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  1. [SOLVED] Nvidia Reset bug?

    Well I don't know what changed or fixed it but I've done a few updates/upgrades since the post and it's back to working normally again. //MODS if you see this, would you delete this thread. Turned out to be useless.//
  2. [SOLVED] Nvidia Reset bug?

    Recently I moved all my machines into a cluster. Everything went smoothly with a backup and restore of all VMs/Containers. Except one VM I have which functions as my desktop and has a GPU passed through (Linux Guest). This VM worked great when it wasn't in the cluster setup. It would reboot...
  3. VM will not restart w/out rebooting host

    I am experienceing this issue with an NVIDIA GPU on a machine I have that is part of a cluster.
  4. I/O Issues with mergerfs

    I did not resolve the issue. I ended up adding more SSD storage to my LVM and then moved over the data there. I don't know if the issue is due to the size, or if it's trying to duel allocate the resources to the drive pool. I'll try your suggestion and see if I am able to add a drive.
  5. I/O Issues with mergerfs

    Currently running the bulk of my storage through a mergerfs/snapraid pool and have two other drives outside of that pool for various other things. The issue I am running into is that I want to create a virtio drive for a VM that I want located on the pool because it has more storage. I tried...
  6. LXC no routing to internet when using static ip.

    Oh yeah, good catch. If he changes that then all should be good. I should have seen that too.
  7. LXC no routing to internet when using static ip.

    Did you try manually setting a DNS server for the container?
  8. Interfaces with Static and DHCP IP

    Here is the output from ip route show: default via 192.168.XX.1 dev vmbr25 proto dhcp src 192.168.XX.35 metric 205 default via 192.168.XX.1 dev veth122i0 proto dhcp src 192.168.XX.28 metric 214 dev enp1s0 scope link src metric 202 dev enp1s0.25...
  9. Interfaces with Static and DHCP IP

    Looking for some help figuring this one out. I've had routing issues over the last three days because of IP conflicts with one of my two proxmox hosts. I had turned on DHCP for one of my containers on proxmox #2 host and then checked something, then turned it back off, and now I've got other...
  10. Help Setting up firewall

    First off, I followed this tutorial: and then restart the whole node. Everything should have been good as I made sure to allow access to SSH and Web (443) on all out going...
  11. CPU Temperature inside VM

    I too have had netdata installed on many nodes with proxmox and have not had any issues so far.
  12. Can't Access Drives on HBA

    Had a working setup of SNAPRAID on an older machine. The drives where attached to an LSI2008 card flashed to IT mode. I moved the all the drives and the HBA to a newer machine that had a clean install of Proxmox already on it. Issue is now Proxmox will not see the drives at all. I am able to...
  13. CPU Temperature inside VM

    I figured as much with the pass through. I've resorted to using Netdata to display all of my sensor information, hopefully that will stay accurate.
  14. CPU Temperature inside VM

    Is it possible to monitor the CPU temperature inside the VM? In my scenario, I have a windows 10 VM with a corsair H100i and want to be able to monitor the temperature inside the VM to adjust the fan speed as the temp rises. I've been able to pass through the USB interface that controls the...
  15. It seems that GPU passthrough (with hostpci entry) forces full memory allocation?

    I don't know enough about how its built to know the answer.
  16. It seems that GPU passthrough (with hostpci entry) forces full memory allocation?

    I'm guessing that this is the way that Linux uses to block off the ram allocation. Inside the VM though once it's started, not much ram is used by the VM itself.
  17. It seems that GPU passthrough (with hostpci entry) forces full memory allocation?

    I've seen this as well. Are you still experiencing this behavior?
  18. Error: command 'systemctl start pve-container@114' failed: exit code 1

    That's because the package is up to lxc-pve: 3.0.2 What is the issue you are having? Have you switched over to the non-enterprise channel for updates and run update and upgrade? Is this a new install of the latest distro or an older install that went bad?
  19. Error: command 'systemctl start pve-container@114' failed: exit code 1

    That's what ended up being my solution as well. I had to go through the apt-sources.list and find out the ones that led to the enterprise version and change them to the no-sub version and then update from there. I "should" have it all cleared out now, at least all my containers start finally.
  20. Error: command 'systemctl start pve-container@114' failed: exit code 1

    What's the best method to update the package? I'm having the same issue but running apt-get upgrade lxc-pve the system tells me I am already running the latest version.


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