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  1. cannot migrate HA enabled VM

    I had a crash on one of my servers - all VMs have been moved by HA to other servers However, they all have been moved to only 2 servers instead of being distributed evenly so I ended up with 2 extremely busy servers and 3 completely empty Question: what is the algorithm / criteria used...
  2. HA and start at boot

    Hi, I used to use Proxmox 2.2 ( just upgraded today to 3) I noticed that, in the 2.2 version, HA enabled VMs have their MAC showing on both the current and previous host Could someone please confirm whether: - "start at boot" should be set to "yes" for HA enabled VMs - the above behaviour has...
  3. DRDB: LV (LVM Logical Volume) not visible from second Proxmox Node

    Have you found a solution ? I am running into similar problem ( i.e volume not available/active on the second server) Thanks Steven
  4. pam authentication and Radius

    here it is 1 Install necessary packages aptitude install libnss-ldapd libpam-radius-auth ldap-utils sudo 2. configure sudo - makesure it is working 3. configure LDAP /etc/nslcd.conf test using "getent passwd" - should return all users available on LDAP 4 configure PAM add to...
  5. pam authentication and Radius

    Hi, I found that Proxmox doesn't actually care how your PAM is setup - it will use whatever you have so , as long as your debian server is able to take advantage of Radius you will only need to add users to proxmox (pveum is your friend) If you think it will be useful to community, I can...
  6. pam authentication and Radius

    Yes , it is Thanks for following up Steven
  7. debian multipath MSA2012sa

    Hi, I am trying to configure a new proxmox cluster using few blades ( ProLiant BL460c G1) and a MSA2012sa SAS enclosure The volume I created is being "recognized" as /dev/cciss/c1do and respectively /dev/cciss/c1d1 Unfortunately I am unable to configure multipathing If anyone had a similar...
  8. proxmox 2.3 - qla2xxx not loaded

    Hi, I am a happy Proxmox 2.1 user I needed to start a new cluster so I decided to use the NEWEST version ( see below) The problem is that none of my volumes from HP MSA2012sa are being recognized most likely because qla2xxx module is not loaded Even after loading it manually, a...
  9. multipath iscsi nfs - backup issues

    Hi, Backups are very slow and , eventually crash the servers an excerpt from syslog shows: " ... kernel: ct0 nfs: server not responding, still trying " " .. pvestatd[30186]: WARNING: command 'df -P -B 1 /mnt/pve/hugebackup' failed: got timeout .." I am pretty sure my...
  10. Brocade FC issue BL465c using newest kernel 2.6.32-17-pve

    Hi, I am trying to configure a Proxmox cluster few HP BL465c G7 blades connected to a HP P2000 SAN However, it seems that the latest kernel ( 2.6.32-17-pve ) is not playing nicely with the Brocade card as there is no connectivity with the SAN ( port shows no_sync) Same hardware works fine...
  11. pam authentication and Radius

    Hi, Is it possible to use pam_radius with PROXMOX ? We currently have Yubikey ( 2 factor authentication) and we would like to use it on our proxmox cluster too Since is using PAM I am assuming there should be no issues but...assumtions are the mother of all major mistakes any...
  12. ldap authentication - no entries returned

    Thanks Udo, I think the only difference between my settings and yours is the fact that I do not allow anonymous search Is there any way that we can "tell" proxmox to bind to the LDAP server using a username/password ? Steven
  13. ldap authentication - no entries returned

    Hi, I am trying to add an LDAP authentication to my Proxmox cluster Ive added the realm and the user but I cannot login because "no entries returned" I've read some other posts and it seems that this will work ONLY if anonymous search are allowed on the LDAP server Could someone please...
  14. cannot migrate - device-mapper:create ioctl on cluster failed

    your prompt response is very appreciated It did the trick - TANK YOU Steven
  15. cannot migrate - device-mapper:create ioctl on cluster failed

    Hi, I cannot migrate a newly created VM on any of my nodes because its disk is not available Scenario create a new VM on primary node - all is well - see below the status of the volumes root@blh02-14:/backups# vgchange -ay 1 logical volume(s) in volume group "backup" now active...
  16. ghost guests

    Hi, I've encounter few instances where guests continue to run on a different blade after they have been migrated so, when starting the guest from its new location we have all kings of strange issues, including sporadic disconnection due to conflicting IP addresses The only solution I found so...
  17. Backup and dedupe

    Hi, Is there an opensource ( or commercial) backup product that you would recommend ? What are people using to backup and dedupe their Windows and Linux guests ? Any help / suggestions /recommendations will be very appreciated Thanks Steven
  18. clustat report different info - fenced not running no lockfile

    Hi, I had a cluster with 7 nodes - one of them died so I removed it Now, for whatever reason, I cannot join one the nodes to the cluster Running "clustat" on it reports "Inquorate" although the same command on any other node report "quorate" Note: I reboot it few times with no effect and...
  19. fencing issue -fenced not running, no lockfile

    Hi, Thanks for your prompt response Fencing was enabled in /etc/default/redhat-cluster-pve I just rebooted the server and it is working fine now - no idea why as I have rebooted the server before posting on the forum Thanks Steven
  20. fencing issue -fenced not running, no lockfile

    Hi, I've added a new node to my cluster on which I am unable to start fencing On blh02-12 : root@blh02-12#fence_tool join fence_tool: fenced not running, no lockfile I'd appreciate very much some tips about how to troubleshoot / which logs to check as, as far as I understood, the only think...


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