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  1. Migrate from local btrfs to local btrfs does not work

    There is a workaround. Live migration works. Offline migration does not.
  2. Migrate from local btrfs to local btrfs does not work

    I'm trying to migrate a VM from a local btrfs storage to another server with local btrfs storage. 2022-03-23 21:25:40 starting migration of VM 504 to node 'r2d2' ( 2022-03-23 21:25:40 found local disk 'local-btrfs-sanstor:504/vm-504-disk-0.raw' (in current VM config) 2022-03-23...
  3. linux-tools does not contain x86_energy_perf_policy

    I'm trying out kernel 5.15. So far, so good. Now I want to change the ENERGY_PERF_BIAS. The package linux-tools-5.15 should contain the necessary tool (x86_energy_perf_policy), according to the package description: However, that tool is missing from the package. Could this be a bug or is it...
  4. Issues with Active Directory logins

    I would like to know this as well. Is it a configuration error or bug? sync works fine.
  5. Gentoo LXC image, does not have correct features

    To answer myself: apparently nesting is required for portage to work.
  6. Gentoo LXC image, does not have correct features

    Are there instructions containing the required settings for getting Gentoo's LXC image to work?
  7. [SOLVED] No network after upgrade CT to fedora 32

    Is that an unprivileged container? When I use Fedora 33 (new - not upgraded) the network works when using an unprivileged container. When using privileged (which I need of course...) it's not possible to start the required services and there is no network.
  8. [SOLVED] pveproxy fails to load local certificate chain after upgrade to pve 6

    And that's why reading changelogs is important :). Well found. Thanks! I replaced the 1024 bit key with a 2048 one and it works now.
  9. [SOLVED] pveproxy fails to load local certificate chain after upgrade to pve 6

    I was using a self-signed certificate (using FreeIPA) with pve5 without any issues. This needs a key and a certificate: /etc/pve/local/pveproxy-ssl.key /etc/pve/local/pveproxy-ssl.pem After the upgrade, the connection times out when trying to connect to the web interface when these 2 files are...
  10. LXC template for Fedora 30.

    Thank you. I retried and this is the debug log: Is unsupported fedora release the only reason this is failing to start?
  11. LXC template for Fedora 30.

    I tried upgrading a Fedora 29 container. While upgrading from 28 to 29 worked, from 29 to 30 is apparently not ok. root@node06:~# systemctl status pve-container@131.service ● pve-container@131.service - PVE LXC Container: 131 Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/pve-container@.service...
  12. LXC template for Fedora 30.

    Will there be an LXC template for Fedora 30 soon? It was just released and Fedora 28 is now end-of-life.
  13. LXC template for Fedora 28

    Will there be an LXC template for Fedora 28? 26 and 27 are available, and 26 is end-of-life.
  14. Centos Container with Gui

    My mistake. You can use X2go in LXC containers. There must be a bug in my X2go client. If I try the same configuration using an older version it works.
  15. Centos Container with Gui

    How did you get X2go working? I can't manage it in a container. It looks like X2go executes /usr/bin/x2gomountdirs on log in, and that fails in a container.
  16. Menu "Console/SPICE" not working in Firefox, Chromium and Chrome

    I can confirm that spiceproxy is not listening on IPv6 by default. However, if I change the IP address of the pvelocalhost entry in /etc/hosts to the IPv6 address and restart pveproxy, pveproxy will listen on IPv6 too.
  17. Blue screen with 5.1

    For me, running that 4.10 kernel is the only solution with proven stability. Achieved a week uptime now, instead of 2 or 3 blue screens every day.
  18. Blue screen with 5.1

    Crashes here too. Fresh install of Poxmox 5.1. Windows 2008 R2 (mostly freeze, but today I got a DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL blue screen) Windows 10, always blue screen. All drivers are virtio 0.1.141. I changed NIC driver on Windows 2008 R2 to Intel, and the blue screen is since then...


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