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  1. Ping failure

    Proxmox VE 6.4-13 Kernel 5.4.157-1-pve I would like to jump in here as I have the same issue. Once I restart networking a ping works once or twice, apt update command works once and then everything stops working. This issue popped up after updating the system. Sometimes the dashboard is not...
  2. Firefox - CTRL or SHIFT or ALT not working in Guest VM

    Unfortunately, even with all addon's disabled I have the same issue. Also, there is no difference between FF on Windows and/or Linux. I almost ruled out everything that could point to a problem on the host itself. But other browsers don't show the issue and even different plaforms make no...
  3. Firefox - CTRL or SHIFT or ALT not working in Guest VM

    @Moayad Yes, as mentioned in the opening thread, Chromium works. Tested other browsers as well. But they are all Chromium-based. It's just Firefox. Just wondering what the issue is and where to look for settings to be changed. Any advice?
  4. Firefox - CTRL or SHIFT or ALT not working in Guest VM

    @Moayad Thank you for the quick reply. Unfortunately, the issue appears in all virtual machines after upgrade to 6.4-4. I also tested and upgraded to 6.4-5 and have the same problem. I'm using noVNC exclusively. Maybe the issue startet together with Firefox 88. Here I'm posting the output of...
  5. Firefox - CTRL or SHIFT or ALT not working in Guest VM

    Proxmox 6.4 / Firefox 88.0.1 My journey with Firefox issues continues. Now I'm unable to use CTRL- or SHIFT- or ALT -keys in the console of a guest in Firefox. In Chromium it works just fine. Each of these do not work and it's not a matter of the issues with CTRL-ALT-SHIFT issues in the past...
  6. [SOLVED] Proxmox 6.4 update - Weird input behavior and console artifacts in Firefox 88

    Hi @dcsapak , ok thank you. Seems like I have to research what that means tonight ;) Thanks.
  7. [SOLVED] Proxmox 6.4 update - Weird input behavior and console artifacts in Firefox 88

    HI @Moayad , thanks for the quick reply. I have the same issue with and without addons activated in FF 88. Also checked in Private mode. Systems tested: Windows10 v1909 Windows Server 2019 Standard v1809 Gentoo & Funtoo Arch Linux Debian (Testing). Thanks.
  8. [SOLVED] Proxmox 6.4 update - Weird input behavior and console artifacts in Firefox 88

    Good evening, I just installed two Proxmox instances (6.3 and 6.4) and updated the 6.3 to 6.4-4 immediately. Both show weird console artifacts in FF 88. In Chromium-based browsers, everything seems to be normal. Does anyone know anything about this issue and is there workaround via settings...
  9. Weird backup file names on external drive

    I just reformated the drives and just restored the virt machines from backups. Checked again with badblocks, fsck and smartmontools. No errors.
  10. Weird backup file names on external drive

    Hi @dcsapak thanks for the quick reply. Tested the drive two days now with badblocks and smartmontools and it shows zero errors.
  11. Weird backup file names on external drive

    Hi, I just checked an external backup and found these weird file names on it. Some 'Chinese' relation? I'm not able to change them. I'm backing up the same files on two other different devices. They don't have the same issues. So is it a security issue or is it a device issue?
  12. High IO-Delay after Proxmox Upgrade to v6.3

    Hi all, I upgraded some days ago to Proxmox 6.3. Unfortunately, since the upgrade I experience high io-delay percentages reported by Proxmox. The weird thing is, the io-delay just stays once it hit a number >=5% no matter any vm/container is shutdown and all services are 'finished'. Please...
  13. [SOLVED] Zpool Rename Fails - Proxmox 6.2.4

    Hi @Fabian_E , thank you for the reply. Ok, I followed your advice and the new zfs export pool2 and zpool import pool2 pool1 was successful. Zpool status shows ... Unfortunately, the PVE didn't take it in real-time and did not update /etc/pve/storage.cfg and showed the 'pool2' as...
  14. [SOLVED] Zpool Rename Fails - Proxmox 6.2.4

    I migrated my data from one pool named 'pool1' to another pool named 'pool2' via zfs send ... | zfs recv ... Worked all well. Data were transferred and I destroyed the 'pool1' afterwards and physically removed the disks from the system. zpool status gives me a normal output: zpool list...
  15. Cannot replace disk in pool. Device busy.

    Some hardware requires that you take a disk offline and unconfigure it before attempting the zpool replace operation to replace a failed disk. But, why you would copy over partition table in a storage pool? I would have thought you would do that with your degraded syspool?! Hmmm, ... Changing...
  16. Cannot shutdown a VM

    qm stop <VM Number> && qm shutdown <VM Number> I hope it works for you. I sometimes have the same problem. My experience is you have at least one time to wait until the vm goes down by itself. Otherwise the issue won't be ever solved. Then shut it down and it should fix it. I believe a systemd...
  17. ARCsize collapse w/o changes

    @Alwin Thanks a lot. Much appreciated.
  18. 40gbs Mellanox Infinityband

    @ndroftheline How do you test your ib speed? If you are going the iperf test route you will not see any ib performance. I'm using the command < ib_send_bw > on the 'server' and < ib_send_bw IP-Server > on the 'client' machine. gives me this result: while < iperf3 -c -B...
  19. VirtIO vs SCSI

    On a single bench maybe, but on a real-life system with several i/o-intensive workloads (VM's and databases), why i/o-threading should be a disadvantage if i/o-threading give you several uncorrelated i/o-venues? Without i/o-threading everything stays in line and has to wait until it is to be...


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