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  1. Help expanding root ZFS rpool partition (self.Proxmox)

    Yup I ran the command then rebooted but but the pool is still showing the old capacity. The oracle docs say you can use the command before or after the other steps but maybe Proxmox gets confused if you run it after like I did. Thanks for the help though.
  2. Help expanding root ZFS rpool partition (self.Proxmox)

    This is my problem. The Proxmox wiki says to do the following followed by installing the bootloader on the new disk. # sgdisk <healthy bootable device> -R <new device> # sgdisk -G <new device> # zpool replace -f <pool> <old zfs partition> <new zfs partition> The first line is copying the...
  3. Help expanding root ZFS rpool partition (self.Proxmox)

    One of my the drives in my mirrored root ZFS rpool died on me. I have swapped both of original drives with new larger ones. Everything went smoothly and things are running great however I am struggling with expanding the partition to utilize the space of the larger drives. I used "zpool set...
  4. How should I configure my drives

    Thank you for taking the time to explain everything with such detail. I've learned a lot!
  5. How should I configure my drives

    Ok you've done an amazing job helping me understand things better but I have a few nooby questions. First when you say your VM's are writing 30GB but your SSDs are writing 600GB per day I understand this is the write amplification you are talking about. My question is when I check iotop the...
  6. How should I configure my drives

    I guess I'm going to have to look in to this more. I don't have any experience with ZFS so I didn't know how much more intensive it is. I'm only going to to be running extremely simple VM's that wont be writing dozens and dozens of gigabytes a day. Will ZFS really use as much RAM and beat up on...
  7. How should I configure my drives

    I cant use molex either so im stuck with the sata splitters. I was only seeing ones like this Ill have to measure to be sure but that second link looks like it might actually fit so thank you! I would of...
  8. How should I configure my drives

    I recently got a great deal on a used Dell OptiPlex 7040 SFF that I plan to run PVE 6.3 on. The system has a single M.2 NVME slot and only uses a single SATA power cable coming from the motherboard that splits out to a standard sized SATA power and a slimline SATA power that connects to the...


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