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  1. LXC USB Wi-Fi Card Passthrough

    I second help by an expert. A use case would be for openwrt to do it's magic while runningbas container
  2. Adding MCE alerts to proxmox emails

    I think I confirmed the proxmox GUI syslog is reading from the journal I added a line echo 'hello' | systemd-cat and it showed up in the GUI syslog. it was also present in /var/log/syslog but there it did not show like it did in the GUI.
  3. Adding MCE alerts to proxmox emails

    Interesting suggestion, thank you. For new comers like me it's rather difficult to tell what is current and what is depreciated
  4. Adding MCE alerts to proxmox emails

    Indeed, thank you. However installing rasdaemon does not lead to being informed of events there in a similar manner like SMART events do. My humble request is to have those be included out of the proxmox box so go speak
  5. [SOLVED] rescue mode with root on zfs trouble

    it could be a soft nudge towards the backup services. I think I do not know what I am talking about
  6. [SOLVED] rescue mode with root on zfs trouble

    That is a serious issue. I hope it gets picked up
  7. [SOLVED] using wifi instead of ethernet

    Thank you for this in depth explanation. I believe someone already mentioned something similar in passing earlier in this thread or another. Was not the issue with this approach that it will not work when the laptop is connected to another network?, like in a hotel?
  8. Adding MCE alerts to proxmox emails

    Although not happy with no one trying to chip in. I can report now that syslog is now again being populated after reinstalling rsyslog How was proxmox able to show syslog messages via the gui even though the file on disk was abandoned?
  9. Adding MCE alerts to proxmox emails

    I am running proxmox 7.3.3. and I get SMART emails if something is going on with a HDD that needs attention out of the box. that's great. But I also would like to be alterted of ECC memory and other RAS events. Please consider a line in the syslog (when viewed from the web gui)...
  10. Disk Full - Recovering Space on Root (Proxmox 6.2)

    wow, I am soo dislectlic. thank you for spotting that. that was indeed the problem. I messed up an rsync operation once and never knew why. now I know I made a typo. thanks again
  11. Disk Full - Recovering Space on Root (Proxmox 6.2)

    yes, it was well clear in the script to apply the -e argument. but it did not help much. only around 500Mb or so was cleaned and the digging process also gives me no leads ;( du -h --max-depth=1 / 108G /LTdata 1.2T /LTData2 512 /media 144M /var 46M /dev 0 /sys 2.0K /mnt...
  12. Disk Full - Recovering Space on Root (Proxmox 6.2)

    Did you ever dind the answer? I am running into the same issue. I have a 128GB ssd zfs 2 way mirror. almost totally full. Running the cleanup script did not help ;( Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on rpool/ROOT/pve-1 113G 109G 3.7G 97% /
  13. what support do I get for my money?

    ok Leesteken, I was under the impression that both Martin and Tom were Proxmox team members. From the same team that never addressed this specific questions of mine. For the rest of us yes, all volunteer and such.
  14. what support do I get for my money?

    Now once again, I am not here to start a fight. In fact I am leaning towards this great community.
  15. what support do I get for my money?

    here is one example
  16. zfs not detecting disk removal in pools

    I use backplanes from supermicro and silverstone. all configured to be dumb. The syslog does show that the OS notices the loss of a drive.
  17. what support do I get for my money?

    and before we start asking. 'what is your use case'please address my earlier questions related to the level of supprt regarding certain issues first then. So my raising a concern about ZFS is NOT amongst those.
  18. what support do I get for my money?

    I really do not mean disrespect @martin I respect and love proxmox and your team. But I have asked onthis forum some times if something would be covered by getting a subscription. The answer was always radio silence. So I am not sure what...
  19. zfs not detecting disk removal in pools

    I am ringing the alarm bells.!!! ZFS should not be idle. I mean it is a small price to pay when every 30 seconds the tiniest of IO operation if done. Maybe every 1 hour or what ever seems useful. Doing no health checks is beyond my understanding at the moment. Can someone please shed some...
  20. zfs not detecting disk removal in pools

    yes Fiona, A file create operation did trigger the pool to notice one of it's drives was missing. Is this intended behavior from the source code? If so then I would like to follow up with the OpenZFS people that build the code to learn about the reasoning behind this decision. It might be...


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