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  1. proxmox cluster 2 nodes how to remove one node and use only one

    Yes follow the steps described on and you should be good. Be sure that you exported everything (vm's, backups and so on). use pvecm expected 1 ont the remaining node to have quorum and be able to remove the node.
  2. pve-root 100% after backup failed

    Looks good to me. So what does mount /ehdd output? ------- EDIT: For NTFS you maybe shouldn't use the "defaults" option in fstab, use "permission" instead. Or to be really specific use : uid=1000,umask=0022 Where uid is the user id from the owner of the disk and umask is the right mask for...
  3. pve-root 100% after backup failed

    No, I also doesn't see it. How do you mounted your disk in /ehdd? may help, you can also skip the formatting part if you already have a valid formatted external disk (jump right to step 4).
  4. PVE 4.0 - Backups over the internet

    Add a Storage (NFS or iSCSI) which points to your desired backup location (Datacenter->Storage->Add). Now, when you're making a backup job select the added remote storage as destination. You could also make a backup job (Datacenter->Backup), so you automate things and doesn't have to worry about it.
  5. pve-root 100% after backup failed

    What does findmnt return? Is your external disk mounted correctly? VZDump makes some temporary files when you're backing up a running vm, to look if that's the problem use the vzdump command in a shell, you can take the command from the log output: vzdump 109 --remove 0 --mode snapshot...
  6. BUG: GFS2 Issue Kernel Panic when delete on a new fresh filesystem.

    Tried it today on PVE3.4 with the $ uname -a Linux pve 3.10.0-11-pve #1 SMP Tue Jul 21 08:59:46 CEST 2015 x86_64 GNU/Linux Kernel and it works, at least I can write and delete as much as I want without running into problems yet. So it's sure worth a try, but keep in mind that you will loose...
  7. BUG: GFS2 Issue Kernel Panic when delete on a new fresh filesystem.

    I understand that the situation is, at least, uncomfortable to you. I'll take a look into the changes from 2.6.32-26-pve and when there is a relative quick fix I'll patch it. I wonder a bit why nobody else got trouble from GFS2, as packages which get into the enterprise repository are deployed...
  8. BUG: GFS2 Issue Kernel Panic when delete on a new fresh filesystem.

    I got some news, I successfully (at least some simple test are working), ported GFS2 to the Proxmox VE 4beta, as I wanted to see how the status with PVE and GFS2 is now on a current kernel and it is alot easier to do that than to dig into 2.6.32 changes. So if you're planning to update your PVE...
  9. BUG: GFS2 Issue Kernel Panic when delete on a new fresh filesystem.

    Hey I can reproduce your problem, even with lock_nolock (so without fencing), testet with 2.6.32-39-pve kernel... The problem already showed up on the OpenVZ bug tracker, and also some other trackers, and was less or more marked as wont fix (at least in the OpenVZ one) and seems to persist...
  10. Change size of IDE0

    Look at: And please note that writing in English in this community forum increases the chance that someone helps you highly.
  11. noVNC console via PHP API

    I'll try to test it on a 3.4 version later... For now I'm stuck, sorry...
  12. noVNC console via PHP API

    So I tried your code and it works for me, tried it with root and with a testvnc user which only had the PVEVMUser permission. Hmm, strange... Sorry if I'm asking again, but you use exactly this API-client code...
  13. noVNC console via PHP API

    Looks good to me. I'm using 4.0beta but as far as I know there weren't any changes regarding the Authentication or noVNC. Can you please test it once with the root user? So we can see if it's a permission problem or something else.
  14. noVNC console via PHP API

    Ok some additional changes to the setCookie function where needed to guarantee that it works in most situations: public function setCookie() { if (!$this->check_login_ticket()) { throw new PVE2_Exception("Not logged into Proxmox host. No Login access ticket found or ticket...
  15. noVNC console via PHP API

    You can't connect to the web gui anymore? Which version of Proxmox do you have? (run "pveversion --verbose" in a shell to get detailed infos) #EDIT: saw your post to late, so not needed anymore, but which Proxmox VE version are you running? Last time I tested everything and it worked without...
  16. noVNC console via PHP API

    The user which wants to see the noVNC console need to have the VM.Console permission. The predefined role "PVEVMUser" has it for example. Are your sure the user you use has these permissions?
  17. noVNC console via PHP API

    Yes, when you read my whole post you see the problem. Proxmox noVNC uses a Cookie which includes the ticket (Authorization) of your session, generated by the webUI. So if you want to let an user connect to noVNC without forcing him to long in into the WebUi you have to set this cookie manually...
  18. pve 4.0 beta nested can't start vm inside

    When you want to know how you can contribute, take a look at That GitHub proxmox repo isn't the offical git repo, use this one (hasn't any fancy webview), and AFAIK it isn't controlled by proxmox...
  19. PVE 4.0 beta - Ubuntu 14.04 container not 64-bit

    Use a bash script to relink uname, as a dirty workaround? backup your old uname from /bin/uname then save this as the new /bin/uname #!/bin/bash setarch x86_64 uname "$@" should work for your purpose.
  20. Proxmox VE 3.4 - passwd authentication token manipulation error

    Sorry about that, I over read that with pwconv... (fixed the typo above). password from normal user should be changeable with: passwd -r files username Duh, haven't really a clue here, maybe anyone else has...


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