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  1. [SOLVED] Restoring VM from Backup

    Thank you for the reply! A workaround helped me resolve this issue: I restored the image to a new vm ID and set it to start on boot. The currently running firewall vm was then configured inversely. On reboot the restored image came up and enabled me to reconnect via VPN.
  2. [SOLVED] Restoring VM from Backup

    Hi, I'm accessing one of my proxmox hosts remotely via a firewall/VPN hosted on the same box as a VM. Now I'd like to roll back to a previous firewall backup without locking myself out from proxmox. However, when trying to restore the backup via GUI this error comes up: "unable to restore VM...
  3. [SOLVED] Mellanox ConnectX-3 VFs stuck in same SR-IOV group

    Hi, I sold the CPU and don't have any further specifics. The issue disappeared after switching to a retail 7452. You should try updating the bios just to be sure.
  4. pveproxy LISTEN address

    Interesing workaround, thanks! Nevertheless, it would be great if it were possible out-of-the-box, without any additional software.
  5. pveproxy LISTEN address

    Thank you for adding this feature!:D In my case it would be great if the service could be configured to listen on multiple interfaces. Unfortunately, simply using e.g. 'LISTEN_IP=,' doesn't work. Any ideas if this is possible or potentially planned?
  6. [SOLVED] SATA devices missing after update

    Yes I do. Are there any other filesystems?;)
  7. [SOLVED] SATA devices missing after update

    Hi Velocity, my setup utilizes all onboard SATA controllers, including the ASMEDIA chip. Aside from the hiccups described in this thread, there hasn't been a single issue so far. Cheers
  8. NUMA and cores per sockets + memory size

    I have a first gen AMD Epyc with 32 cores and 4 NUMA nodes, i.e. 8 cores per Node on the same socket. How can I make sure proxmox deploys VMs on cores of the same node? Is it correct to choose "Enable NUMA", 4 sockets and 2 cores to get 8 cores on the same node?
  9. [SOLVED] SATA devices missing after update

    Thanks for the ideas! BIOS updates are among the first items on my checklist:) It appears I found the solution: Removing the kernel parameter "mem_encrypt=on" avoids the error and disks show up once again. As this parameter isn't officially supported on Ryzen (only Ryzen Pro and Epyc) I suppose...
  10. [SOLVED] SATA devices missing after update

    No, haven't tried this yet. It's set to AHCI which is typically the correct choice for SATA drives. Might be worth a try, but even if it worked loosing e.g. NCQ would be less than ideal.
  11. [SOLVED] SATA devices missing after update

    Hello, first of all let me thank you for the great work on proxmox! It's an awesome solution which has proven to be very useful:cool: Unfortunately, recently I've run into an issue. After updating from v6.2 to v6.2-11 issues with a SATA controller have cropped up. Any drives (HDDs) connected...
  12. Linux Kernel 5.4 for Proxmox VE

    What's the general policy/roadmap on kernel updates? It appears as if Ubuntu kernels are introduced until Proxmox x.2. The next update after that will become available with the upcoming mayor release (i.e. PVE 7.0)?
  13. [SOLVED] Mellanox ConnectX-3 VFs stuck in same SR-IOV group

    After A LOT of experimenting, this seems to come down to the CPU/microcode, as it's an eng. sample. This thread can be closed!
  14. [SOLVED] Mellanox ConnectX-3 VFs stuck in same SR-IOV group

    Hi, I'm trying to get SR-IOV working on Proxmox (followed the guide for enabling SR-IOV: PCI(e) Passthrough - Proxmox VE), but always end up with all virtual functions (configured directly in the firmware of the ConnectX-3 card AND in /etc/modprobe.d/) stuck in the same IOMMU group. Switching...


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