
  10. PBS sync failed each time

    Mmm....overlooked that option, trying right now.
  11. PBS sync failed each time

    Yes, always vm/202, that VM is still not in the "content" of the remote PBS. All other VM's are in the content and have 5 counts. How can I run a sync for only one VM? I do not see this option via GUI.
  12. PBS sync failed each time

    Hello, See the attachment with the result of the verify of all VM's on the source Proxmox Backup. Please advise, thanks.
  13. [SOLVED] No connection between VM's in same vLAN on same node

    Very nice, will check this too, thanks for the efforts.
  14. PBS sync failed each time

    Hello Hannes, busy with the verify since this afternoon, but because it is a big one, it is still busy. Will let you know the result.
  15. PBS sync failed each time

    Hello, My sync job on a second (remote PBS) keeps failing, someone any idea why? Do not see many info on the log, see below. Many thanks. 2022-08-20T14:00:23+02:00: Starting datastore sync job 'PBS01:Backup:Backup::s-4de46c54-8fc7' 2022-08-20T14:00:23+02:00: sync datastore 'Backup' from...
  16. [SOLVED] No connection between VM's in same vLAN on same node

    Hello Frank, same issue here, I made a workaround like you described to move the OPNSense VM to a different host, that worked. Looking forward to a solution to run all VM's on one host.
  17. Proxmox not able to boot from disk anymore only via USB rescue boot

    No Yes, I normally installed Proxmox on a harddrive, it worked for a couple of years, but after a power failure something happened I think that the system did not boot correctly anymore. I installed an bootable USB from ISO and I started the rescue option on that USB. Via this rescues USB I can...
  18. Proxmox not able to boot from disk anymore only via USB rescue boot

    Hello, Since some weeks, I am not able to boot from my harddisk (with Proxmox 6.4 on it) anymore (I only get a blinking cursor). When I want to boot, I use an USB with Proxmox ISO on it, run rescue mode, then everything is working fine. How can I fix the system so that it will properly start...
  19. Failed to migrate disk (Device /dev/dm-xx not initialized in udev database even after waiting 10000

    Hello, I noticed that the problem is only when using LVM on SSD in Proxmox 6. When I use LVM in Proxmox 6 on a normal harddisk, there is no problem (in Proxmox 5 there is no problem with SSD and no problem with harddisk. I switched to ZFS, which also gives me no problem when taking snapshots. I...


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