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  1. How to setup firewall port limitations for containers and VM's

    Hello people! I have a small favor to ask, can someone who has the knowledge explain how to setup a Proxmox firewall so that every container can only use the specified ports (ex. 80, 443, etc.)? I have a bunch of containers running webserver's on them, and i want to increase security by...
  2. [SOLVED] PVE 6 RaidZ2 freeze every day Ryzen 7 1700

    So i did manage to resolve the issue after all :) Thank you all for the help, it turns out it wasn't a HW issue after all. The thing that got me confused was the timing, because until i changed the ssd zpool from Raid1 (with two drives) to RaidZ2 (with four drives), everything was rock stable...
  3. [SOLVED] PVE 6 RaidZ2 freeze every day Ryzen 7 1700

    I dont know, but the problems started after i changed from Raid1(mirror) to RaisZ2.
  4. [SOLVED] PVE 6 RaidZ2 freeze every day Ryzen 7 1700

    Hello friends, i have a issue that drives me crazy! A few days ago i moved my main (and only) zpool from a mirror (two Samsung PM863 480GB drives) to a RaidZ2 configuration (4 x PM863 480GB). This is when all my problems started :mad: The issue i have is that after i moved to the RaidZ2, the...
  5. High IODelay after replacing HDD with SSD

    All were connected via the onboard SATA controller.
  6. High IODelay after replacing HDD with SSD

    Hello, thank you for the answer! As logical as it seems (enterprise vs consumer), i wanted a bit more of a technical answer, because in my mind there is a clear performance difference between the two drives types, but at the same time i am inclined to believe that a SSD (even a consumer one)...
  7. High IODelay after replacing HDD with SSD

    Hello good people. I am new to this forum (and Proxmox for that matter), i currently have a home server type of setup, where i try to play with virtualization stuff before i apply for a sys-admin job. My setup is a AMD Ryzen 1700 paired with 16GB ECC RAM, running the latest Proxmox VE. I have...


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