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  1. Proxmox und routed IPv6 für VMs (with OVH)

    No, why would I need to enable the Firewall? I have it enabled on all of them, but it works just fine without it. Yes, that is quite nice. Altrough I would like to avoid having my address and telephone number in the public RIPE database because the IP addresses are registered to me.
  2. Proxmox und routed IPv6 für VMs (with OVH)

    Because I don't see a reason for it. I think they only use /128 in the OVH setup because they only use one address anyway (no containers / VMs). It is a /64 subnet and they are interconnected "directly". They don't need to be routed over the gateway, so that is the right subnet mask. It also...
  3. Proxmox und routed IPv6 für VMs (with OVH)

    Yes I got stuck at the same point. IPv6 would not work ouside of proxmox. All the guides for proxmox ipv6 didn't works out for me and a friend of mine, which is also hosting at OVH, told me that because OVH changed theire network setup you have to use virtual MAC addresses to get IPv6 working...
  4. Proxmox und routed IPv6 für VMs (with OVH)

    Like I said, the most important thing about this is, that you have to give the container / Vm a virtual MAC address generated in your OVH customer panel. The rest was some testing and adaption from the OVH page in the proxmox wiki. Be aware that the usual network configuration during the OS...
  5. Proxmox und routed IPv6 für VMs (with OVH)

    Like my post said, I have a perfectly working configuration as well by using the virtual mac addresses of OVH. However, I am glad you were able to solve your problems as well. :)
  6. Proxmox und routed IPv6 für VMs (with OVH)

    Sorry, for posting in English in the german subforum, but the replys are in English so I think it is besser that way. Sadly, the Proxmox Forum wasn't helpfull at all for me. I managed to get a working configuration. Please be aware that this is , more or less, specific to the hoster OVH (or...
  7. Proxmox IPv6 Routed Networking with OVH

    Hallo, I am currently trying to configure IPv6 on my Proxmox Server hosted at OVH. I already configured IPv4 as routed setup and it is working. However, I am unabe to configure IPv6 for the VMs. Subnet: 2001:41d0:2:xxxx::/64 Gateway at OVH: 2001:41d0:2:xxff:ff:ff:ff:ff I replaced parts of...
  8. Proxmox und routed IPv6 für VMs (with OVH)

    Hallo, ich versuche aktuell IPv6 auf meinen Proxmox Server bei OVH einzurichten. IPv4 funktioniert bereits als routed setup. Ich habe bereits versucht die Einrichtung nach diversen Anleitungen vorzunehmen, dies hat jedoch nicht funktioniert. Subnetz: 2001:41d0:2:xxxx::/64 Gateway bei OVH...


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