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  1. Unable to remove datastore in PBS

    It worked @Lukas Wagner Thank you!
  2. Unable to remove datastore in PBS

    Hi super community, I am unable to remove a datastore which are no longer available physically. The problem comes when executing the command: proxmox-backup-manager datastore remove NameOfTheDatastore and throws If I use the GUI button "Remove Datastore", the Tasks end throwing above message...
  3. Live CD with Proxmox Backup Client

    Ok, I end up doing the following: - Boot with ubuntu 22 live cd with Try out option - Once desktop available, open a terminal and execute the following commands as "root" so first "sudo -s" It takes less than a minute to resolve dependencies and install, TEMPORARY until next reboot, the PBC...
  4. Live CD with Proxmox Backup Client

    I see your point @Dunuin but I agree with @k11a approach that having a live cd with PBC would be the straightest forward way. Ill try something and if it works let you know
  5. USB devices in Windows 10/11 not detected by just doing reboot

    Hey, you are right! I believe tried in the past rebooting the VM using Proxmox and changes not being applied :( but as you mentioned, maybe I did soft reboot from inside VM so good to know :)
  6. Unable to restore to a passthrough hard disk

    Mmm... I am wondering if clonezilla could be used to restore a backup done by PBS. I don't know if will recognize the image or I would need to map it somewhere to restore using CZ. Anyone did something similar before?
  7. Unable to restore to a passthrough hard disk

    Yes I can. I can select the physical HD with the Backup option and then run the backup. Also once completed I can browse files into it.
  8. Unable to restore to a passthrough hard disk

    Hi all, I have a special need to use a hard disk passthrough with a windows 11 installed. I am able to backup the passthrough disk but I am UNABLE to restore it to the same device. There is no way since physical disk does not appear to be selected in the storage menu. Is there any way to...
  9. USB devices in Windows 10/11 not detected by just doing reboot

    Hi, I have a Windows 11 VM but had this same behaviour before with Windows 10. The thing is, I use to add/remove usb devices from time to time and once you add or do some change to the USB device in VM set up, it is marked as a change that requires VM to stop and start. To get USB devices...
  10. Optimal approach for host backups with Media content

    Great! A combination of dump information + deduplication amount of data may provide what I need. Thanks!
  11. Optimal approach for host backups with Media content

    Mmm... interesting. I don't know why I missed the dump option... sorry. I tested and notice that list of files are shown as this example: ./xxx.pxar.didx/var/www/html/file.txt" 3354 2022-09-15T03:00:41Z If timestamp is diffent between 2 snapshots dump, I guess is because at block level file...
  12. Optimal approach for host backups with Media content

    Hi community :) I have been using PVE and PBS for some time and 0 issues so far with the backup system so I am very happy. Currently I backup only LXC and VMs and any restoration I had to do just worked. Now, I would like to include backup of a shared folder where all my pictures are. The thing...
  13. [SOLVED] Gmail account to send email is no longer working since May 30, 2022

    @milty456 this is out of my knowledge since I have the sasl_passwd file. Maybe a wront postfix installation? I don't know...
  14. No bootable device detected after hard reboot on Intel NUC

    It may have been something related with NUCs. It happens the same in mines that by default, if I use legacy boot it always shows me "a bootable device has not been detected". But the funny thing is during bios load, if I press F10 and select the default drive (which should load without going to...
  15. [SOLVED] Gmail account to send email is no longer working since May 30, 2022

    UPDATE: I was about to send this post thread when I found out how to solve it. I think is worthy if someone else have same problem. You must enable 2FA in your gmail account and generate a password app. Once generated, you have to replace your old password in postfix for this new one (16...
  16. [SOLVED] GPU Passthrough Issues After Upgrade to 7.2

    This was the only thing I need to do to solve my gpu passthrough issue after upgrade from 7.1 to 7.2 for a Nvidia 1065 super to Windows11. It was NO necessary to add any extra parameter to grub like video=simplefb:off Thank you so much @StephenM64 and @nick.kopas
  17. [SOLVED] GPU Passthrough issue

    Update: looks like there are some known issues with GPU passthrough and this version -- Hi all, I don't want to mix things in this thread but after upgrading to 7.2 my windows 11 with GPU passthrough working for more than 2 years just...
  18. PAM user with PVE roles

    BTW, I just end up using proxmox API directly. It gives more flexibility in terms of limited rights per user.
  19. Windows 11 guest - Iphone USB connection not working

    Self-answer: I got it working by just removing several usb ports I have configured on the given VM. Somehow those may cause some kind of interruption unable to properly passthrough phone content.
  20. Windows 11 guest - Iphone USB connection not working

    Hello, I was searching in the forum but haven't found anything related to this. I want to use itunes to backup an iphone but I am unable to do. Sometimes through an error while doing the backup, others the pop-up trust message keeps booting on the phone,... When I use another laptop with...


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