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  1. Gpu passtrhough lag since apt upgrade this week

    Thanks for the reply. This issue magically fixed itself today... I do appreciate your observations and will be making a couple changes. The reason for passing through the video and audio individually is because it doesnt work with the entire device. there's a USB C and it also has pcie...
  2. Gpu passtrhough lag since apt upgrade this week

    nothing odd in journalctl or syslog. here is the config:
  3. Gpu passtrhough lag since apt upgrade this week

    WIndows 10 VM with a 5950x, 20Gb ram dedicated and rx 6800 pass through working perfectly. Now since updating proxmox, it lags horribly in league of legends. Almost a slideshow while the fps hovers over 90fps and lowest graphics settings do not improve anything audio is perfect. Desktop feels...
  4. Update all LXC with one simple script

    While i appreciate learning and beautifying code, this isnt nearly as robust. It doesnt start stopped containers or give any information. Your 3 lines does not replace what this script does.
  5. pct fstrim <CT_ID> ignore /mnt ?

    Thank you so much! Is pct fstrim the only way to trim the container? I tried running fstrim from inside the debian 10 lxc and it doesnt seem to do anything
  6. pct fstrim <CT_ID> ignore /mnt ?

    any way to get the pct fstrim command to ignore the /mnt directory or mountpoints in the LXC? i get an error on all LXC with ZFS mountpoints: fstrim: /var/lib/lxc/121/rootfs/mnt/Media: the discard operation is not supported command 'fstrim -v /var/lib/lxc/121/rootfs/mnt/Media' failed: exit code 1
  7. Storage Directory Bug

    Is this the output you expected? Why would this change from the previous working behavior?
  8. Lost data restoring CT backup, trying to recover. Please help.

    Hopefully youbhave a snapshot available. You could rollback or mount the snapshot and vopy the files over
  9. Update all LXC with one simple script

    Sorry for the late reply, i didnt notice this comment. But.. thats above my paygrade. Im not really sure what you mean, should i change my script?
  10. Storage Directory Bug

    Ive been using directory storage to mount folders from a zfs raid10 zvol for ISO and backups for a couple years now and it worked fine. Now it displays 19gb max storage capacity which is my root partition.. Ive tried remaking the storage directory and rebooting. Same deal. Something has broken...
  11. Update all LXC with one simple script

    Simple bash script to APT update all LXC containers which are stopped or running status Will start stopped containers to update then shut them down in the background and move on to next container #!/bin/bash # update all containers # list of container ids we need to iterate through...


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