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  1. Is issue known? VMs can stuck after live migration.

    Doesn't seems like. I recently did complete new install on two devices and having same issue. Both are intel (i7-12700 and i5-10500T based, latest kernel.
  2. Proxmox VM console from GUI freezes

    Edit: i thought I was typing in windows 10 issue I had. Are you using two IPs?
  3. [SOLVED] GPU Pass through stopped after update

    I solved issue. It will be stupid but I will still point out: I had extra space between "intel_iommu=on" and "initcall_", if you can see in image I posted earlier. i noticed when I was asking question to other user who had same issue. I can't believe I missed that.
  4. [SOLVED] Windows with GPU passthrough doesn't work in VM

    Are you systemd boot or grub? It didn't work for me.
  5. [SOLVED] Windows with GPU passthrough doesn't work in VM

    Finally someone else is seeing same issue as mine. If you remove GPU pass through, I am sure it works.
  6. [SOLVED] GPU Pass through stopped after update

    I tried what is recommended. I am getting same issue. I don't find this files though: loader/entries/proxmox-*.conf.
  7. [SOLVED] GPU Pass through stopped after update

    Here is screenshot: Here is what bootlooder output: As per reading and it seems like it is systemd.boot. Any suggestion what to do?
  8. [SOLVED] GPU Pass through stopped after update

    initrd=\EFI\proxmox\5.15.85-1-pve\initrd.img-5.15.85-1-pve root=ZFS=rpool/ROOT/pve-1 boot=zfs intel_iommu=on rootdelay=10 I already tried other thing: Here is what's in grub: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet intel_iommu=on initcall_blacklist=sysfb_init"
  9. [SOLVED] GPU Pass through stopped after update

    So, I had working windows 11 GPU passthrough without issue since I installed. I updated to latest version of proxmox a month ago and restarted my host. I checked all settings which I had before and it is still there. I used reddit ultimate guide for that. Here is link for it...
  10. Win 11 22H2, 7950x, nvidia 1070 Code 43 :(

    Hey, mine was working before I upgraded my proxmox. I remove my GPU, it boots. As soon as I do passthrough, it stops working. I upgraded to 7.3-6.
  11. Is issue known? VMs can stuck after live migration.

    I have same issue. Both nodes are on same kernel 5.15.83-1-pve Both intel system one being on i7-12700 (node 2 ) and other i5-9500t (node 1). When I move a vm from node 1 to node 2, it works fine and no freeze. When I move same VM back to node 1, then it freezes. I tried different VM just to be...
  12. GPU pass through issue when running benchmark or any game

    So, I was finally able to pass through GPU to Window 11 and I can see it on task manager and hwinfo. Here is screen shot. But when I run 3Dmark benchmark, I get this error: When, I try running RIOT client, Windows 11 VM completely freezes and I have to RDP again. Any advice? I tried...
  13. [SOLVED] [Unsupported] NFS doesn't work on PBS

    yes, I am running from pbs. By the way, if you look at your command and @Dunuin command under reply, seems someone edited it. ;) Here is new error:
  14. [SOLVED] [Unsupported] NFS doesn't work on PBS

    This is error I get and then list of command I can use. I don't see datastore and command. Error: no such command 'datastore'
  15. [SOLVED] [Unsupported] NFS doesn't work on PBS

    Hey, so I have been trying same thing for last two days. I created user and group in truenas with "pbs" with id for both being 1004. I did same in PBS as well. I still can't create datastore. I am not too expert but using mkdir command, I was able to create folder with in NFS share. What else...
  16. Container wont start [EOF - dtach terminating]

    I am having same issue. I don't see this file : /tmp/lxc-ID.log
  17. Proxmox VM console from GUI freezes

    @Moayad , I did complete new install of my pc and tried again. Same issue. I tried new install of chrome browser. Same issue. I really don't want to install fresh copy of proxmox in order to fix this issue as it was also new install.
  18. Proxmox VM console from GUI freezes

    I tried for quite a few browser and windows and linux both. and this is what comes up when i run pveversion -v
  19. Proxmox VM console from GUI freezes

    So, I started noticing this weird freezes. While I am typing inside VM console from proxmox GUI, it suddenly freeze. By refreshing page or clicking to different menu item in poromox and clicking back to console start working. I had issue in old latest install. I did complete new install and...


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