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  1. Chelsio NIC und Virtual Functions

    Glaube mein Problem beginnt schon früher mit den nicht unterschiedlichen IOMMU Groups. Werde das BIOS des X11SCM-F nochmals genauer anschauen.
  2. Chelsio NIC und Virtual Functions

    Hallo zusammen In den letzten Tagen habe ich mit mit SR-IOV, VF und IOMMU beschäftigt, leider stehe ich gerade etwas an und brauche Eure Hilfe. Mein Ziel ist es OPNsense zu virtualisieren (Proxmox 7.4) und die VF einer Chelsio T520-SO-CR zu nutzten. Allerdings scheitere ich dabei, die numvfs...
  3. default block size 8k

    This is my mostly Debian VMs host: rpool sync_read sync_write async_read async_write scrub trim req_size ind agg ind agg ind agg ind agg ind agg ind agg ---------- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----...
  4. default block size 8k

    Thanks a lot. I have a surprisingly high async 4k and 8k ind, similar to 64k or 128k. So at least for my setting, 8k seems to be the optimal value. PVE defaults make perfectly sense :)
  5. default block size 8k

    Thank you Fabian for your response, it is highly appreciated. Is there some rough rule of thumb or a way to find out what workload what workload a guest has? For example I have some Windows Guest for some Software, they are mostly idling, the only write they ever see is Windows Updates. But I...
  6. default block size 8k

    So what I still fail to understand is how this all applies to PVE. My main problem is that I could not find out how a normal VM, lets say a Windows guest or a nginx webserver mostly writes. Assuming these both mostly read/write 64k and PVE users mostly use mirror, here is how I would interpret...
  7. default block size 8k

    The default block size in PVE is 8k. OpenZFS switched the default to 16k, see here Is there a reason why PVE doesn't do the same?
  8. Feature request: volblocksize per zvol

    This seems like a huge disadvantage of PVE. Why is this not addressed?
  9. Disk Cache wiki documentation

    That is how I understand it to be handled. Default behavior is to only write stuff sync that is requested by the application to be sync, and write everything else async. But now I get what this doc means by "safest"! In this context it means "even safer than bare metal, because unlike bare...
  10. [SOLVED] Testing ZFS performance inside lxc container (mysql)

    I am pretty sure, that if you enable SSD emulation, Windows does not defrag but only TRIM the disk to free up unused space for thin provisioned disks. Kinda :) What I mixed up was zvol and dataset. Zvol is 16k and dataset is 128k default for TrueNAS. But if Windows and Linux use 4k as the...
  11. [SOLVED] Testing ZFS performance inside lxc container (mysql)

    Hi guletz I don't when they changed it, but Proxmox uses 8k by default for zvol. Just to be sure I get this right, would you agree with: Postgres uses 8k writes. If I use the default 8k, there is one write. If I use 4k, there are two writes. If I use 64k, there is only one write, but...
  12. Disk Cache wiki documentation

    Hi arron, thanks for taking the time to read it and write a response. Not sure if I really understand the man page. It sais: To guarantee synchronous I/O, O_SYNC must be used in addition to O_DIRECT So to be 100% all data gets written and nothing is lost in an outage, I have to use direct...
  13. [SOLVED] Testing ZFS performance inside lxc container (mysql)

    Sorry for digging up that old post, but I am currently asking myself the same question. My guess is that because they wanna cover the worst case witch would be a Postgres DB that uses 8k. But on the other hand, if I get that one right, the default size for Windows and Linux guests is 4k, so...
  14. 10Gbit OPNsense als VM oder bare-metal?

    Jetzt habe ich glaube ich die einfachste Lösung gefunden :) Chelsio unterstützt OVS. Werde darum eine OVS bridge ausprobieren in der Variante 1 Mal schauen ob ich damit problemlos 10Gbit hinbekomme.
  15. 10Gbit OPNsense als VM oder bare-metal?

    Hey Dunuin! Danke für den Hinweis. An einen Cluster habe ich noch gar nicht gedacht, da ich dies bis jetzt für nur Zuhause als overkill betrachtet haben. Aber mit der bare metal Kiste ausgeschaltet als standby node könnte dies noch spannend sein, gerade für Dinge wie Updates :) Die Verkabelung...
  16. 10Gbit OPNsense als VM oder bare-metal?

    Hi floh8 Die T520-SO-CR sollte laut TrueNAS community identisch sein mit der T520-CR (nur paar iSCSI offloading features fehlen). Von den Treiber her sollte die hinhauen, werde es aber mal testen heute. CPU Ressourcen hätte ich schon (Intel Xeon E-2276G), was mich eher stört ist der höhere...
  17. Disk Cache wiki documentation

    Hi everyone I was reading through the wiki have some questions and maybe even suggestions for improvement. Sometimes it also contradicts the points from the article it references to. I'm no expert by any means and not a native speaker...
  18. 10Gbit OPNsense als VM oder bare-metal?

    Hallo zusammen Nutze schon seit längerem ein Intel NUC für OPNsense und ein Supermicro für Proxmox. Nun bin ich in der glücklichen Lage und habe ein 10Gbit Upgrade von meinem ISP bekommen. Gleichzeitig überlege ich mir wegen dem Stromverbrauch OPNsense als VM laufen zu lassen. Ist sowas...
  19. vmlinuz not found, you need to run kernel first

    Update: Well, that was a stupid mistake. The BIOS update changed the boot order back, so it used legacy instead of UEFI.
  20. vmlinuz not found, you need to run kernel first

    Seems like I somehow destroyed my Proxmox installation, hopefully someone can help me restore it :eek: Today I ran all the latest updates, shutdown the system and did a BIOS update. When it loads up GRUB, I see 3 different version to boot Proxmox Virtual Environment GNU/Linux, with Linux...


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