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  1. Setting up networking for ISCSI VLAN

    I've applied your setup but vmbr96 is still isolated from the network.
  2. Setting up networking for ISCSI VLAN

    Thanks, Is it careful tu use bridge for iSCSI ?
  3. Setting up networking for ISCSI VLAN

    I've read theses pages and followed the setup. That's why I'm writing on this forum.
  4. Setting up networking for ISCSI VLAN

    Hi, I've installed Proxmox V4.4 on a Dell blade serveur. I've managed to setup vmbr0 with bonding and VLAN : auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto bond0 iface bond0 inet manual slaves eth0 eth1 bond_miimon 100 bond_mode 1 auto bond0.49 iface bond0.49 inet manual...
  5. /dev/mapper/pve-root growing

    hello, The /dev/mapper/pve-root is growing when a specific VM is launched. But I don't manage to localise the file which grows. There is no big file in /var/log. Where can I search what file is growing ?
  6. Cluster : node failure

    I think that the problem comes from SNMP which is intalled with Nagios. When I uninstall theses packages, I can add a node to the cluster.
  7. Cluster : node failure

    When I start this new node, this error appears :
  8. Cluster : node failure

    I decided to install a new node with a new hostname and a new IP adress. When I added this node on the cluster, it hanged on "Starting cman". I stopped the process and restarted the server. On reboot, the node is in the cluster. But there is still a problem : I can't migrate VM to this new node :
  9. Cluster : node failure

    Hello, Yesterday I tried to add a node to the new installed cluster. This node belonged to an other cluster before. It failed. I reinstalled this node but cman fails when I try to add it to the cluster. How can I clean the other nodes to delete all settings for this node I want to add to the...
  10. Cluster failures

    Thanks. I will try to find whet setting on the switches I have to change.
  11. Cluster failures

    You're right. The switch have igmp snooping enabled.
  12. Cluster failures

    I've found the problem. Multicast snooping is enabled on bridge interfaces. To disable it : echo 0 > /sys/devices/virtual/net/vmbr0/bridge/multicast_snooping
  13. Cluster failures

    I've tried with two debian Wheezy servers on the same network and multicast packets are send. What can I check on my Proxmox servers ?
  14. Cluster failures

    I know. I've checked the switches and multicast is allowed.
  15. Cluster failures

    Hello, I'm working on a 6 nodes cluster (Proxmox 3.1). Last week the cluster failed. I've tried to delete the cluster config files but I was unable to create it again. So I re-installed the nodes but I can't build the cluster. The nodes I try to add show "Waiting for quorum". I've checked...
  16. Errors in kern.log

    The only solution I've found is to disable rx-checksumming on the hypervisors : ethtool -K eth0 rx off
  17. Errors in kern.log

    I've installed Proxmox 3 on Poweredge M610 and the messages doesn't appear.
  18. Errors in kern.log

    I've installed pve-kernel-2.6.32-22-pve_2.6.32-107_amd64.deb but the problem is the same.
  19. Errors in kern.log

    Hi, A lot of errors are written in kern.log, when VMs are launched : WARNING: at net/core/dev.c:1711 skb_gso_segment+0x220/0x310() (Tainted: G W --------------- ) Jul 17 15:36:38 aragon3 kernel: Hardware name: PowerEdge M620 Jul 17 15:36:38 aragon3 kernel: tun: caps=(0x80000000...
  20. LVM Cluster

    I can't mount the partitions via fstab (nothing in syslog) I can mount several mount points by cli but it is not recommended : i've added vg in Proxmox UI and...


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