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  1. show legit emails in statistics (webinterface and email)

    the statistics-page of the webinterface gives me information on INCOMING Total Incoming Mails Junk Mails Greylisted Mails Spam Mails SPF rejects Bounces Virus Mails OUTGOING Total Outgoing Mails Bounces Virus Mails practically the same information is sent in the daily "status reports"...
  2. whitelist for greylisting (only)?

    well, the documentation says: and i said: so afaict, the SMTP whitelist does not fit my bill. it seems to be mostly targetted at SMTP hosts that are setup as mail forwarders towards the PMG and which can be "fully trusted" (e.g. because they are under your control).
  3. whitelist for greylisting (only)?

    i do love greylisting, but: is there a way to bypass greylisting for some hosts/networks? the obvious problem is with large providers (outlook, googlemail, gmx,...) that keep resending from different IPs, thus keeping the mail in the greylisting for ages. i know i can whitelist hosts, but...
  4. | Service unavailable

    pinging the support team : @Stoiko Ivanov, @martin ...
  5. | Service unavailable

    the problem seems to be, that used to be a very reliable service and has vanished without warning or announcment into thin air this sunday morning. See the Reddit and WikiPedia articles. The way this was done looks actively hostile (and it took me ages to debug, with many...
  6. greylisting, "lost connection after UNKNOWN" -> kein mail von sender

    @Stoiko Ivanov ich glaube, ich habe jetzt (nachdem ich debugging hochgedreht habe) eine spur, leider noch keine lösung... remote verwendet Microsoft SMTPSVC als outgoing SMTP-server scheinbar bevorzugen MS-SMTP-server BDAT anstelle von DATA PMG/postfix announced CHUNKING (also BDAT-support)...
  7. greylisting, "lost connection after UNKNOWN" -> kein mail von sender

    ja, das whitelisting wurde über "GUI->Configuration->Mail Proxy->Whitelist" gemacht. ich werde mir mal debug_peer_list ansehen (blöderweise kann ich keine mails vom sender triggern...) und ja, ein SMTP server der nur 2 minuten lang probiert ist "etwas seltsam", aber was soll ich tun ;-)
  8. greylisting, "lost connection after UNKNOWN" -> kein mail von sender

    wir haben ein kleines problem mit einem sender network, wodurch von unser "Community Subscription" PMG installtionen keine emails von dort angenommen werden. der sender ist "" (ein publisher für akademische journals), deren outgoing mailserver sind...
  9. local sending (PMG to internal) fails with "mail transport unavailable"

    cool. in the meantime i've patched my local postfix template (as i have overridden it to get before-queue working, i figured an update in the repository wouldn't help me much anyhow :-)), and it seems i can get posts
  10. local sending (PMG to internal) fails with "mail transport unavailable"

    aha, here's a hint (transport private/scan: Connection refused) Jan 27 13:45:13 mailgate postfix/qmgr[1499]: A3863205CE: from=<>, size=772, nrcpt=1 (queue active) Jan 27 13:45:13 mailgate postfix/qmgr[1499]: warning: connect to transport private/scan: Connection...
  11. local sending (PMG to internal) fails with "mail transport unavailable"

    i'm running PMG-6.1-3, with before queue spam-filtering enabled. since some time (probably about the same time as i enabled before queue, but i don't really remember), it seems that the mailgateway is unable to send administrative emails any more. PMG is, and it's...
  12. before queue: spurious SMTP errors

    hard to tell, as i only get a notification after the fact which parts do you want? what time-frame? which services? i already attached an anoymized 2-line excerpt to the original question 26 inet n - - - 100 smtpd -o smtpd_proxy_filter= -o...
  13. before queue: spurious SMTP errors

    since i've enabled the "before queue" filtering, i get notifications of smtp-errors every now and then: the sender/receiver/sending-host tuple looks like totally legit (and includes "trusted" mailserverse; "trusted" in the sense that i trust them to do a good job and not send out spam; but not...
  14. [SOLVED] Problem with receiving emails

    did you add the additional domains in the *Configuration->Mail Proxy->Relay Domains* setting?
  15. [SOLVED] Not detecting spam email at all

    so you subscribed to legit newsletters, and receive the emails you asked for and then you wonder why? for me it sounds like everything is working as expected. (a "newsletter" is not necessarily spam; esp. if you can sign up manually)
  16. Enable Before Queue filtering

    yes of course. journalctl and /var/log/ are full of lines like: i was only talking about the webinterface.
  17. [SOLVED] __SPAMSTARS__ mit eigenen Zeichen (#)

    ich hatte das gleiche problem, und habe es dann gelöst, indem ich im eigentlichen (terminierenden) mailserver, das header-feld umgeschrieben habe. siehe Thread: using spam-bar instead of spam-stars
  18. using spam-bar instead of spam-stars

    I ended up with rewriting the header-field in the receiving (final) mailserver, replacing * with +. Something like the following: - In PMG, add a rule that adds __SPAMSTARS__ to the X-proxmox-Spam-Level header-field. - in exim, add a data-ACL (acl_check_data, or via CHECK_DATA_LOCAL_ACL_FILE)...
  19. [feature] ham-emails in statistics charts

    is there any way to draw attention to this issue? as of now, the charts on the #pmgGeneralMailStatistics page are only useful to gather information about spam, but not about non-spam mails.
  20. Enable Before Queue filtering

    to be sure: i would *love* to see the rejected emails in my log-files. but since this is no regression from the milter-solution, i immediately adapted "before queue".


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