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  1. Storage Thin Provisioning

    The SAN does support thin prov. Some qcow2 files show root@pve-215:/mnt/pve/nfsproxmox_customers02/images/943# qemu-img info vm-943-disk-0.qcow2 image: vm-943-disk-0.qcow2 file format: qcow2 virtual size: 20 GiB (21474836480 bytes) disk size: 20 GiB cluster_size: 65536 Format specific...
  2. Storage Thin Provisioning

    Thanks I will give this a try
  3. Storage Thin Provisioning

    Hi, We have a Proxmox cluster setup connected to a SAN. We have chosen to use the qcow2 disk format for our VM workloads to suppose thin provisioning. I have 48 Linux VM's , 46 VM's exactly the same OS and running the same application, using +- 6GB including OS. 1 x 150Gb Linux VM using +-...
  4. VM IOPS Monitor / Measuring

    Thanks for this, installed on 2 hosts and it does seem to collect allot of Data but does not collect the disk IO data for VM's Most of the VM's I don't have access to so was hoping to get the IOPS information for each VM from the host.
  5. VM IOPS Monitor / Measuring

    Thanks for your reply, no I have not looked at "netdata" Does the FREE version of "netdata" provide sufficient information to troubleshoot these issues? How is it integrated with Proxmox environments? API ? or agent that needs to run on the host? Thanks
  6. VM IOPS Monitor / Measuring

    Hi, I have 2 proxmox clusters connected to a Unity SAN via 10Gbps Fibre networking, using NFS Shares on the SAN After weeks of troubleshooting random latency issues to a number of VM workloads which I thought stemmed from the SAN it appears that a specific filesystem is under stain. I have...
  7. Proxmox Cluster Storage Latency

    Thanks very much for your prompt input. Sorry forgot to mention that we make use of NFS instead of iSCSI, the main reason is to benefit from Snapshot capability within our Proxmox environment. For now I used the "iftop" application on each host in my cluster to identify any high/unusual...
  8. Proxmox Cluster Storage Latency

    Hi, I have a Proxmox cluster with 15 hosts running the latest version of the PVE, with a SAN as our central storage device connected via 10Gpbs networking. On my SAN I have been noticing an intermittent issue with write latency spikes, sometimes constant and other times it's just spikes but it...
  9. CPU soft lockup: Watchdog: Bug: soft lockup - CPU#0 stock for 24s!

    Thanks for the feedback Thomas but yes this only started recently and it's only isolated to this one customer's Ubuntu 18.x.x VM's No error messages or VM's on the host, I am not sure how this is related to 5.x not receiving kernel updates for 6-7 months? Thanks Zaid
  10. CPU soft lockup: Watchdog: Bug: soft lockup - CPU#0 stock for 24s!

    Good Day, I have Ubuntu VM's locking up recently, VM's are on different hosts in the cluster with warning/error message on the console when I open There are VM's with this message but are not experiencing any issues. These errors are not appearing in the host syslog or anything that could...
  11. Cannot delete snapshot and disk move fails on possible corrupt LV

    After reading some forums a repair needs to be run on the LV I have deactivated the LV's on PVE03 Deactivated PVE03/PVE03 Ran the following command root@pve-205:~# lvconvert --repair PVE03/PVE03 it's on the following line for the last 12 hours Using default stripesize 64.00 KiB. I am not...
  12. Cannot delete snapshot and disk move fails on possible corrupt LV

    Hi, I have managed to migrate most of the VM's off from my LUN PVE03, I cannot migrate one of my disks. How do I fix/repair this issue WARNING: /dev/PVE03/vm-137-disk-0: Thin's thin-pool needs inspection. WARNING: /dev/PVE30/vm-157-disk-0: Thin's thin-pool needs inspection. WARNING...
  13. Cannot delete snapshot and disk move fails on possible corrupt LV

    Good Day, I started noticing the following alerts when moving disks between LUNS in my environment WARNING: /dev/PVE03/vm-137-disk-0: Thin's thin-pool needs inspection. WARNING: /dev/PVE03/vm-156-disk-0: Thin's thin-pool needs inspection. WARNING: /dev/PVE03/vm-157-disk-0: Thin's...
  14. Snapshot and backups depletes Thin-Pool LUN space..

    Hi Team, We had an anomaly last night. Backups were running on particular thin-pool LUN during this process a staff member took a snapshot of a VM as he did maintenance, the snapshot failed and the VM froze. Rebooted the VM and unable to boot, giving FS corrupt errors. Attempted to delete the...
  15. NFS Backup Stalls

    This is where it does become complicated, There are no issues backing up Smaller/Medium VM'sthat are not busy at all. Any large Webserver/Mail like a cPanel server or Windows Webserver where random read/writes to the VM is constantly high, even after hours, these VM's are problematic backing...
  16. NFS Backup Stalls

    Hi Team, Any update/feedback on my last post?
  17. NFS Backup Stalls

    Hi Thomas, I see that Proxmox VE 6.2 introduces ZSTD compression for backups, does this mitigate the issue I am experiencing? On another node. I have a 5 node 5.4.x cluster. I have reviewed the upgrade --> 6.2 procedure and documentation. Would you recommend we upgrade to the latest build...
  18. NFS Backup Stalls

    Hi Guys, We have a proxmox environment with a FreeNAS NFS Share mounted for Backups and tried a number of troubleshooting . root@pve-204:/mnt/pve/BackupServer-02/dump# df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on udev 63G 0 63G 0% /dev tmpfs...
  19. Understanding VLANs in Proxmox

    Hey Man do you mind sharing your network configuration? Thanks


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